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March 18, 2013

March 20 | Berkeley Environmental Economics & Policy Students
March 21 | Society for Conservation Biology Lecture Series
March 29 | Accountability and Transparency at Berkeley

March 20 | Berkeley Environmental Economics & Policy Students

Next Meeting:

Wednesday, March 20th
311 Wellman
Pizza and drinks provided!

A UC Berkeley student organization for students of the Environmental Economics
and Policy major and minor to network, socialize and prepare for post graduation

At our second meeting, guests will include CNR Dean Keith Gilless and EEP alumni.

March 21 | Society for Conservation Biology Lecture Series

SCB has many exciting events coming up and YOU are invited!

We continue our lecture series: "Meeting Conservation: Science , Policy and Community approaches to Biodiversity Conservation"

Please join us next Thursday, March 21 5PM , 103 Mulford , for a talk with Becky Chaplin-Kramer, The Natural Capital Project.

Dr. Becky Chaplin-Kramer leads the Natural Capital Project's freshwater and terrestrial team. She coordinates the model development and implementation of the InVEST. She is also the lead modeler for ecosystem services from and to agricultural systems.

March 29 | Accountability and Transparency at Berkeley

Want to save the environment? Would you like to gain some experience from the administrative side of things? We are looking for consultants who are interested in and have some background in pro bono ecological, environmental, or agricultural work.

Accountability and Transparency at Berkeley is a new student organization that aspires to help other student groups increase their social impact and membership corps by taking them through an accreditation process where groups will develop an "Accountability Framework." This dynamic document will outline the organizations' goals, programs, and fund allocations. This framework, along with other organization information will be hosted on a central website to provide an unbiased and ethical perspective on these organizations for both the greater student body and for donors. Additionally, ACT will provide a longitudinal impact assessment for organizations who wish to participate.

We are currently looking for a few dedicated, leadership-oriented members who are interested in helping to build this organization. As a student interested in the environment, you will help establish and coordinate the "Environmental/Ecological Assistance Cohort"

While we have a solid theoretical foundation and vision for the organization, much more work is needed to solidify our accreditation mechanisms and to carry out the consulting. This is a great opportunity to gain the leadership experience of building a brand new organization from the ground up. Time commitments will be variable based on what needs to be accomplished that week but we expect that core members will be able to give 5-7 hours a week.

For more information, please send an email and resume to by 3:00pm on Friday, March 29. Thank you!