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November 12, 2013

Nov 15 | Lead with IBM
Apply Now | The GREEN Program

Nov 15 | Lead with IBM

Student Competitions would like to invite you to participate in a challenge presented by IBM:

Deadline: November 15th

Lead with IBM – Students for a Smarter Planet. We want to hear your ideas on how to make the world a smarter planet. Each participant will be awarded with a t-shirt, a certificate of appreciation from IBM and possible job opportunities.

Imagine a world where electrical grids deliver 100% of their energy, we travel without wasting gas, distribution keeps productivity high, financial systems are secure, and everyone everywhere has safe drinking water. What can you imagine to build a smarter planet?

How do I participate?

Sign up at

You participate by solving a small case, where you will choose an issue you would like to resolve in order to make the world a smarter place. To solve the case, you will be asked to submit a short video or a power point presentation illustrating and explaining your solution.

Apply Now | The GREEN Program

Career Advancing, World Enhancing ... Only on the GREEN Program!

The GREEN Program is a short-term experience which combines hands-on education, adventure, service learning, cultural immersion and global networking to create an unparalleled learning experience in Iceland & Costa Rica. This program becomes a launchpad for the future innovative leaders of tomorrow.

Upon completion of the GREEN program you will receive:

* Experiential Education visiting several renewable energy facilities
* Service Learning through community service projects in impoverished areas
* Adventures such as surfing, glacier & jungle hiking or tectonic plate snorkeling
* Cultural Immersion in local indigenous tribes, eco-lodges or animal rehabilitation reserves
* Entrepreneurial inspiration developing your own green venture
* Access to our alumni network with job opportunities and industry connections
* Custom letters of recommendation based on your capstone project
* Transferable academic credit awarded by Reykjavik University

Costa Rica 12 days Summer and Winter, 9 days Spring
Five forms of renewable energy, action-packed adventures, cultural immersion, memories for a lifetime all in paradise.

Iceland 10 days Summer, 8 days Winter and Spring
Noted as the greenest country in the world, Iceland is an untapped reserve of energy and adventure. We have partnered with Reykjavík University's Renewable Energy and Sustainability Master's Program (REYST) and the School of Science and Engineering to provide quality insight into the industry from the leading innovators.

Dare to be different.
Define your career path in 10 days.
Challenge the world.
Apply Today