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January 28, 2007 9:04 PM

New Year's Checklist

New year's resolutions are always tricky. Coming up with decent but reasonable goals for yourself is harder than it seems. Often times, resolutions sound easy to carry out, only to become increasingly difficult to follow as the year goes on (i.e. I'll get my five servings of fruits and vegetables EVERY day, which, for me, tanked last year around mid February). But...I think the list below will be good habits and activities that I should pick up. Check 'em out...

1. Read more novels for leisure.
I have two English classes this semester, so I'll be doing quite a bit of reading for school. But by goal is to read at least three novels throughout the semester, just by allotting at least one hour per week for sheer leisure reading. Sounds way cool, and I started this weekend:)

2. Write something just for fun.
A short story, a poem, maybe a book even, depending on how much time I have throughout this year. But I've sworn myself into produce something of personal value in writing, just as a form of self expression.

3. Swim three times a week.
I actually set this goal for last semester, and it worked really well! I'm listing it as a 'recycled' resolution to keep up the habit.

4. See at least one concert.
So many concerts go on a the Greek, yet I've never been to one at Berkeley. Something's gotta give. I listen to a lot of European music, so that could be a reason. Regardless, I'm sure at least one band of interest--Keane, Franz Ferdinand, Mika, The Corrs, James Morrison et al--are bound to perform around campus.

Four's a pretty good amount. I'll tack on additional "things to do" as 2007 progresses. I definitely encourage readers to come up with lists of their own (well, not necessarily written out, but make mental notes of what you'd like to accomplish). Have a happy and rather belated new year.

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