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CNR News 2011.10.21

October 21, 2011

- Oct. 17 | Get ready for your Phase I Tele-BEARS appointment
- Oct. 28 | Make your grade option changes before the 10th week deadline

Did you know?
CNR has its own forms and petitions online. Looking to declare a double major? Drop from the degree list? Petition for a reduced course load? Go to to review forms/petitions. For major-specific forms,see you advisor.

And remember!
Biology 1A/1AL, General Biology, will not be offered in summer 2012. As Tele-BEARS approaches for spring 2012, it's important for students to think about the impact this has on your planning. Many students require this course for their major or for their pre-med requirements. Please discuss with your advisor if you have any questions about selection of courses for Spring and Summer. The reason for the cancellation is that currently there are 2 labs for each of Biology 1A and Biology 1B and are therefore limited in terms of the numbers of students whom can be accommodated in any given semester. A project to build an additional lab for each class, and to redesign the lab prep room for Biology 1AL, has been approved and the work will begin in January, with an expected completion date of the middle of next summer. Due to the fact that lab prep room will be affected, Biology 1A will be cancelled this summer. Biology 1B will be offered, as usual, even though they are building new space for their lab as well.

Oct. 17 | Get ready for your Phase I Tele-BEARS appointment!
Tele-Bears advising for Spring 2012 has begun and appointments are now available! The spring schedule is posted at Phase I appointments begin October 17. You can view your Phase I and II appointment times on Bear Facts.

Appointment Guidelines:
- All CNR students must meet with their advisor to obtain their advisor code (AC). No ACs will be distributed by phone, email, or without an appointment.
- Schedule your appointment early. Do not wait until the last minute to schedule an appointment, as there may not be any available before your Phase I appointment.
- Arrive to your appointment prepared. You need to bring a completed Tele-BEARS form and any questions that you may have. You can pick up a copy of the Tele-BEARS form from the CNR office (260 Mulford) or print one out online at
- Arrive to your appointment on time. If you arrive late and are unprepared, you may be prompted to schedule another appointment, as most appointments are scheduled back-to-back.
- Please refrain from cancelling and rescheduling appointments. When you make an appointment and cancel, you are take up a time slot that another student could have used. We may cancel your appointment if you reschedule more than one or two times to allow other students to have a chance to sign up for one.

Schedule Planning Resources:
- Online Schedule of Classes:
- Course Catalog:
- 7-course Breadth:
- CNR Major Requirements:

Oct. 28 | Make your grade option changes before the 10th week deadline!
The deadline to change your grading option is next Friday, October 28, at midnight.