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Scholarships, Fellowships, and Awards 2011.10.21

October 21, 2011

- Oct. 31 | Learn more about CCRC Asia scholarships
- Nov. 7 | Apply for a Cal-in-Sacramento Fellowship
- Nov. 9 | Become a Biology Fellow
- Nov. 16 | Apply for an Undergraduate Merit Scholarship
- Winter Break 2011 | Join with the Global Student Embassy
- Spring 2011| Become a Fall Fellow with the David Chiu Mayoral Campaign

Oct. 31 | Learn more about CCRC Asia scholarships!
CRCC Asia, the leading provider of professional internships in China for international students and graduates.

If you are looking to boost your resume and stand out in the crowd, CRCC Asia offers Internship Programs and Language Programs to allow you to both invest in your future and experience China. China's economy has grown at a meteoric rate and its business community is part of the most exciting and promising markets in the world. Now, companies and individuals across the globe are lining up to do business in China: it is without question the most exhilarating, challenging and fast-growing nation in which to work. As the leading provider of internships in China, we offer students and graduates the opportunity to further their personal and professional development in a dynamic international setting.

CRCC Asia is proud to be providing ten need-based scholarships this fall. Visit - applications will be accepted from September 15 to October 31, 2011.

Internships are also available. Visit for more information.

Nov. 7 | Apply for a Cal-in-Sacramento Fellowship!
Applications for the summer 2012 program are due at *Monday, November 7, at 5pm*, in 111 Moses Hall or by email to
Orientation meeting *Tuesday, October 25, at 5pm* in the IGS Library.
*About the Program*
The Cal-in-Sacramento Program is the University of California's largest---and one of the nation's most prestigious---campus-based public service fellowship programs. For over three decades, more than 500 Cal students have gone to Sacramento to experience politics, government, and
public service under the program's auspices.
Past CIS fellows have worked in Assembly and Senate offices, the governor's office, public interest groups, various state agencies, and various newspapers. Fellows gain hands-on experience researching and writing legislation, working with lobbying groups, writing speeches,
organizing and staffing community events, and covering important California news.
All majors and undergraduates are encouraged to apply. While this is a highly competitive fellowship, there are no specific requirements. Graduating seniors are also encourage to apply, since many who finish the fellowship continue on their political and public service career with a
job offer. Past successful fellows had strong writing and research skills, could communicate complex messages succinctly, and were able to build strong networks during their fellowship.

For more information visit

Nov. 9 | Become a Biology Fellow!
The deadline for applications to the Biology Fellows Program (BFP) for Spring semester 2012 is NOVEMBER 9, 2011 at 5:00 PM. BFP provides financial support for students to do research in the biological sciences for those whose financial need makes such work difficult on an unpaid basis. Students also participate in seminars and professional development workshops on biological research related topics, as well as a student-run research symposium. The program seeks to increase the number of students from underrepresented groups and women doing research. However, all qualified UC Berkeley undergraduates are encouraged to apply and will be considered equally. Visit for more details.

BFP is supported in part from a grant to U.C. Berkeley from the Howard Hughes Medical Institute through the Undergraduate Science Education Program and through the generous support of a U.C. Berkeley Alumna.

Nov. 16 | Apply for an Undergraduate Merit Scholarship!
International research scholarship:
Description: The Institute of International Studies (IIS) at UC Berkeley is seeking to award a series of merit scholarships of up to $2000 each to support undergraduate research in any area on international studies. Research may be conducted while in EAP, or independently. The scholarship recipients will be called IIS Junior Scholars. After completing their research projects, all Junior Scholars are required to submit a four-page research summary and attend the IIS Junior Scholars Conference held on-campus at the end of the 2011-2012 academic year. Several Junior Scholars will be asked to present their work in poster format at the Junior Scholars Conference. Junior scholars with the strongest research project, as determined by an IIS faculty panel, will each receive an additional $1000 prize. There will also be an opportunity to compete for the Best Poster Award, an additional $250 prize.
Eligibility: Open to any UC Berkeley junior or senior with a minimum 3.5 GPA who has completed at least one semester of study in residence at Berkeley. All majors are eligible and encouraged to apply. (Note: concurrent enrollment students are not eligible to apply.)
Application Requirements: Applicants must submit a one-page research proposal that addresses:
• The research question
• Why it is important to the field of study
• Qualification to conduct the research (i.e. related past or planned coursework, languages, etc.)
• A preliminary research plan (including the format for research, i.e. during EAP, as an independent study, etc.)
In addition, applications must include an unofficial transcript and one letter of recommendation, which can come from a GSI or faculty member.
Submission: E-mail all required application components (as detailed above) as one .pdf document to Please ask your recommender to e-mail the recommendation letter directly to
Due Date: Wednesday, November 16, 2011
Contact: Please direct inquiries to

Winter Break 2011 | Join with the Global Student Embassy!
The Global Student Embassy (GSE) strives to stimulate cultural tolerance and collaborative community service amongst the world's youth. Today, GSE partners with communities and schools locally in Northern California and internationally in Argentina, Peru, Tanzania, and Ecuador to lead trips in which students engage in action oriented service-learning projects, youth leadership training, and cultural exchanges. GSE is is leading a Winter Break Trip to Bahia de Caraquez, a small city on the coast of Ecuador that experienced environmental destruction from El Niño flooding in 1997 and an earthquake in 1998. In response to these natural disasters, NGO's, the private sector government, and the local government sought to rebuild the city in a better, more sustainable way; in 1999 government authorities officially declared Bahia de Caraquez an "Ecocity."

The GSE Winter Break Trip brings together college students from California and New York to travel to Ecuador from December 27 to January 12 to collaborate on reforestation, habitat restoration, and organic farming projects. Planting trees will help prevent further erosion, restore crucial animal habitats, and decrease greenhouse gases that contribute to climate change. This season we aim to plant at least 3,000 native endemic tropical dry forest trees in La Punta Gorda Preserve, located south of Bahia de Caraquez. The rainy season in coastal Manabí Ecuador is between January and April, making the New Year an optimal time for planting.

GSE seeks motivated, inspired, and confident participants who feel that an international cultural experience and environmental restoration work will contribute to their personal growth and discovery. For more information, contact Jasper at or go to

Spring 2011 | Become a Fall Fellow with the David Chiu Mayoral Campaign!
The David Chiu Mayoral Campaign is looking for students to intern during Fall Semester. Students interested in learning more about the political landscape of San Francisco should apply. The Fall Fellows program will provide students with great hands-on political experience in a fast-paced political race. Fellows will receive a letter of recommendation upon successful completion of work and may receive academic credit, if applicable. Each fellow is part of a 10 hour/week training program that is carefully designed to teach students the variety of skills needed to be successful in campaign organizing. Our program is well rounded and includes weekly training seminars on field organizing, finance, policy, political messaging, and of course new media and communications. Fellowship applications are here at