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CNR News 2011.10.28

October 28, 2011

- Oct. 28 | Make your grade option changes before the 10th week deadline
- Oct. 28 | Learn about world-wide field research experiences
- Nov. 2 | Come to the Resume and Cover Letter Workshop

Did you know?
The CNR Student Resource Center is a privilege, not a right? ?
Be sure you are respectful of its staff, the space, and other students. The Student Resource Center and Computer Lab are open Monday-Friday from 8:30am-5:00pm - 5 o'clock is when the Center closes, not when you should be packing up your belongings. If you need to study for an exam or finish up your homework, come back in the morning, the Center is open bright and early!

And remember!
Biology 1A/1AL, General Biology, will not be offered in summer 2012. As Tele-BEARS approaches for spring 2012, it's important for students to think about the impact this has on your planning. Many students require this course for their major or for their pre-med requirements. Please discuss with your advisor if you have any questions about selection of courses for Spring and Summer. The reason for the cancellation is that currently there are 2 labs for each of Biology 1A and Biology 1B and are therefore limited in terms of the numbers of students whom can be accommodated in any given semester. A project to build an additional lab for each class, and to redesign the lab prep room for Biology 1AL, has been approved and the work will begin in January, with an expected completion date of the middle of next summer. Due to the fact that lab prep room will be affected, Biology 1A will be cancelled this summer. Biology 1B will be offered, as usual, even though they are building new space for their lab as well.

Oct. 28 | Make your grade option changes before the end of today!
The deadline to change your grading option is TODAY: Friday, October 28, at midnight.

Oct. 28 | Learn about world-wide field research experiences
Friday October 28th 12-1pm
Where: Student Resource Center
260 Mulford Hall

Operation Wallacea is an organization that runs run biodiversity monitoring and conservation management research in remote forests (eg Honduras, Peruvian Amazon, Guyana, Indonesia, Madagascar) deserts (Egypt), savannah (South Africa) and marine sites (Indonesia, Honduras and Cuba). On expedition you will have the opportunity to work with top scientists from around the world on your project of choice. Create your own thesis project, work in a field lab, take field courses, monitor species of special concern, learn to scuba dive, survive in the jungle and much more. Course credit is available. All expeditions run over the summer months.
Learn more at the information session and visit Contact Bridget Tiffany at or 850-529-1473.

Nov. 2 | Come to the Resume and Cover Letter Workshop
Wednesday, November 2nd, 12-1pm
260 Mulford Hall

Learn techniques and skills on developing an effective resume and cover letter to land that perfect internship or job! aybe you've never written a cover letter before or maybe you want to make your resume even better. Learn the do's and don'ts of resume and cover letter writing at the Career Center/CNR Resume and Cover Letter Workshop.
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