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31 January 2007

I resolve to...

be disciplined in my study habits! This semester might be my last semester on campus if I go abroad in the fall. I'm taking so many units, I don't want to mention how many. So, I really have to be disciplined! I'm staying up later to study. I'm being more thoughtful and critical when I read so I can make connections and remember all the facts and concepts from class and the readings. It's all about time management and being serious about my classes. Like this class on fascism and Nazi propaganda: it's a history class, pretty different from forestry classes. But all I have to do is retain what the professor says, incorporate the readings into that, write a clear and concise term paper. All this will prepare me for the final. I have to tell myself that I can do this and I will do this. This process of doing well in class, I have learned and developed throughout my time at Cal. But this process should always be improved.

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30 January 2007

A New Year, New Semester

Welcome back everyone! It is not in my habit to make a New Year's resolution, but I do have a few things in mind I want to do for this year: 1. Take the MCAT! This is the most stressful thing on my mind right now, and I have been pushing it later and later in my schedule. First it was April, then it was June, and now I'm thinking of taking it in August, because I don't feel I'm ready yet! 2. Read some fun books! Ever since I've came to Cal, I haven't read one single book that isn't for one of my classes (although I do enjoy the ones I read in class). My favorite ones are about vampires :o) 3. Keep up with class reading! This is something I feel is so easy to put off, because unless you're being quizzed on reading every week, you don't feel the compulsion to keep up with reading. No more night-before-cramming! 4. Play the piano! I have become extremely, utterly rusty with this. As I type this, I can just imagine how much my fingers will shake when I try to press the keys down. I want to be able to play Clair de lune smoothly! 5. Eat more healthily. Last semester, too many days I have had only one meal a day with candy to satiate me in between classes. I believe this has affected my energy and lifestyle, and if I eat at least two meals a day, I will feel much better! That's all for now :o)

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29 January 2007

New Semester!!

Happy Spring 2007! After the count down at Lake Tahoe, I am here excited for Spring semester! I hope everyone is doing well so far! Since I am graduating and this will be my last semester in the PAL program, I hope to meet more of you and get to know you more! I will try my very best to share with you what I know and have experienced! On the other hand, I am preparing myself to graduate and to apply for dietetic internships. There are a lot of preparation for the application. Different programs require different information. It will keep my Spring semester quite busy. I am sure you all are doing your best for the semester! If there are any concerns, questions, or things you want to talk about; you can come to my office hours on Mon 11-12 and 3-4pm or email me at! Look forward to talking with you! Wish you a wonderful Spring!

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29 January 2007

Brand new year, New resolutions:)

Hi everyone, I hope the new semester has started out well for everyone in CNR:) As for me, I caught a bad flu for the first 2 weeks of school. So, on my list, I am definitely adding "get flu shots" during flu season this year! But aside from the flu, a lot has been going on for me in the last two weeks. After a grueling winterbreak spent with PCAT books and old notes from ochem and bio....I finally took my PCAT this last saturday. If anything, it is five hours of hard work...but I think and sincerely hope that all my preparation paid off. Continuing with my list, I am hoping to make more use of my Pharmacy Technician licence this year and get some experience in a community pharmacy, which is a field that I have come to feel very passionate for. And towards the middle of this year, I will be officially starting my pharmacy applications and applying to pharmacy school. As it looks, 2007 will be a very academic year for me, and I will try my best to put forth all my strength and determination. If anyone has questions for me regarding the PCAT test, pharmacy technician exam, or anything else, please feel free to come talk to me:) I would be delighted to meet you.

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29 January 2007

Time Management Resolution

If there is one aspect of my life I can adjust this semester it would be time management. Looking back on last semester, I realized that even though I would stay up late and eventually accomplish what I had set out to do, I wasn't as efficient with my time as I could have been. Trying to read with background noise or having to stop what I'm doing to have a two minute conversation may not feel like much, but in fact my time was being wasted. I feel I can remedy this problem this semester by studying and spending more time in a quiet area where distraction is limited. By accomplishing this resolution of time management, I feel other aspects of my life such as sleep length and happiness will also benefit.

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28 January 2007

New Year's Checklist

New year's resolutions are always tricky. Coming up with decent but reasonable goals for yourself is harder than it seems. Often times, resolutions sound easy to carry out, only to become increasingly difficult to follow as the year goes on (i.e. I'll get my five servings of fruits and vegetables EVERY day, which, for me, tanked last year around mid February). But...I think the list below will be good habits and activities that I should pick up. Check 'em out... 1. Read more novels for leisure. I have two English classes this semester, so I'll be doing quite a bit of reading for school. But by goal is to read at least three novels throughout the semester, just by allotting at least one hour per week for sheer leisure reading. Sounds way cool, and I started this weekend:) 2. Write something just for fun. A short story, a poem, maybe a book even, depending on how much time I have throughout this year. But I've sworn myself into produce something of personal value in writing, just as a form of self expression. 3. Swim three times a week. I actually set this goal for last semester, and it worked really well! I'm listing it as a 'recycled' resolution to keep up the habit. 4. See at least one concert. So many concerts go on a the Greek, yet I've never been to one at Berkeley. Something's gotta give. I listen to a lot of European music, so that could be a reason. Regardless, I'm sure at least one band of interest--Keane, Franz Ferdinand, Mika, The Corrs, James Morrison et al--are bound to perform around campus. Four's a pretty good amount. I'll tack on additional "things to do" as 2007 progresses. I definitely encourage readers to come up with lists of their own (well, not necessarily written out, but make mental notes of what you'd like to accomplish). Have a happy and rather belated new year.

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27 January 2007

Hopes for 2007!

A brand new year. A brand new semester. Every year I feel myself improving and learning. For the past two years, I have learned to be more responsible and more independent. I have learned to take care of myself and manage a balanced college life. And this is the year that I will turn twenty one!!!!! I am totally excited! In 2007, I hope to expose myself to more cultural diversity and be more open to new activities and new people. I want to spend more time with my family and friends, be more considerate, and be a better listener. At last, I want to work harder for medical school preparation and maintain my happy college life! Have more fun in both studying and partying! =) So how is everyone’s semester so far? Hope this semester is a blast! My office hours for this semester are: Monday 2-3 and Wednesday 12-1. Come visit me! Cheers, Amy

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27 January 2007

Hopes for the year

I haven't really made one specific new year's resolution that I'm determined to keep. I think that goals should come along as you realize that changes or improvements need to be made. But during winter break I was able to evaluate fall semester and there are a few things that I have in mind to do not just for this semester, but as part of everyday. 1. Spend more time with my family. This is hard for most college students, and especially for me since I'm back home only a few times out of the year. But when I'm not able to see my parents, at least spend the time to talk to them more over the phone and to let them know more about what's going on here in Berkeley. 2. Make it a point to spend quality time with my roommates and friends in Berkeley. Although I see my roommates and circle of friends several times a week, there never seems to be time to really talk to them and see how they're doing. It's really important to me to stay close to those I love, and I want to make more of an effort this year to have one on one times with people and have meaningful conversations rather than the quick, "how are you?" 3. Pray more I'm of Christian faith, and God is the priority of my life. But just like everything else, I push that aside in the busyness of school. But I really want to be able to spend more time in prayer so that I can keep God as my center and stay rooted in my faith.

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26 January 2007

Goals for the Year

Welcome back to school everyone! Okay, so I wasn’t really excited to go back to school after my incredibly wonderful break, but everything seems to go okay so far. Classes are good, meeting up with friends is good, and taking advantage of opportunities is good, too. So resolutions. . I’ve already written down most of mine, many of them having to do with tasks I should do like reading certain books and other pretty big craft projects I have in mind. Doing well in school is always something I hope to continue to do.

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25 January 2007

Another New Year...

Here we are again, starting another new year. Every year people think of what their New Year's Resolution would be, but how many of us really keep up with it. Usually I fall off after a few months, but this year we'll see what happens I think I could keep up. MY NEW YEAR'S RESOLUTION: "I will make more of an effort to eat healthier and exercise more. I will also do everything I can to work towards reaching my career goals." I think at least trying to keep up with making constructive changes in your life are a step in the right direction. Change is good, it helps make you stronger and keeps you on your toes! But at the same time making changes gradually helps to make dealing with changes a bit more mangeable. And I will do my best to stick with my resolution this year.

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24 January 2007

A New Year and Old/New Goals

Welcome back and Happy New Year! With a new year comes new resolutions… but to tell you the truth, I don’t really believe in New Year’s Resolutions. I believe it’s important to constantly be setting new goals and “resolutions” for yourself, and not just once a year. However, since everyone is always talking about their New Year’s Resolutions in January, I do find it a good time to think about my current goals. I always have current goals and long term goals in mind. Currently, my number one goal that is both current and long term is to learn how to deal with stress better. Slowly but surly I have gotten better over the years. I am good at prioritizing and getting things done on time, even under pressure, but I need to work on realizing this. I have found that having a little faith in me goes a long way and makes everything run a lot more smoothly. Having good “stress skills” is important in life because most good things do not come easily. For instance, my other current goal is to get into a combined dietetic internship and master’s degree program. This is a stressful process, as many of my peers will agree, but it is completely worth it because it is something that will ultimately make me happy. Another way I deal with my stress is through spending time with my family and friends, which is actually one of my “resolutions.” It’s easy to get caught up in life as a student at Berkeley, so this semester I think it should be all of our resolutions to spend more time with the people we love. As for my long term goals, they mostly revolve around being happy and staying true to me. I would like to become a registered dietitian with a specialty in pediatrics, travel the world (starting with Venice and Greece), have a family, and stay healthy. I don’t think that’s too much to ask for, do you? ;) Whether you’re making New Year’s Resolutions or setting your current/long terms goals, I would love to help you sort things out during my office hours. Come by Mondays from 12-1 or Tuesdays from 11-12.

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