College of Natural Resources, UC Berkeley


September 30, 2013

Winter 2013 | Volunteer in Peru

Winter 2013 | Volunteer in Peru

Looking for something to do this winter break? Are you interested in travel and volunteer work? Come volunteer with AMAPERU and spend your winter break helping the communities of Peru.

We are a nonprofit organization based on social assistance for improving health and education in Peru. Our name is comprised of the building blocks that make our mission.

Our mission is to Help, Motivate, and Learn. Our goal is to give volunteers the opportunity to help the impoverished communities of our country. Also, our volunteers are given the chance to become a part of a new culture while lending a hand to different cities in Peru. We want our volunteers to learn about Peruvian culture and fall in love with Peru and its diverse traditions, landscapes, cuisines and people.

Please do not miss this opportunity to help, motivate and learn about another part of this beautiful world and yourself!