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Other Opportunities 2011.11.17

November 17, 2011

- Nov. 18 | Join with the Strawberry Creek Restoration Program
- Nov. 21 | Fight infectious diseases and win a cash prize
- Nov. 22 | Join the Prytanean Women's Honor Society
- Dec. 1 | Win a cash prize
- Jan. 13 | Make an impact in the life of a first generation low income college student
- Feb. 7 | Participate in the 2012 Summer Environmental Exchange
- Fall/Spring 2011 | Get a FREE GRE Practice Test
- Fall/Spring 2011 | Become an on-campus ecoAmbassador
- Fall/Spring 2011 | Join "Forums to Action" and help make Cal a 100% clean energy campus
- Fall/Spring 2011 | Team up with Friends of Northern Uganda
- Fall/Spring 2011 | Volunteer with BareAbundance
- Spring 2012 | Become Blueprint Leader for Social Justice

Nov. 18 | Join with the Strawberry Creek Restoration Program
The Strawberry Creek Restoration Program is dedicated to not only restoring biodiversity throughout campus, but also reaching out to our community to increase awareness and education about our natural world. We are looking for students with an interest in Strawberry Creek to join our program and fulfill one of three roles. Regardless of desired position, there are general responsibilities that all coordinators must take on:
-AT LEAST 7 hours of commitment per week
-the possibility of co-teaching the Strawberry Creek DeCal with another coordinator
-attending a weekly SCRP meeting with other coordinators and faculty advisor
That being said, there are three positions available, with the traits we want to see in each coordinator:
-Nursery Coordinator: significant familiarity with California native flora, organization, and a friendly demeanor
-Restoration Coordinator: knowledge of all creek history, natives, invasives, biodiversity (taking the introductory DeCal is strongly recommended), strong leadership and public speaking skills, punctuality
-Outreach Coordinator: familiarity with blogging, professional email correspondence, responsibility, organization, public speaking experience

Any Questions?
Katherine Blair: 510-387-0662
Tyler Grinberg: 707-540-2437

Nov. 21 | Fight infectious diseases and win a cash prize!
The Center for Emerging & Neglected Diseases is sponsoring a competition with a $10,000 prize open to UC Berkeley students and postdocs. The focus is new tools and strategies to fight emerging and neglected infectious diseases. We are particularly interested in bioscience, engineering, chemistry, economics, and law/policy projects with promise to substantially impact global health.


Your proposal should should represent a new direction or enterprise in global health (as opposed to ongoing academic lab work). We particularly encourage interdisciplinary teams to apply. Proposed projects can include applied academic research, translational R&D, entrepreneurial activities, or pilot social/economic/policy initiatives. You can partner with outside companies, NGOs, or universities but must have a UC-based faculty mentor affiliated with the project. The Big Ideas contest has awarded over $750,000 in prize money to student teams with big ideas since 2006. Many grantees have gone on to win Harvard and MIT business plan competitions and start new social enterprises.

Nov. 22 | Join the Prytanean Women's Honor Society
Prytanean is the oldest women's honor society in the United States
founded here at UC Berkeley in 1900! Prytanean is made up of a group of academically accomplished women leaders on the Berkeley campus dedicated to creating Cal spirit through on-campus involvement and community outreach. We sponsor service events geared towards women empowerment, as well as host professional development events for our members. We also hold fun social events and have a very dedicated alumnae group who support and mentor our members.

We are currently recruiting members for Spring 2012. Attached below is the application in Word form. Applications are due in hard copy on Tuesday November 22th no later than 3:30pm at the Gender Equity Resource Center in 202 Cesar Chavez.

Feel free to email with any questions. You can also check out where our application can be downloaded.

Dec. 1 | Win a cash prize
Write an essay or a poem, submit a musical score, take a great photograph--- and win a prize! Cash awards are offered in a great variety of fields - Creative Writing, Political Science, Philosophy, Classics and many others.

Prize amounts vary from $50 to $2000. All competitions are open to students of any major. The deadline for most entries is Thursday, December 1, 2011.

More complete details about these competitions can be found on the prizes website:

Jan. 13 | Make an impact in the life of a first generation low income college student
Make an impact in the life of a first generation low income college student by becoming a Peer Mentor or Academic Peer Tutor! The Academic Tutoring & Mentorship Program (ATMP) connects lower division and transfer Student Support Services (SSS) students with upper division Academic Peer Tutors and Peer Mentors who provide academic, social, and personal peer support and guidance. Internship credit is available.

To apply, please submit a cover letter, resume, and completed application to Geneva Sarcedo at 2515 Channing Way or via email as an attachment to no later than 3pm on Friday, January 13, 2012. Peer Mentor applications are available online at, Academic Peer Tutor applications are available online at, or hard copy applications are available at 2515 Channing Way.

For questions or additional information, contact ATMP Coordinator Geneva Sarcedo at or (510) 643-9584. Thank you for your interest in joining the ATMP team.

Feb. 7 | Participate in the 2012 Summer Environmental Exchange
The 2012 Summer Environmental Exchange (SEE) Program is a 9-week long, experiential, place-based, watershed education and leadership development program hosted at the watersheds of Lake Tahoe in the USA and Lake Baikal in Russia, and at the Selenga River, Lake Baikal's upper watershed, in Mongolia. The program's primary themes are watershed protection, sustainable development, and cultural exchange. It will bring together young, environmental leaders from North America, Russia, Mongolia, and other parts of the world to study environmental science, policy, and management at these two superlative lakes.

The application deadline is February 7th, but any applications received before December 5th will be evaluated before the holidays. Spaces are limited so students are encouraged to apply early.

Contact: / (530)542-5599

Fall/Spring 2011 | Get a FREE GRE Practice Test!
Preparing for the GRE? Take a free practice test! Go to

Fall/Spring 2011 | Become an on-campus ecoAmbassador!
The OnCampus EcoAmbassador Program is a program in which students are able to “green” their campuses and promote environmental awareness by using readily available EPA resources. Through the OnCampus program, students can educate fellow students through informational events or initiate environmental change on their campus through longer term projects. The program lasts the duration of the school year. Students can choose from a variety of events and projects within the categories of energy, water, land, waste, air, health and advocacy.

Some of our past ecoAmbassadors have improved recycling efforts, initiated composting programs certified campus buildings as Energy Star compliant, and investigated Integrated Pest Management (IPM) options for their campus. Students benefit directly by developing valuable leadership, research, and teamwork skills in addition to working closely with an existing EPA program or initiative. To get involved, students select an activity and school sponsor, register their project or activity online, then organize their event and report their results.

Students benefit by developing valuable leadership and project management skills; marketable aspects for future resumes. The most active ecoAmbassadors will have the opportunity to interact with EPA employees at the Regional offices, Headquarters, and lab facilities.

Students can register now and any individual or student organization can participate. Students must register their events on our website. Check out our website and Facebook page for more information! OR

Fall/Spring 2011 | Join "Forums to Action" and help make Cal a 100% clean energy campus!
Focus the Nation, an organization based in Portland, works with college students from all over the country. Their project, called "Forums to Action," involves assembling a team of students from different backgrounds - engineers, journalists, political science majors, biologists, economists, etc., reaching out to various community organizations and leaders in clean energy, planning a clean energy forum in February, and coming up with an action plan to implement some facet of clean energy on campus. Focus the Nation provides support and resources for the program, including weekly webinars with clean energy professionals from around the country, a "coach" from their office, fundraising and budgeting support, and more. You can read about Focus the Nation at their website: and specifically the Forums-to-Action program:

Students interested in helping pass a bill in the ASUC to make UC Berkeley a 100% clean energy campus at some point in the future should consider joining these efforts! There is a lot that is up in the air, and a lot of specifics to work out, but we are trying to assemble a team of people with great ideas, excitement, and devotion to the cause so that we can move forward and take tangible, intelligent steps toward our goal. We are really hoping to develop a strong team of people with all different kinds of skills and backgrounds. If you are interested in getting involved, please email Meredith at so that you can get on the email list; we don't have a set-in-stone weekly meeting time yet but we are meeting every week. In this environmental, economic, and political climate, working on the clean energy transition and collaborating with different fields is especially important. I really hope you consider joining this exciting project!

Fall/Spring 2011 | Team up with Friends of Northern Uganda!
Are you passionate about human rights issues? Would you like to advocate for the rights of child soldiers in Uganda? Do you want to know more about one of the longest running civil wars in Africa?

Friends of Northern Uganda (FNU) is an ASUC sponsored club with the purpose of bringing awareness to the University of California, Berkeley campus and the surrounding community in regards to the war and the use of child soldiers in Northern Uganda. We work closely with the Concerned Parents Association, a non-governmental organization in Northern Uganda, to achieve our goals.

We have several upcoming fundraising events planned, as well as some socials! Meetings are regularly scheduled for Monday evenings at 7:30pm, in 104 GPB (room subject to change). If you are interested in joining, would like to be added to our mailing list, or would like more information please contact us at!

Fall/Spring 2011 | Volunteer with BareAbundance
BareAbundance is an ASUC sponsored, non-profit service organization dedicated to food justice and waste reduction in the Berkeley and Oakland areas. We have been recognized as a newly established student group by the Blum Center, the Associated Students of University of California, as well as the UC Berkeley and have recently won the BigIdeas Competition for our
work. Our mission is to facilitate the development of healthy and sustainable food communities through a multifaceted education program targeting vulnerable populations. We hope to teach students how to make nutritious meals during our after school program, while simultaneously encouraging the formation of ‘food-driven’ values that focus on the issues of health, sustainability, and homelessness in our local communities.

We are looking for undergraduate or graduate students who would like to join the BareAbundance team this fall semester and, ideally, continue throughout the academic year. There are positions on our team for members of all types and commitment levels, however, we are currently striving to find dedicated and committed students to fulfill the positions of Secretary, Treasurer, Grant-writer, and Media Relations Coordinator as well as Director of sustainable Practices, Director of External Affairs, and Director of Membership. Please note that this can also be counted as your local practice experience for the Global Poverty and Practice minor! If you are interested in these positions, or want to know how to get more involved, please contact us at with questions and

Spring 2012 | Become a Blueprint Leader for Social Justice
Blueprint Leaders for Social Justice is now accepting applications for our Spring 2012 program. The priority deadline is Wednesday, November 16—but we will continue to accept applications on a rolling basis until we are full! Blueprint is a unique opportunity for UC Berkeley students to explore innovative leadership styles with the goal of learning to initiate social change. By engaging with students from a variety of backgrounds with unique leadership and academic experiences, Blueprint creates a strong base to explore our identities, values, and leadership styles. Interactive workshops take place weekly (Wednesdays 5:30 pm-7:30 pm) in a 2-unit academic course. Towards the middle of the semester, students are put into groups to carry out team projects. Through these team projects, students learn about how they are perceived in groups and gain tips for effective team functioning. The semester ends with a panel of current student leaders at Cal discussing how Blueprint students can get involved with different leadership opportunities. We challenge you to help build a community in which students feel safe to ask questions, challenge assumptions, and work together for positive social change! Join Blueprint!

For more information and to download an application, please check out our website: