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Class Offerings 2012.01.27

January 27, 2012

BareAbundance: The Excess & Inequity of Our Food System
Deconstructing Disability DeCal
SLC Course: Education 98/198 "To the Capstone & Beyond"
Various Cal Teach Courses

BareAbundance: The Excess & Inequity of Our Food System
Are you interested in learning about food justice and becoming part of a new student-led nonprofit organization? Interested in teaching hands-on nutrition education in the community? Sign up to take BareAbundance: The Excess & Inequity of Our Food System! In this course students from a wide range of disciplines will learn about, discuss, critique, and participate in the local food justice movement. The course supports and provides the foundation for BareAbundance, a nonprofit organization focused on redistributing excess consumable, healthy food to low-income and vulnerable populations, in addition to empowering youth to make their own healthy decisions on how food will play a role in their lives through food-driven education.

2-3 Unit DeCal/credits for field work
Tuesdays 6-8 PM~ Starts January 31st
Location: Blum Hall - bottom floor
CCN: Check our decal website for update!
Information Session: January 30th 6-8PM @ Blum Hall, Bottom level

For more information, visit, come to the first class, or email

Deconstructing Disability DeCal
The Deconstructing Disability DeCal will be offered for the first time this semester! The goal of this course is to increase students’ awareness and understanding of what it means to have and live with a disability. The course will be broken down into two sections. The first half of the course will expose students to a broad understanding of the cultural, political, social, and international views of disabilities. Students will academically engage with the deeper meanings and connotations carried by the use of the label “disabled.” The second half of the course will teach students about the symptoms and therapies available for common physical and developmental disabilities. Students will develop an understanding of disabilities through guest speakers, open discussions, and short reading assignments.

Classes will start Tuesday, February 7th from 6-7:30PM. Check out our page for more information: If you have any questions, feel free to email us at

SLC Course: Education 98/198 "To the Capstone & Beyond"

If you are currently engaged in or preparing for a senior thesis or other research project, check out our "Capstone" course, Education 98/198, for Spring 2012. This is a 2-unit P/NP seminar that provides study strategies and motivational support to help students successfully complete projects. We are scheduled to meet during the first week of instruction every Thursday from 2-4 in the Chavez Student Center.

For CCN's and for more information about other SLC courses and programs, please visit us at

Various Cal Teach Courses
UGIS 80A: It's Elementary! Exploring Science with Young Students (2 units, P/NP), Thursday 12-2, 340 Evans CCN: 89006
UGIS 80B: It's Elementary! Exploring Math with Young Students (2 units, P/NP), Tuesday 4-6, 344 Evans CCN: 89009
UGIS 81A: Science Teaching with Middle School Students (2 units, P/NP), Wednesday 5:30-7:30, 340 Evans CCN: 89012
UGIS 81B: Math Teaching with Middle School Students (2 units, P/NP), Monday 5:30-7:30,340 Evans CCN: 89015

They all include a field placement (12 hours a semester) in a local, urban math or science class. Our students really enjoy and appreciate the opportunity to be able to work with and be role models for students in local elementary and middle schools.

There is more information about the Cal Teach program on the Cal Teach website (