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April 8, 2013

April 10 | Telebears Workshop with the CNR Peer Advisors
Apr 12-19 | Faculty-Initiated Summer SPUR Deadline
April 15 | Peer Advising Leadership Program
April 20 | CNR Poster Session

April 10 | Telebears Workshop with the CNR Peer Advisors

The PALs will be hosting a Telebears Workshop Wednesday, April 10, 12-2 PM on the GPB lawn. There will be free cookies from CREAM for students who come for help.

Apr 12-19 | Faculty-Initiated Summer SPUR Deadline

SPUR Program Info:
Each semester and summer, CNR students may apply to participate in undergraduate research with CNR faculty through the Sponsored Projects for Undergraduate Research (SPUR) program. Funding for the program is generously donated by CNR alumni. Students have the option to apply for funding for their own research project, or to apply to work on a research project conducted by CNR faculty.

Upcoming Deadlines:

- Students apply to Faculty-Initiated Projects between April 12 - 19 (Open to sophomores, juniors, seniors)

Faculty-Initiated Projects:
CNR faculty will be seeking sophomores, juniors, and seniors to join them and/or their grad students on research projects for the summer. To apply, students will need a resume, unofficial copy of their transcript, and a statement/cover letter. Faculty-Initiated Projects will be posted in mid-April; Students apply between April 12-19.

You may see examples of previous projects on the SPUR website, go to Find a Faculty Project and select the Past Projects tab:

Visit the SPUR website or contact Carina Galicia, the SPUR program coordinator.

April 15 | Peer Advising Leadership Program

Are you looking to become more involved within the College of Natural Resources? Looking to expand your leadership skills? Like networking with your fellow peers? If your answer is "yes", you should apply to the CNR Peer Advising Leadership (PAL) program! The PAL program is looking for enthusiastic CNR students to promote their college and advise other students about classes, majors, research, minors and other CNR opportunities. Applications for Fall 2013 and Spring 2014 are available online at the PAL webpage under the Becoming a PAL.

April 20 | CNR Poster Session

CNR Poster Session
Friday, April 19, 12-2pm
260 Mulford Hall

Are you working on research that you would like to share with the CNR community? If so, register to participate in our upcoming poster session! This is a great opportunity for you to:

• Gain communication and presentation skills
• Learn to summarize your research, an integral part of scholarship
• Get recognition for your hard work on a research project
• Have the chance to discuss your project with others who share your interests
• Give the local community a chance to learn about the exciting research being done by you, a fabulous undergraduate
• Add another great experience to your professional resume
• Get a Certificate of Participation

Registration is now open for those interested in participating in the CNR Poster Session, click here to register. You'll also find information on Designing Your Poster at the link.

The deadline to register is Wednesday, April 17.

Questions? Please contact Carina Galicia.