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January 14, 2013

Spring 2013 | Energy Efficiency and Alternative Fuels DeCal - ENE,RES 98/198
Spring 2013 | Environmental Student Organizations at Cal
Spring 2013 | Progressivism in Science Fiction
Spring 2013 | Building Sustainability at Cal

Spring 2013 | Energy Efficiency and Alternative Fuels DeCal - ENE,RES 98/198

Faculty sponsor: Professor Dan Kammen
Time: 4-5:30pm
Location: 3105 Etcheverry Hall
*Find us on the decal website at

In simple terms, this ENERGETIC course will give an introduction to energy topics and explore the social, environmental and economic consequences of our carbon-based economy. We depend on energy to fuel our cars and airplanes, grow and transport our food, light our cities, warm our homes, cook our food, and power our machinery, appliances, and electronics. As we continue to deplete our energy sources (and pollute our air and water in the process), the challenge to satisfy our need for energy continues to mount. How will our generation respond?

We will use guest speakers (from PG&E, East Bay MUD, Lawrence Berkeley National Labratory, and more), article presentations, fun group projects, involved debates, and films to explore the energy cycle - tracing its origins, distribution, consumption, and waste. We’ll also calculate our personal carbon footprint as well as learn about the many opportunities available to become more energy efficient.

This course is facilitated by PowerSave Green Campus Program interns, which is a student-led initiative that educates the campus community on energy efficiency, achieves energy savings, and encourages the next generation of energy efficiency professionals by building pathways to green careers, realizing measurable energy savings, infusing energy concepts into acadmic curricula, and promoting energy efficiency outreach. For more information about UC Berkeley’s PowerSave Green Campus team, see: or contact us at

Be sure to show up the first day on January 30 to get CCNs!

Spring 2013 | Environmental Student Organizations at Cal

The Student Environmental Resource Center (SERC) introduces our Decal; Environmental Student Organizations at Cal or ESOC! This decal is ideal for those who are interested in getting involved in environmental activities but aren’t sure where to start. This course offers the contacts, resources, and support needed for one to integrate themselves into a campus full of environmental opportunities. While we aim to introduce students to many of the UC Berkeley environmental student organizations, we also strive to provide future volunteer, internship and job opportunities in and outside of our campus community.

If this sounds like something you would like to explore visit This course will be 3-4pm Wednesdays in 204 Wheeler beginning January 30th.

Spring 2013 | Progressivism in Science Fiction

Progressivism in Science Fiction
The site is:
Monday nights from 5-7pm (2 units - ESPM 98/198)
The CCN will be given out on the first day of class unless there are too many people and then a lottery will be taken and the code will be emailed out shortly after. The class has ~25 spots available.

Another CNR student and I will be facilitating and ESPM's Kate O'Neill is the faculty sponsor. The four major themes that science fiction will be discussed under are Sentience, Environmental Awareness, War/Crimes/Killing, and Human Rights.

Spring 2013 | Building Sustainability at Cal

Interested in learning about sustainability issues and how you can help make campus buildings more efficient? Majoring in something related to design/architecture, planning, policy-making, science/engineering, or psychology/human behavior?

Take the "Building Sustainability at Cal" class offered this Spring 2013 semester and contribute to the culture of sustainability at Berkeley! Students will have the opportunity to implement infrastructural & educational projects focused on improving the operational efficiency of campus buildings. They will benefit from the guest lecture series & field-trips related to various energy, water, and social justice issues affecting the environment.

The class will be held T/Th 5-6pm, in 101 Wurster. Register for the class via Tele-BEARS with the CCN 28763 (EnvDes 98) if you have freshman/sophomore standing or 28820 (EnvDes 198) if you have junior/senior standing. The class is 2 units, P/NP. It is posted on as Environmental Design 98/198; however, no design experience is required! For further questions or concerns, please contact the class facilitators at To learn more about the class or the BS@C program, please visit our website at!