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CNR News 2011.11.04

November 4, 2011

- Nov. 9 | Drop-In for Pre-Med Advising
- Nov. 9 | Watch "Into the Wild" with the CNR PALs
- Nov. 11 | Share your summer research with fellow CNR undergrads
- Nov. 16, 21 & Dec. 2 | Find out about research opportunities through SPUR

Did you know? You can find the most current enrollment information and course restrictions for classes listed in the Schedule of Classes?

Located at the bottom of each class entry in the Schedule of Classes is a link “Click here for current enrollment information and course restrictions”. That link will open a new window letting you know the real-time enrollment for the course, which may differ slightly from what you see on the Schedule of Classes because the Schedule of Classes only updates nightly.

That screen also shows what type of waitlist the course has (automatic or manual) and any course restrictions that may have been set. Course restrictions are determined by the department and instructor of the course; these seats are saved for particular groupings of students. If you don’t meet any of those restrictions, you will not be able to enroll for the course and instead be placed on the waitlist. Contact the instructor or department of the course, not your major advisor, with any further questions about enrollment.

And remember! Biology 1A/1AL, General Biology, will not be offered in summer 2012. As Tele-BEARS approaches for spring 2012, it's important for students to think about the impact this has on your planning. Many students require this course for their major or for their pre-med requirements. Please discuss with your advisor if you have any questions about selection of courses for Spring and Summer. The reason for the cancellation is that currently there are 2 labs for each of Biology 1A and Biology 1B and are therefore limited in terms of the numbers of students whom can be accommodated in any given semester. A project to build an additional lab for each class, and to redesign the lab prep room for Biology 1AL, has been approved and the work will begin in January, with an expected completion date of the middle of next summer. Due to the fact that lab prep room will be affected, Biology 1A will be cancelled this summer. Biology 1B will be offered, as usual, even though they are building new space for their lab as well.

Nov. 9 | Drop-In for Pre-Med Advising!
Wednesday, Nov. 9
2-4pm, 260 Mulford

It’s never too early to start planning for your future!
- Learn about the application process
- Find out how to be a competitive candidate
- Discover resources available to you

Brought to you by the Career Center and CNR's Office of Instruction & Student Affairs

Nov. 9 | Watch "Into the Wild" with the CNR PALs
PAL Movie Night
Nov. 9, 5-7pm
260 Mulford Hall

Join the CNR Peer Advisors for a free screening of "Into the Wild" - This is a great opportunity to connect with our peer advisors and other CNR students. The movie is great and the food will be yummy! For more information or to talk to a peer advisor, email

Nov. 11 | Share your summer research with fellow CNR undergrads!
Did you participate in a research program last summer? Do you think other CNR students would be interested in the program and your research?

Share a research poster at the CNR Summer Research Showcase on Friday, 11/18, 12:00-2:00pm in 260 Mulford Hall. REGISTER ONLINE BY 11/11/11

If you already have a poster, please plan to share it with fellow students. If you have not created a poster, check out these resources to help you design a poster: Check out the posters on the walls of CNR buildings! Take a look at the posters in the GIF Lab, 111 Mulford Hall. See photos:

Nov. 16, 21 & Dec. 2 | Find out about research opportunities through SPUR

Each semester and summer, CNR students may apply to participate in undergraduate research with CNR faculty through the SPUR. SPUR stands for Sponsored Projects for Undergraduate Research. Research funds, to cover research expenses, are provided by CNR alumni.

STUDENT INITIATED SPUR PROJECT deadline, 12/9, 5:00 PM (Open to juniors and seniors)
Students apply to FACULTY INITIATED PROJECTS, between 1/9/12 - 1/23/12 (Open to sophomores, juniors, seniors)

If you are a CNR junior or senior, and you've been doing research with a CNR faculty member, and wish to request funding for Spring 2012, please see the SPUR website: Start working on a research project proposal, to include:
Project title
Abstract, background
Objectives and hypothesis
Expected results
Detailed budget proposal including: expected expenses for each semester of project, amount of SPUR funding being requested for duration of project, other sources of funding for the remainder of the project costs

FACULTY INITIATED PROJECTS WILL BE POSTED IN EARLY JANUARY, STUDENTS APPLY BETWEEN 1/9/12 - 1/23/12. CNR faculty will be seeking sophomores, juniors, seniors to join them and/or their grad students on research projects for Spring semester. To apply, students will need a resume, unofficial copy of their transcript, and a statement/cover letter. See past projects at

Wed, 11/16, 12:15-12:45
Mon, 11/21, 4:00-4:30
Friday, 12/2, 12:15-12:45

Or contact, Susan Kishi,, 260 Mulford Hall, after 11/14/11.

CNR Students are encourage to check out URAP (Undergraduate Research Apprenticeship Program) Fall Research Opportunities.