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January 14, 2013

Jan 28 | SPUR Faculty-Initiated Projects Deadline
Feb 8 | CNR Honors Program Enrollment Deadline: Friday, February 8, 4:00 PM
Spring 2013 | Important Dates for Spring 2013

Jan 28 | SPUR Faculty-Initiated Projects Deadline

Each semester and summer, CNR students may apply to participate in undergraduate research with CNR faculty through the Sponsored Projects for Undergraduate Research (SPUR) program. Funding for the program is generously donated by CNR alumni. CNR faculty will be seeking sophomores, juniors, and seniors to join them and/or their grad students on research projects for the spring semester. To apply, students will need a resume, unofficial copy of their transcript, and a statement/cover letter.

Deadline to Apply:
Students apply online to Faculty-Initiated Projects between January 7-28 (Open to sophomores, juniors, seniors). Available projects can be accessed on the SPUR website by clicking on the "Find a Faculty Project" under the Overview tab:

Please visit the SPUR website:
Or contact Carina Galicia,

CNR students are also encouraged to check out URAP (Undergraduate Research Apprenticeship Program) Fall Research Opportunities.

Feb 8 | CNR Honors Program Enrollment Deadline: Friday, February 8, 4:00 PM

CNR students who have attained junior status, have a 3.6 GPA and two semesters remaining to complete a two semester honors research project are eligible to undertake CNR Honors research. Students must submit the H196 Enrollment form to their major advisor by Friday, February 8, 4:00 PM. Students must have their faculty research mentor's signature, and a copy of their honors research proposal (title, abstract, background, objectives and hypothesis, methods, timeline).

Program Guidelines:
--All honors students must be on campus for their two semesters of research (no EAP, no summer).
--A minimum GPA of 3.6 must be maintained in order to graduate with honors.
--All honors students must present their research at the end of their second semester at the CNR Undergraduate Honors Symposium.
--A copy of the H196 Enrollment Form is attached. It is also available on the CNR Honors website at the link below.
--Transfer students must complete at least one semester at UCB and eligibility is only based upon UCB GPA. Junior transfer students are encouraged to undertake their Honors research their senior year.
--Some students are doing research with a research mentor outside CNR. They must get their research mentor's signature and also they must have a CNR faculty sponsor who will be responsible for their grade.

For more information about the Honors program and a list of participants and their research topics from previous years, please see the CNR Honors website:

The H196 Enrollment Form is available for download here.

Contact Carina Galicia,, 260 Mulford Hall, if you have any questions.

Spring 2013 | Important Dates for Spring 2013

Now until January 14th: If you wish to make changes to your Spring Semester schedule, you can do so on telebears during open hours (7am-8am and 7pm-midnight). You can add classes until you pass 16 units. After you have passed 16 units, you must wait until the Adjustment Period begins to add any additional courses.

January 14th: Adjustment Period begins -- students can add additional classes until they pass the unit ceiling for the college (19.5 units for CNR). (Please note: If you wish to take more than 19.5 units, or less than 13 units, you must file a petition with the college during the first five weeks of the semester. The petition is available at 260 Mulford Hall -- just ask at the front desk. You do not need to meet with an advisor to get this signed. Students on the Spring 2013 degree list are permitted to take less than 13 units, but you still must formally petition to request this.)

January 21st: Holiday. The CNR Resource Center will be closed.

January 22nd: Instruction begins

February 1st: Deadline to drop classes without a fee. $10 fee charged for each class dropped after this date.

February 1st: Deadline to drop Early Drop Deadline (EDD) courses.

February 8th: Deadline for all students to add classes without a fee. $5 fee charged for each class added after this date.

February 8th: Deadline to become officially "registered" (enrolled in classes, paid fees, no blocks). $150 Late Registration Fee charged to all students not officially registered by this date.

February 18th: Holiday. The CNR Resource Center will be closed.

February 22nd: Deadline for undergraduates to add classes and drop non-EDD courses.

February 22nd: Deadline to add yourself to the Spring 2013 Degree List (on telebears or in person at Sproul Hall)

March 25th - 29th: Spring Break Week

April 5th: Deadline for all undergraduates to change the grading option.

May 3rd: Last day of formal classes

May 6th - 10th: Reading/Review/Recitation period

May 13th - 17th: Final Exam Week

May 19th: CNR Commencement Ceremony, 7pm, Greek Theater. More information will be posted throughout the semester at