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29 November 2006

Where I'm Bound...

Being a junior in college is supposed to mean that you have everything figured out. And whenever I go home, I'm always prepared to get assaulted with questions like "what are you going to do after you graduate?" or "what do you want to do with THAT degree?" Usually I fumble some non-committal answer -- law school is a great excuse :) -- but truth be told (and don't tell my parents)... I HAVE NO IDEA! But you know what? I'm not that upset about it. When I first came to Berkeley I thought I was going to be a Political Science major, maybe even study art. Two years later, I've fallen in love with environmental science and know that I never want to do anything else... maybe. But I've had a great time figuring out what I'm interested in and I'm not in any hurry to pick just one career for the rest of my life. My dream job would be to travel abroad to some Central American country to do research or work with developing governments, but I would be perfectly happy to stay in the beautiful Bay Area and do environmental work for a non-profit or for-profit environmental company. I'm really interested in interning with companies like Save the Bay, the Pacific Institute, Foundation for Sustainable Development, or just about any green-minded company out there. I'm also really getting into sustainable agriculture and green building at the moment, so would love to get some work experience in that field. All in all, I'm excited to see where the future takes me. Although most of the time, that excuse doesn't really work that well on my parents... ;)

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29 November 2006


When I was just a senior in high school thinking about coming to a big place like Berkeley, my main concern was being able to make friends. I was leaving behind people that I had known for years and people that knew me so well... how could I ever find replacements for them? Well, I realized I couldn't, but I eventually made lots of new friends that could never take their place, but still supported me in so many ways. I found it's easiest to make friends by joining clubs, playing intramural sports, or getting a campus job. I got a job at the library, joined CLAM and CalSO, and looked for smaller classes where I could get to know people easier (Spanish and language courses ROCK for that reason). The residence halls also made it really easy to meet people because... yeah... when you share the same bathroom with 15 guys you kinda have to get to know them quick. I met a lot of people who were just like me because we were interested in the same stuff, and they have come to be my community here at Cal. I would be nothing without them because they calm me down when I'm stressed out, cheer me up when I'm sad, and are just plain awesome to hang out with if I want to get out and do some explorin'... yep, I'm so grateful for everything they have done for me over the years! So if you're lookin' to meet some new people, you have to branch out a little bit! Clubs are made solely so people can meet other people... take advantage of it! Your new best bud might be out there somewhere waiting for you... :) But no matter what... I never forgot about all my old friends back home. I think it's the most fun to come back for holidays and visit all my old friends because they really do know me the best, and it's nice to share adventures with them when you're home from different places. It's like that song goes.. 'make new friends, but keep the old'... it's probably the best darn advice out there.

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29 November 2006

When I was just a Little Girl...

When I was young, I did not know what I really want to be when I grow up. I saw people dance, I went to learn Ballet. When I saw people draw, I went to learn painting. When I saw people play the piano, I went to learn the piano. I couldn’t settle down with one thing that I really enjoy doing. But I am glad that I have found my life long interest that I want to have it as my career. Years later, I was in high school studying science. I loved human physiology. I was always thinking about the relationship between food and human body and what affects weight and body images. I knew I want to work in a hospital. I wanted to share my interest with others and hope to learn more about Nutrition. Then I worked my way to be Dietetics major at Cal. I cannot imagine time flies really quickly from my first thought of Nutrition to my graduation in coming May. I will move on to a Dietetic Internship to continue to equip myself as a Registered Dietitian. I am so happy to find what I love to study and there have been so many wonderful memories in pursuing my goal. After getting my Bachelor degree in Dietetics, I will be applying for a year long Dietetic Internship and sit for the Registered Dietitian Exam. I look forward to help myself and others for any nutritional help or counseling as a RD. It will be very meaningful to do what you like! I wish you find the field interests you for a life time. Feel free to talk with me about your interest or more about how I chose my career!

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29 November 2006

Future Plans

In this week's installment of blogs, we'll be talking about our career aspirations and goals. It'll be cool to see what all your PALs are interested in, so check this out! In the future, I plan to pursue a career in biological research. I've spent quite a bit of time in labs these past years and have really learned to enjoy the thought processes that go into developing and carrying out research projects. I find all aspects of biology to be interesting, so any opportunity to apply what I have learned in biology courses is really exciting. My goal is to enter an MD/PhD program. Not sure exactly what PhD I will pursue, but I'm interested in both molecular biology and biochemistry. Combined programs such as this one offer more flexibility and would allow me to work in both a clinical and laboratory settting. My hope is to combine what I learn from both degrees and conduct medical research. If you have any questions regarding medical school or graduate school, feel free to send a query via e-mail ( or drop by my office hours on Wednesday and Friday mornings, 9-10AM. We'd love to get some feedback and also hear about what your career plans are!

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28 November 2006

Into the Future

In my mind, anytime is a good time to think about the future, whether it’s just to see a concert, preparing for a test, or even something long term, especially your career goals. What are you going to do after college and for the rest of your life? What if your plans don’t go the way you want them to? To be frank, I don’t know exactly what I want to do as a career. My imagination runs wild every time I think about what I want to do, and it started ever since I was a little kid: a concert flutist, a dancer, a teacher, a lawyer, a perfumer-maker/creator, a wine-maker, a landscaping architect, a marine biologist, an architect…

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22 November 2006


I love my friends. I came from a small high school and my graduating class was around 130. When I first came to Berkeley, the thought of making friends in my intro science classes of a few hundred students like my freshman Chem 1A class was daunting. However, after a few weeks, it was so easy to talk to my classmates and easily form covalent bonds (haha). My lab and smaller discussion classes as well as SLC study groups allowed me to get to know people better, and now I still keep in touch with friends I have met from my freshman year. It really helps to be able to call someone up and complain and they're able to empathize. Also, since I am from SoCal, my friends are able to cheer me up whenever I miss home. It's important to balance your social and academic life!

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20 November 2006

My Career Goals as an RD

It is my dream to become a Registered Dietitian (RD). I was brought up in a very health conscious household and as a result I developed a strong interest in nutrition at a young age. Ever since I began my study in dietetics at UC Berkeley, my love for nutrition has grown even more. I truly believe that knowledge is power and if everyone else in the world knew a portion of what I have learned about nutrition, I think that we would all be better off. People don’t realize how much nutrition and physical fitness impact just about every aspect of our lives and I want to help spread the word. By doing so, I think I will be positively impacting others in the same way that nutrition has mine. I am currently applying to Masters in Nutrition and Dietetic Internship combined programs. Once I complete this degree I will take the RD exam and I can begin my quest as an RD. I would like to first work at a hospital, preferable a children’s hospital, because I enjoy working with children and have loved my work at Children’s Hospital in Oakland thus far. I think that children are our future and that they are in great need of help when it comes to nutrition, especially now more than ever. I would like to help coordinate or run a nutrition outreach program (similar to the ones I help out with now) because I want to not only help children who are sick, but also I want to prevent them from getting sick through nutrition. I believe that prevention is the key to solving our health problems. Eventually I would like to open my own practice and also become a certified physical trainer. I would like to learn more about physical fitness since nutrition is only half of the equation. I would base my practice around family nutrition intervention. Since my health conscious family impacted me so much, I feel that this approach would be very effective. I would include nutrition education, treatment, and also fitness in my approach to helping improve the lives of my clients. At this moment, this is my future career plan. However, it is important to remain flexible since I still have a couple of years of graduate school ahead of me which may lead me in a slightly different direction. Nonetheless, regardless of exactly what I will be doing as an RD, I know that my goal to positively impact the lives of others through nutrition will never change.

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20 November 2006


Away from family, away from hometown, away from things that I was once familiar with, I found myself relying on friends a lot. I met most of my friends through clubs, labs, discussions, and study groups. However, my best friends in Berkeley are the girls I met while living in Stern in freshman year. Since I went back to Irvine only on long weekends like thanksgiving or spring break, I spend most of my weekends and past time with friends. In the past two years, we’ve grown together, went to movies, went to SF, went shopping, went clubbing, taken classes and studies hard together, celebrated birthdays, shared laughers and tears, and most importantly, shared priceless memories. Time flies! We met when we were 18, now we’re all turning 21. Cherish the friends you meet in college! You learn from every friend. The relationship is mutual. Sometimes you give and sometimes you receive. Some friendships might not last forever, but it’s the memories and the process that count!

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18 November 2006

Importance of Friendships

Friends are essential in life. They help you when you need it, listen to whatever you have to say (funny, annoying, sad, embarrassing, serious, and so on), laugh with you, talk with you….they are the people you choose to spend your time with, share your secrets with, and just have fun with. Yet sometimes, friendships can be hard to form and to maintain, especially when coming to college. I was fortunate enough to have several good friends from high school come to Cal so that I wouldn’t feel like I was lonely. At the same time, I worried how I would maintain friendships with many of my other friends and develop new friendships.

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17 November 2006

The Real Value of Friendship

Friends are important to our well-being. If we are fortunate we will have a true friend to whom we can spill our guts; to whom we can express who we really are; to whom we can relieve stresses we didn’t even know we had. We can depend on a true friend. With no one to depend on or rely on for help, wouldn’t the world be a lonely place? Most friends are really acquaintances. They are people who we might hang out with during lab or at Bear’s Lair. These people are important too. Socializing helps us build character. We should always be conscious of the lessons that we can learn from friends and acquaintances. It might not seem like certain people can teach us anything. But be observant and reflective and you will realize something from them that will help you see things or yourself differently. Isn’t that what friends really are for?

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15 November 2006

Family and Friends

For many of us, coming to Cal was a major transition, not only in the caliber of your coursework and college environment, but also in the people you meet. Most of your friends have probably decided to attend a college different from yours, which meant that you had to start out fresh in social networking. And making a new set of friends. This sounds like a defunct cliche, but friends are extremely important in college. They are the support you have during downtimes and define much of your college experience. Friends can often mediate stressful or upsetting situations, and make "happy" times even better. When you feel overwhelmed by your coursework or activities, they can be there to cheer you up. Family is also a significant part of our lives. Keeping in touch with parents or siblings can make a difference, no matter how estranged your relationship with them seemed when you left home. Drop them a line occasionally to catch up with what's going on back at home, because family is the one social network that you've always been tied to, and one that you can rely on and trust.

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14 November 2006


I love the show "FRIENDS"!! It is so funny!! I have all 10 seasons!! I think I am very lucky to have friends and family who are there for me especially to help me through those difficult times in my life. You really don't realize how much they mean to you until you really need them. If it weren't for my family and friends I probably wouldn't have gotten through some of the obstacles in my life. Having strong support from them is very important to me. Having them close by has helped make going through college a lot more bearable.

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13 November 2006

There for Me

There for Me “If one falls down, his friend can help him up. But pity the man who falls and has no one to help him up……Though one may be overpowered, two can defend themselves. A cord of three strands is not quickly broken.” a verse from the Bible, Ecclesiastes 4:10-12. I think it is very true when I read it. No matter how strong and independent I am, my friends have given a huge support and they are there for me! I am thankful for all of my friends in life. My family, my band, my church friends, and friends who I have met on campus very important to me! Every one of them counts! They are like the angels that walking with me together with support and care! We share our joy and tears! We share and celebrate each other’s differences. Whenever I am stressed about school work, worry about things, or in need of support and encouragement. They are there to listen and help me up! Life would be completely different if my friends were not there! I met a lot of my friends at lecture, and extracurricular activities, such as PAL. I am glad to have met my friends at Cal and in CNR. We understand each other and become close friends after holding meetings, brainstorming ideas, experiencing midterms, presentations, and projects together. We are like soldiers fighting battles together. My dear friends thank you for walking with me and being there for me unconditionally! I wish every one of you enjoy your friendship and we PAL welcome you to be one of us to help each other grow!

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12 November 2006

One is Silver and the Other's Gold

Without friends the world would be a lonely and quite place. Friendship is something that I value and am so thankful for! I have all different kinds of friends; my family, my best friends, my boyfriend, my classmates, and even my pets. Each friend is important to me and special for their own reasons. Whether I need a buddy to laugh with or a shoulder to lean on, I know I can count on my friends. You can really lean a lot from your friends which is why I think that it is important to have a variety of friends because it helps us grow as individuals. We are lucky to attend such a diverse campus, so I really encourage everyone to make new friends with other Cal students. If you always sit alone in a big lecture hall, start a conversation with the person sitting next to you (not during lecture of course). I always find this a good way to meet new and interesting people. Having good friends you know you can count on is so re-assuring and important in life. I know I can always depend on my best friend to say exactly what I need to hear, my boyfriend to give me endless support, and my family and pets to love me unconditionally. For all these reasons and so many more I know my life would be dramatically different without these people in it. I know we can all get caught up in our studies, but try not to forget about the big picture, it is just as important to make time for your friends as it is for school work. Plus having good friends who make you happy and enrich your life makes everything else that’s not so fun (i.e. studying for midterms) all worthwhile! :) P.S. If you’re looking for a great way to make new friends you should check out how to become a PAL. Meeting new people is just one of the many perks being a PAL has!

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08 November 2006

Back to the Bay

I was originally born in Oakland, California and lived there until I was in the second grade. My parents decided to move away from the fast paced life of the bay area and move to a small town called Nevada City. While there, I attended middle school and high school. I consider Nevada City my home because I have spent the most time there and have the largest concentration of friends there. One thing that was really neat about the area was that we would always get snow each year. Usually it was enough to cancel school for a day or two and since roads would be too dangerous to drive, most of the time would be spent warm and indoors. My high school was unique enough to have a snow board team which I participated in for four years. It was one of the most popular teams at school and some of my fondest memories are competitive snow boarding. Now that I have returned to the bay area to attend school, it really makes me appreciate where I grew up. Much of my current political and environmental views were shaped because of the area I grew up in and as a result, my major and career interests were easier to decide upon.

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07 November 2006

Sweet Home

I was born in Shanghai, China, and I came to California when I was three. Surprisingly, I remember a lot of things from Shanghai. I have many deep memories from my childhood. I remember getting in trouble in day care, my grandpa picking me up and taking me home on his bicycle, eating red bean lollipops and swallowing bubble gum. I've only been back a couple of times, but it has a fond place in my heart, and I love the city and all the bustle that goes along with it. The town where I grew up couldn't be any more different. Temple City, California. No one knows where that is. It's a tiny town in one of the valleys in socal. We have one high school, a tiny tiny library, and a main street that consists almost entirely of Asian bridal shops/photography studios. It's not very exciting, and most of us TC kids make fun of how boring our town is. It's a big change everytime I go home from Berkeley. It takes a little time to adjust to the simplicity and slowness of Temple City. But as much as I make fun of it, it's still home. It's where my family and my house is, where my beloved elementary school is, and where all the little family restaurants and cafes I would go to with my best friends are.

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06 November 2006

My Hometowns

I am originally from Honolulu, Hawaii, and moved to the mainland (Southern California) when I was around 3 or 4 with my family. I don't remember much of Honolulu from back then, but once in awhile during the summer I go back to the islands (usually Maui) to visit family and friends. My parents used to take me and my younger brother to the beach every day, where we played in the sand and ocean. It was nice that we lived right across it. My dad used to work in Hawaii and he knows all the ins-and-outs of the islands. He held the state record for the largest Mahi Mahi fish caught for awhile too. The local dialect is pidjin.

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06 November 2006

From 707 to 510

I'm from a small town on the Northcoast of California called Eureka. When I first came to college I got used to responding, "Eureka: it's a small town about five hours North of here on the coast" when people asked where I was from, because inevitably no one knew. Even though no one seems to know where this place is, I was born and raised there and will always have a soft spot for it. Although I love the constant activity of Berkeley, I always look forward to going home and taking a break from all the hustle and bustle of life in a city. The best things about Eureka are the natural surroundings: I'm ten minutes from a beach, ten minutes to the forest or a campground, twenty minutes to the mountains, half an hour to some inland sun. You can actually drive twenty miles in twenty minutes. Traffic doesn't exist, I leave my front door unlocked during the day, and people are a little less superficial than in the city. A lot of my high school friends, including myself, have experienced a lot of trouble in adjusting to life in an urban area after leaving for college. If you live North of Santa Rosa, you know what I mean. Sometimes I just want to tell everybody to slow down and stop worrying, but I guess in Berkeley there is plenty to worry about. There are still a lot of things that I love about Berkeley and the Bay Area in general, such as the cultural diversity, the AWESOME concerts that we get, the tasty restaurants and the great education. But I love going home and being able to relax with my friends and family where things are a little more familiar and not so overwhelming. Luckily, Thanksgiving and Christmas are right around the corner! :D

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06 November 2006

Berkeley's Best

There are a million things I love about this quirky little city, but after a couple of years I've narrowed down some of the best for you. I'm sure in the next two years I'll find even more tidbits... When I need to study, nothing beats Cafe Strada's outdoor tables or FSM's cozy interior. I love that you can grab some tea or a snack and get your reading done at the same time, and the white noise of a little coffee shop somehow helps me focus. Tip: get a table next to a heating lamp at Strada if you're going to be there for a few hours! I also love the North Reading Room in Doe Library for some hardcore, no distractions, nose-to-the-pages studying action. Anything to get me away from my friends or my apartment where I can't seem to ever get any work done! I love to walk around and go for day-hikes, and anyone who has been to the Berkeley hills knows that there is no shortage of awesome sights. I recommend the Fire Trail (just east of the Strawberry Canyon pool, trail head at the parking lot) for anyone looking for a relatively easy day-hike in the Canyon with a sweet view on top. It's about 5 miles round-trip and good for releasing some energy on a sunny day. The Botanical Gardens are also really close (and free with your Student ID!), and Tilden Park is also a must. You can swim in Lake Anza, ride a carousel, hike the trails, or even hit a bucket of golf balls there. Be warned though, it's kind of a long walk. I recommend cruising up there on your bike. As far as good eats go, man does Berkeley have just about every other place I've been to beat. I have a huge running list of tasy places, but here are some of my favorites: Crepevine for breakfast or lunch (on College Ave, by Rockridge BART) has the tastiest scrambles and burgers, The Thai House (Channing and Telegraph) for my favorite type of food, Dara (on Northside) for amazing Laotian food in a cool atmosphere, Bacheeso's (on Dwight and San Pablo) for awesome Mediterranean/European brunch, and of course, the Cheeseboard (on North Shattuck) for the tasiest pizza place with the weirdest hours I've ever found. Whew! Not to mention Yogurt Park, Cafe Intermezzo, House of Curries... I think you get the point. And lastly, some of the coolest things about Berkeley are its community events. You absolutely have to come out and have brunch at the Thai Temple (Sundays, Russell and MLK) at least one Sunday while you're here. It is always crazy busy and many of Berkeley's community members show up to eat some tasty thai and hang out and chat. Also, the Ashby Flea Market (weekends, Ashby and San Pablo) is always a fun experience to find all that eclectic stuff you didn't even know you were looking for. Critical Mass, an anti-war/oil bicycle protest, also happens once a month (you can check dates online) and is really awesome to take part in. There's always something going on in this crazy town... check out the Berkeley Daily Planet for a schedule of events sometime!

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06 November 2006

From Berkeley and Back...

I was born in Berkeley at Alta Bates Hospital. I was raised in Vallejo, CA only 30 minutes away (with no traffic). Vallejo is the home of E-40 (rapper), Mac Dre (rapper), Jeff Gordon (car racer), C.C Sabathia (baseball player), Natalie Coughlin (olympic medalist), Six Flags Marine World, the Carquinez Bridge, Marine Island Naval Base, was twice California's state capitol, and was where the first Zodiac killings happened in the '70s. Well it's a pretty nice place to live because it's far enough away from the city, but it's not too far into farm country! Vallejo is pretty much directly inbetween San Francisco and Sacramento. It does have it's bad areas, but it does have it's really expensive ones as well. There is a lot of expansion and housing development going on right now. It's CRAZY!! Vallejo has a large Filipino community, I think it ranks 2nd after Daly City!!! Although my hometown wasn't far away I never really came to Berkeley. After many years, I am back in Berkely and it is so much FUN!

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04 November 2006

Places of Origin: It's Complicated

A quick look at the geographic locations in my 20 years of life: I spent my 6 years of elementary school in 3 different areas. I was born and raised in a village in the rural northern part of Taiwan: Ling-co. I had a gang of buddies. They were all guys and I was the only girl. We played together everyday after school. We formed a little bike team. We played basketball, dodge ball, soccer, tennis. We caught grasshoppers together, went on adventures trips to the nearby forests, and play pranks on other kids. The village was big, the grass was so green, the trees were big, the people were nice, and the air was fresh. I fell in love with the beauty of nature. When I was in 5th grade, my parents took me with them to Montreal, Canada, for a year of research. I learned to speak French and learned to speak English. My brother and I were the only Taiwanese in our elementary school. The year for me was a great introduction to westerners and life in the other part of the world. I saw snow for the first time!! I still remember the first time I built my own snowman and gave it a name and watched it die when everything melted~~ good times! I also celebrated my first Thanksgiving, Halloween, Canada day, and St. Patrick’s Day. Maybe it was because of the amount of cheese, pizzas, bagels, muffins, chocolates, sandwiches and good western/Canadian food that I had that year, I grew more than 4 inches that year. After one year, I flew back to Taiwan in my 6th grade and moved to Taipei, where I experienced living as a city kid. I learned to walk really fast, talk really fast, eat really fast, shop a lot, and be really busy or at least act like I was really busy with school work and activities. I practiced a lot of looking many times at the cars around before crossing the streets even when the pedestrian light shows WALK. Never trust strangers and never trust traffic lights because people usually see them just as references. I became used to taking taxi and taking metro to places instead of riding my old bike. I also adjusted my exercising area to the swimming pools, stair masters, fitness centers instead of the big green grass field in front of my house in the village I grew up in. Training to become a real Taipei-er took me about 4 years. After 10th grade, my family immigrated to the United States! We settled in Irvine, Ca, and I finished my high school there. I adapted to Irvine better than I did in Montreal, probably because there are more Asians and Asian foods. Irvine is rated as America’s #7 safest city. It’s really peaceful and quiet. Not much night life goes on in Irvine. One thing I found interesting about Irvine is that not many people walk on the streets. Although the sidewalks are huge, I seldom see pedestrians walking around. Also, I don’t see buses coming often. Typical southern California weather. Not much rain not much wind. Beaches are just 10 minutes away: Newport, Laguna, Corona Del Mar, Huntington, Long Beach, etc. Biggest shopping mall South Coast Plaza is just 15 minutes away too. People always look like they’re ready for beach. I love Irvine! I’m at my 5th location of my life: Berkeley. Year #3 in progress.

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04 November 2006

Some of my Favorite Spots

Often times between classes when I have a short break, I like to walk around Sproul and update myself with what goes on in campus. During school hours from 10-2, Sproul Plaza is a major center of for political activities, club events, flyer-ing, octapella, free stuff, and hanging out with friends. If I have time, I’d hang out with friends in front of club tables. Since I have meal plan, I’d also often go to GBC, grab my favorite chicken Caesar salad, and enjoy my salad and the California sunshine. =) Other than the crowded upper Sproul, my favorite quiet place in Berkeley is the North Reading room in Doe Library! It’s my favorite because the sun can shine through the windows and it is really spacious and comfortable. I also really like those big oak study tables and how they match with the historic atmosphere of the study room. It’s been two years and I haven’t gotten tired or bored of studying in that reading room! nrr.jpg As for my favorite café-kinda place, it is the Pat Brown’s next to GPB and Morgan Hall. Unlike GBC, this café is never too crowded. As a result, you can study there while eating your lunch. You don’t need to buy food to sit in Pat Brown’s since there are microwaves. The out door sitting area is also nice if the weather is good. Pat Brown’s is also near CNR’s resource center in mulford and it opens from 7:30 – 4:00pm. 1796.jpg At last, for sight seeing and relaxing views, I like the view from Lawrence Hall of Science the most. You can take the Hill line bus up there or drive up. The bus runs every 30 minutes in front of Evans. If you want to walk up there, the hike is a little intensive but it’s doable. I’ve done it once last summer, took me about 30 minutes from Haas. Up there, I can see the whole San Francisco Bay Area and feel how I’m just a tiny part of the world. However, it’s often cold and foggy at night up in Lawrence. 1660315726.jpg 1660315725.jpg

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03 November 2006

The Place of My Childhood

So where exactly do I come from? If you ask me this question, I would generally reply LA so that I don’t have to explain exactly where I’m from to people who don’t know SoCal cities. In actuality, I am from Arcadia, which is a suburb of LA, bordered by Monrovia, Pasadena, and Temple City to name a few. When I think about Arcadia, I think of several things: the trees and nice neighborhoods, the large Westfield Shopping Center, the Arboretum, the Santa Anita Racetrack, and our high school. It has about a 60% Asian population with most of the people being upper middle class. The housing, especially during the housing boom, is quite outrageous, but I guess it doesn’t compare to NorCal. Since it is known as the “Community of Homes,” it’s not too surprising to see really nice houses with landscaping as well as new housing developments. The shopping mall has…well, almost everything that one needs (especially with the new expansions). It’s quite convenient, and it’s also a popular hangout spot for students. One of the downsides to the mall is the traffic, the lack of parking (it can take 15-30 min to find a spot), and just that it can be overcrowded.

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03 November 2006

Small to Big

For those of you from Southern California, you'll be familiar with the LA area. I was actually born in East Los Angeles, near Boyle Heights, and spent part of my preschool years in Hong Kong before moving to South Pasadena to start Kindergarten. I'm the youngest in my family and the only one born in the US. South Pasadena is not a city that many are familiar with, though you could deduce where it's located based on the name. Ever watched the Rose Parade, gone to the Rose Bowl, visited Caltech or JPL? That is all a part of Pasadena, and South Pasadena is, well, directly south of that city. South Pasadena, however, is unique in its own right. It was a great place to grow up in, as it's located minutes away from metropolitan LA and bustling Pasadena, yet still maintains a well defined "small town" feel. Movies and commercials are commonly filmed in our city, especially "Westerns" that take place on the historic Mission St. where Route 66 passes through. Bruce Almighty and 13 Going On 30 had several scenes from our city, and the house from Scary Movie was actually one of my classmate's. Also, several episodes of Desperate Housewives and Boston Public were filmed at our school. Other unique features include the world's FIRST Trader Joe's, as well as a house that used to be owned by President Garfield's wife. Since South Pasadena was a relatively small city, going to Cal was a major transition. While South Pas is quite diverse, pretty much all my classmates had similar upper middle class backgrounds and knew one another since elementary or middle school. Take a drive through the city, and you'll see well kept lawns, people jogging with their iPods and pet dogs, and neighbors going crazy whenever USC wins a game. Arriving to Cal was like "starting all over" in terms of meeting new people from all over California and abroad. And I'm really glad I've had the opportunity to do that. For those of you who also come from similar suburban middle class neighborhoods, just take the plunge and use Cal as an opportunity to expose yourself to new ideas and perspectives. My hometown was a great place to grow up, but Cal really has allowed me to see a greater part of the world.

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02 November 2006

My origin

Guess where am I from? I can tell you what other people guesses are: Jimmy thought I am Japanese. Some say I am Korean or Taiwanese. Some say I am mixed. Actually, I do not think it would be that difficult to guess where I am from. I am from a small city in South East Asia, which is a very well-known city. It is very fast paced, every thing is very concentrated. The city had been an English colony for a hundred years. Students good at history may guess it right. I am from Hong Kong! Hong Kong is small, but very cosmopolitan. There is a diversity of people in Hong Kong even though the majority of them are Chinese. There are a lot of different cuisines available in Hong Kong. Besides numerous Chinese restaurants, it has restaurants from all over the world. There are a lot of dessert stores, herbal tea stores, etc. The temples in Hong Kong are one of the characteristics of its own culture. During Lunar New Year, people would usually wish to go and line up at the temple to get in for a better fortune for the year. Tourists from other countries usually go and visit the temples to get the sense of the cultural tradition. In terms of competition, Hong Kong is a city that keeps every thing very updated, such as computer hardware, cell phones, fashion, and hair styles. When you go to the shopping malls, the trend of fashion, shoes, bags change every month. There are also a lot of local fashion designers showing their production of the season. The vendors of the boutiques go to different whole sale factories to shop every day! People change their cell phones every few months when a new model is available on the market. Supermarkets, grocery stores, and shops are nearly. The public transportation system is so well that you do not really need a car living in Hong Kong. You can easily get from here to there by MTR (rail train), or buses. Education in Hong Kong is also very competitive; students need to go through a lot of public examination for high school and colleges. There are nearly 10 universities in the city, they offer variety of majors. One of my high school classmates is now studying Chinese Medicine. For entertainment, movie theaters, Karaoke, indoors activities, beaches, and concert halls are nearly every where. Also, the new Disney Land has just opened last summer. Hong Kong is a very beautiful city with a lot of wonderful views. There are a lot to explore in this small city. It would be a wonderful option for a study aboard program! If you like to know more about the city, feel free to come and talk with me.

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01 November 2006

Best places around campus~

I love to study at the Chem library; you can always count on someone sitting next to you to be exploring her O-chem or physics notes. It was the best place for me to do my chem homework not only because of its location, but also because the people around you can most likely be found in your classes. They are going through the same process of lab, homework, and midterm reviews. I also like to go to the VLSB-Bioscience library to get school work done because the environment is so serene without being empty. And the computers are always around if you need to use them. Last but not least, the new resource center in Mulford Hall is becoming one of my favorite places to hang out. The setting is not pin drop quiet, and if you need to take a nap, the comfy couches are right there waiting for you:) So, explore around and you just might find your favorite places to study around campus.

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