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February 6, 2013

Spring 2013 | ER 98 or 198: Energy in the News: Modern Energy Policy Analysis
Spring 2013 | Starting Point Mentorship Program

Spring 2013 | ER 98 or 198: Energy in the News: Modern Energy Policy Analysis

Facilitators: Maggie Witt and Rebekah Shirley (ERG PhD Students)

We live in a rapidly evolving media culture with literally millions of potential sources of data. How can we make sense of this fire hose of information? Where can we turn to find sources that exercise good editorial judgment? What is the back-story behind the little blips of coverage that environmental issues receive? With so much constantly going on in the news (e.g., XL Pipeline, California cap-and-trade, natural gas fracking, electric vehicles entering the market, etc.) the time is right for a Decal that provides a venue for discussion and critical analysis of the information and positions expressed in the media.

Energy in the News: Modern Energy Policy Analysis, is a one-credit, participation-oriented, seminar course where we will discuss a new ‘hot topic’ in energy every week supported by our own analysis, critical reading, and “back-of-the-envelope” calculations. We also have a number of guest speakers arranged to speak to us on science in the media. We hope to generate a few publishable op-eds, too—great practice for anyone in the energy field!

NOTE: This is also a great way to get your feet wet for students interested in taking ER 200 next fall, or for students who have taken the course to practice using the great tools they learned.

The class will meet every Tuesday, 4-6pm in 201 Giannini Hall (the first class meeting is Tuesday, January 29). You can find registration details on the decal listing:

Spring 2013 | Starting Point Mentorship Program

Tues 2:00-3:00 pm OR Wed 2:00-3:00 pm

Location: 105 Cesar Chavez Student Center

Socia| Welfare 97 Sect 4 CCN: 80712
Social Welfare 197 Sect 4 CCN: 80823
Faculty Sponsor: Valerie Edwards

Ethnic Studies 97 Sect 13 CCN: 31069
Ethnic Studies 197 Sect 11 CCN:31294
Faculty Sponsor: Alex Sargoza

The STARTING POINT MENTORSHIP PROGRAM provides Community College students with a UC Berkeley studentmentor enrolled in this course. The program is specifically designed to encourage under served students (older returning students, first generation college students, students combining school and parenting, students from |ow­inCome backgrounds, veterans, disabled students, underrepresented student groups, etc.) to explore their academic potential and prepare for transfer to UC Berkeley. Mentors provide students with information, motivation and access to resources. They contact mentees regularly throughout the semester and discuss goals, services, opportunities and resources.