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October 15, 2012

Nov 7 | Application Deadline for Spring 2013 DeCal Classes
Spring 2013 | Multicultural Initiative in the Marine Sciences (MIMSUP)

Nov 7 | Application Deadline for Spring 2013 DeCal Classes

Dear Students,

Please read through the information below about submitting DeCal proposals for Spring 2013. The DeCal office is now temporarily located in 112 Hearst Gym Station 15.


The deadline for submission of proposals for spring 2013 student-facilitated 98/198/DeCal courses is WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 7, 2012. Your department deadline should be earlier, to ensure adequate time for the department chair and instructor of record to review the proposal and sign the form, and for the department staff to process the paperwork. Proposals should be submitted by mail or dropped off, to my attention, to 320 Stephens Hall # 5842. If proposals are submitted after this date, they must be accompanied by a letter from the dean or department chair (or their designate, which could be the instructor of record or department SAO or scheduler) that clearly explains why the proposal is being submitted late (email is okay).


Please use the new form, available on the Special Studies website. Make sure that the student facilitator, instructor of record, and department chair are aware of their responsibilities as laid out in the attached checklists, which also include information regarding final exams, late requests, and resources.

Student-facilitated courses should not have final exams (see and

Please make sure that the proposal cover sheet has been signed by the student facilitator(s), the instructor of record, and the department chair. Also make sure all seven questions on the cover sheet have been answered (especially question #5, how the instructor of record will supervise the student course facilitator), and that a syllabus is attached. If you've reviewed the proposal, your name should go in question #7. If the student facilitator's name is there, I'll be sending it back to the department. I spend a lot of time following up on submissions with missing information. Please help me out by not submitting incomplete proposals. Students should not turn in the only copy of the form to the Academic Senate. Please ensure that copies are made before the form is submitted.


Please inform your student facilitators that they will not hear from me whether their course has been approved. Student-facilitated 98 and 198 courses are considered approved once they are approved (reviewed and signed) by the department chair. However, as COCI maintains ultimate authority over courses, proposals are required to be submitted to the Academic Senate. Once submitted, the course may then be scheduled and the student facilitator should prepare to offer the course.

Spring 2013 | Multicultural Initiative in the Marine Sciences (MIMSUP)

The National Science Foundation-funded MIMSUP program is designed to increase diversity within the next generation of marine scientists. Participants receive intensive training in the marine sciences and in professional opportunities available to those who choose this career path. Applications are encouraged, in particular, from U.S. citizens belonging to groups currently underrepresented in the marine sciences (i.e., Native Americans, Alaskan Natives, African Americans, Latino/Hispanics and Pacific Islanders).

Eight selected students spend two quarters (January 8 - June 14 with a spring break from March 23 - April 1) at the Shannon Point Marine Center taking introductory and specialized courses in the marine sciences (31 quarter credit hours), attending seminars and workshops, exploring career opportunities, and engaging in supervised research. They also attend a regional or national scientific meeting. After the program, students return to their home institutions to complete their undergraduate programs.

Download the program flyer in English or Spanish.
Application deadline: Friday, November 9, 2012