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October 28, 2013

Oct 29 | Study Abroad Information Session
Oct 30 | Movie Nite with CNR Peer Advisors
Nov 15 | CNR Poster Session
Spring 2014 | Berkeley Connect in ESPM

Oct 29 | Study Abroad Information Session

Tuesday October 29th, 5pm, 260 Mulford Hall

The College of Natural Resources, in partnership with Berkeley Study Abroad, invites you to hear from returned study abroad students from CNR about the education abroad experience. Learn more about the student experience abroad, as well as program deadlines and application processes. Students will speak about their experiences in:

Global Internship Program Sum13, Mumbai India (S&E major)
Costa Rica Tropical Bio Sp13 (MB major)
Australia Marine Bio Fa12 (ES/EEP major)
Copenhagen Sp13 (S&E major)
Chile Sp13 (FNR major)
Italy Sp13 (MEB major)

Oct 30 | Movie Nite with CNR Peer Advisors

Date: Wednesday, Oct 30
Time: 5:00-7:30pm
Location: 260 Mulford Hall

Join the PALs for free pizza (and candy!) and watch Coraline on Wednesday October 30th, 5-7:30 PM in 260 Mulford! All majors are welcome!

Nov 15 | CNR Poster Session

Save the Date!
CNR Poster Session
Friday, November 15, 12-1:30pm
260 Mulford Hall
Registration will not be open until next week:

Are you working on research that you would like to share with the CNR community? If so, register to participate in our upcoming poster session! This is a great opportunity for you to:

- Gain communication and presentation skills
- Learn to summarize your research, an integral part of scholarship
- Get recognition for your hard work on a research project
- Have the chance to discuss your project with others who share your interests
- Give the local community a chance to learn about the exciting research being
done by you, a fabulous undergraduate
- Add another great experience to your professional resume
- Get a Certificate of Participation

You'll also find information on Designing Your Poster at the link. Please see the website for printing instructions and recommendations.

Questions? Please contact Carina Galicia,

Spring 2014 | Berkeley Connect in ESPM

Joining Berkeley Connect will allow you to:
• Engage with other students in the study and practice of ESPM from an
interdisciplinary approach
• Find out what inspired your professors to become involved in teaching,
research, and the community
• Watch your professors debate key topics in the field
• Receive personalized mentoring from an experienced graduate student and be
placed in a small group
• Explore what you can do with an ESPM CRS, ES, FNR, MEB or S&E degree

Activities include:
• Biweekly small-group discussions
• One-on-one mentor advising
• Special events featuring distinguished ESPM faculty and alums, including a
career panel
• Excursions to visit the rich resources available to you on the Berkeley campus

*No papers, exams, or outside reading are required— just lots of face-to-face interaction with others who share your passion for ESPM! You will also receive
1 unit (P/NP) of credit.

How to sign up: Enroll via TeleBears in a section of ESPM 98/198 (Directed Group Study) that is designated “Berkeley Connect.” (We try to group students by class status, but you can enroll in any section that fits your schedule and credit requirements.)

ESPM Spring 2014 sections:

• 98 Section 16, CCN 29070, Mon 6-7pm (lower division)
• 98 Section 17, CCN 30763, Mon 7-8pm (lower division)
• 98 Section 18, CCN 30766, Tues 6-7pm (lower division)
• 98 Section 19, CCN 30769, Wed 6-7pm (lower division)
• 98 Section 20, CCN 30772, Wed 7-8pm (lower division)
• 98 Section 21, CCN 30775, Thu 6-7pm (lower division)
• 98 Section 22, CCN 30778, Thu 7-8pm (lower division)
• 198 Section 16, CCN 29970, Mon 6-7pm (upper division)
• 198 Section 17, CCN 30781, Mon 7-8pm (junior transfers)
• 198 Section 18, CCN 30784, Tues 7-8pm (upper division)
• 198 Section 19, CCN 30787, Wed 6-7pm (upper division)
• 198 Section 20, CCN 30790, Wed 7-8pm (upper division)
• 198 Section 21, CCN 30793, Thurs 6-7pm (junior transfers)
• 198 Section 22, CCN 30796, Thurs 7-8pm (upper division)

We hope to see you in the spring!

Professor Justin Brashares,,
Professor Erica Rosenblum,,
and Professor David Winickoff,

Berkeley Connect Directors, ESPM