College of Natural Resources, UC Berkeley


August 30, 2013

Sept 4 | Gain hands-on experience in the Museum of Vertebrate Zoology

Sept 4 | Gain hands-on experience in the Museum of Vertebrate Zoology

Get that research or lab experience you've been looking for! With over 50 URAP positions available, there's something for everyone (including starter positions with no experience necessary). Please share with your friends.

Highlights include:

- Want to assist research in global change biology? Keck Engine Apprentices -- The Keck project is building an informatics portal where undergrads help document the rich resources from our UC field stations and labs.

- Bone Numbering and Prep Lab Positions available! Learn the vertebrate skeletal system by working directly with a diverse array of real skeletons (all ages of birds, mammals, and reptiles).

- Share your love for science with a broader audience! Museum Education and Outreach Apprentices -- includes scientific journalism and photography opportunities, display and activity development, and opportunities to work directly with the public at events like science booths at farmer's markets.

- Love museums? Want to know more about how they work? Curatorial Apprentices -- work in the museum collections and enable evolutionary and zoological science by assisting in the documentation, curation, and loans of vertebrate specimens and data.

- Interested in library sciences? Archival Apprentices -- we have a rich historical collection of original hand-written field notes, correspondence, historical maps and papers. Help our archivist make this priceless historical information more available to researchers and the public.

- Do you have tech or programming skills? Informatics Apprentices -- come put your skills to use and gain valuable hands-on experience with GIS and/or scientific databases!

- Have a passion for frogs, salamanders and caecilians? AmphibiaWeb Apprentice -- contribute to the premier online resource for amphibian biology and conservation.

- Scientific Illustration -- hone your artistic abilities by creating anatomical drawings for our museum lab manuals and education programs.

Apply by September 4th at the URAP website and attend our New Student Orientation on September 4th at 5:00 pm in the MVZ (3101 VLSB) where you can learn more and meet the project supervisors.

For inquiries, please send an email to: with the subject line "URAP opportunities"