College of Natural Resources, UC Berkeley

Scholarships, Fellowships, and Awards 2012.01.06

January 6, 2012

- Jan. 30 | Join the NNEMS Fellowship Program
- Feb. 15 | Serve as a Fellow with the Breakthrough Institute

Jan. 30 | Join the NNEMS Fellowship Program
Interactive application materials and details on how to apply are available on the NNEMS website at The deadline for submitting applications is Monday, January 30, 2012. All materials must be postmarked on or before that date to be eligible for consideration.

The NNEMS program provides associate, undergraduate and graduate students an opportunity to participate in a fellowship project that is directly related to their field of study. The purpose of the NNEMS program is to:
- Provide students with practical research opportunities and experiences in EPAs program and regional offices and in its laboratories;
- Increase public awareness of and involvement in environmental issues;
- Encourage qualified individuals to pursue environmental careers; and
- Help defray the costs associated with the pursuit of academic programs related to the field of environmental protection, such as pollution control, science, engineering, technology, social science and specialty areas.

If you have any questions or require additional information, please contact Carolyn Pitera, Tetra Tech EM Inc., by email at To apply, go to:

Feb. 15 | Serve as a Fellow with the Breakthrough Institute
The Breakthrough Institute, a California-based public policy think tank, is recruiting student applicants for the summer fellowship program, Breakthrough Generation, which comprises three areas of high-level research, writing and analysis: energy & climate policy; conservation & environment; and innovation & the economy. Graduating seniors and graduate students at the Department of Environmental Science, Policy, and Management at UC Berkeley are highly encouraged to apply to this paid and highly selective program which runs for ten weeks in the summer of 2012.

More information can be found at and The application deadline is 15 February 2012. Interested applicants may also email