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April 6, 2012

Other Opporunities

Apr. 19-22 | Help out with Senior Weekend
Apr. 26 | Check out the 2012 SACNAS National Conference "Science, Technology, and Diversity for a Healthy World"
Spring 2012 | Volunteer with OBUGS a little as one hour a week

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Scholarships, Fellowships, and Awards

Apr. 12 | Become a City Hall Fellow
Apr. 16 | Apply for the Library Prize for Undergraduate Research
Apr. 20 | Apply for the Association of Environmental Professionals' Student Scholarship Program

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Jobs and Internships

Spring/Summer 2012 | Intern with the SCA
Summer 2012 | Earn $4000-$6000 this summer working for social change
Spring/Summer/Fall 2012 | Utilize your GIS skills at Ruch Logic in Berkeley, California

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Undergraduate Research

Apr. 10 | Submit your paper to the Berkeley Undergraduate Journal of Classics
Apr. 15 | Participate in ecological restoration research

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Apr. 10 | Come to the International Symposium
Apr. 11 | NutriSci Info Session
Apr. 12 | Find out how to land your dream job at the Women in Renewable Energy Career Panel

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CNR News

Did you know?
Fall 2012 Tele-BEARS appointments are happening now! If you haven’t already, you will be hearing from your advisor very soon regarding available appointment times. All students registering for Fall 2012 classes will need to meet with his or her major advisor to obtain their Tele-BEARS code. Please DO NOT be late to your appointment and come with your Tele-BEARS form filled out

Register online at If you plan to walk this spring it is critical that you fill out this form. If you don't register, you WILL NOT receive four free tickets to the event and you WILL BE EXCLUDED from the printed program. Take a few minutes right now to complete the simple registration form.

Here are some important CNR dates and opportunities to be aware of:

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