College of Natural Resources, UC Berkeley

Scholarships, Fellowships, and Awards 2011.11.17

November 17, 2011

- Winter Break 2011 | Join with the Global Student Embassy
- Jan. 17 | Become a PG&E Energy Leadership Scholar
- Spring 2011 | Become a Fall Fellow with the David Chiu Mayoral Campaign

Winter Break 2011 | Join with the Global Student Embassy!
The Global Student Embassy (GSE) strives to stimulate cultural tolerance and collaborative community service amongst the world's youth. Today, GSE partners with communities and schools locally in Northern California and internationally in Argentina, Peru, Tanzania, and Ecuador to lead trips in which students engage in action oriented service-learning projects, youth leadership training, and cultural exchanges. GSE is is leading a Winter Break Trip to Bahia de Caraquez, a small city on the coast of Ecuador that experienced environmental destruction from El Niño flooding in 1997 and an earthquake in 1998. In response to these natural disasters, NGO's, the private sector government, and the local government sought to rebuild the city in a better, more sustainable way; in 1999 government authorities officially declared Bahia de Caraquez an "Ecocity."

The GSE Winter Break Trip brings together college students from California and New York to travel to Ecuador from December 27 to January 12 to collaborate on reforestation, habitat restoration, and organic farming projects. Planting trees will help prevent further erosion, restore crucial animal habitats, and decrease greenhouse gases that contribute to climate change. This season we aim to plant at least 3,000 native endemic tropical dry forest trees in La Punta Gorda Preserve, located south of Bahia de Caraquez. The rainy season in coastal Manabí Ecuador is between January and April, making the New Year an optimal time for planting.

GSE seeks motivated, inspired, and confident participants who feel that an international cultural experience and environmental restoration work will contribute to their personal growth and discovery. For more information, contact Jasper at or go to

Jan. 17 | Become a PG&E Energy Leadership Scholar
2012 Energy Leadership Program, sponsored by PG&E's Nu NRG Employee Resource Group
The Energy Leadership Program was created to support and encourage top-performing undergraduate college students with a strong interest in pursuing a career in the energy sector. The program has two components – a financial scholarship and an energy symposium – and will offer students the opportunity to fund their academic endeavors, learn more about the energy industry, and develop their professional skills.
Scholarship: 5-7 scholarships will be awarded ranging from $1000- $2000.
Applicant Requirements:
- Current undergraduate students in their 2nd or 3rd year of university
- Open to students studying Engineering, Information Technology, Business, Environmental, or any other
major related to the energy industry.
- Proof of residency in PG&E’s service territory
Symposium: Scholarship recipients will be invited to take part in a symposium focusing on current issues in the energy industry and information to begin a career in the energy sector. The symposium will include speakers on current industry topics, careers at PG&E and other energy companies, and a career skills workshop. The symposium will take place in summer 2012.
Dates and Instructions: Applications will open on November 1, 2011 and are due January 17, 2012. We will notify scholarship
recipients by April 30. To access the application and detailed instructions, visit

Spring 2011 | Become a Fall Fellow with the David Chiu Mayoral Campaign!
The David Chiu Mayoral Campaign is looking for students to intern during Fall Semester. Students interested in learning more about the political landscape of San Francisco should apply. The Fall Fellows program will provide students with great hands-on political experience in a fast-paced political race. Fellows will receive a letter of recommendation upon successful completion of work and may receive academic credit, if applicable. Each fellow is part of a 10 hour/week training program that is carefully designed to teach students the variety of skills needed to be successful in campaign organizing. Our program is well rounded and includes weekly training seminars on field organizing, finance, policy, political messaging, and of course new media and communications. Fellowship applications are here at