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15 October 2007

where should i study!?!?!

midterms are around the corner, i need to study but i cant concentrate at home nor do i want to go to the quiet quiet library. what should i do then? where should i go? Starting this year, i have been addicted to cafes! Not only can i drink a cup of hot soy lattes, i am able to sit inside the cafes and study whatever i have to look at. The environment is very inviting and it is not absolutely too quiet that i can hear a pin fall on the ground. One cafe in particular that i visit a lot these days is Cafe Stradda. The coffee there is realllly good and so are the pastries! what is better than enjoying a cup of coffee and pastries any time of the day right? Anyways, i really like the environment because people are around me and the noise level is not unbearable. In fact, when there are a lot of noises like that, i am able to zone it out and to concentrate on what i need to look it...weird, but true. Stradda also has good amount of light that shines through the doors and windows so that i do not have to strain my eyes out trying to read. The tables are also big enough so that i can lay down whatever i have. Sitting outside is also fun because they have those heater lamps thingy that keeps you warm. You can also look at the people walk pass you as you sit and study. The people are super nice too..hehe i go there so much now that i do not even have to say anything and they know i want a cup of soy latte! =D this may sound like i am advertising stradda...which i hope i am not, but definitely im trying to suggest studying or just sitting and relaxing in a cafe. find one that you like, stick to it and see how it affects you. if you are not a cafe person, there are many other study places/option to choose from. find one that you like, and study away! =)

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08 October 2007

Bored? Not anymore!

Want to break free from campus before the next round of midterms arrives? Well, there are hundreds of amazing things to do around the Bay Area to give your mind some rest. First, the obvious: Go shopping! Like Alex said, there are so many great shops to go to in San Francisco. Many companies have their flagship stores in SF, with a much wider selection than you would find at a department store or mall. If you take BART, the Powell St. Station drops you off in the SF Shopping Center, literally. Hate shopping? That’s impossible! Fine, head on over to the Yerba Buena Ice Rink/Bowling Alley with a bunch of your friends. After you have fallen on your butt one time too many, you can relax and rent a lane at the bowling alley. Not intellectually challenging enough? Fine, fine, fine. Head on over to the Metreon and visit the new Da Vinci exhibition. It’ll be running through the end of the year. I’ve heard that it is pretty interactive. How about Body World 2 in San Jose? It’s an exhibition showing real (dead) bodies dissected and arranged in different poses. Maybe it’ll help you with your anatomy midterm that’s coming up. More of the outdoorsy type? Take a hike! in Tilden Park that is. There are many cool trails to explore and while you are there, go visit the Little Petting Zoo. No, it’s not full of miniature animals, as some may hope; it’s just a small (in size) petting zoo. My apologies for those who are disappointed. Want more ideas? Come visit us during our office hours! We would love to give you more ideas of what to do around the Bay, and would love to hear your ideas as well!

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08 October 2007

Around Berkeley...

So you have some free time, you've got friends you are crashing at your dorm this weekend, and they want to go somewhere cool. Where to take them? Despite how cool the RSF may seem to you, that doesn't qualify as a hip hangout. Here are a few more iconic "places to go" around Berkeley and the nearby Bay Area... Cal Performances events @ the Greek Theatre and Zellerbach: work that student ID! You get 50% most concerts and shows on campus. If you're stripped of cash, consider a trip to one of Superb's flicks, which come at $3 a pop. Berkeley Art Museum: FREE for Cal students. Let me repeat that. FREE for Cal students. There's an Asian American art exhibit going on in that concrete building as we speak...or write, whatever, you get the idea. It's FREE for Cal students. Do it. Colisseum: Go watch an A's game, or if you're brave enough, a Raider's game. Easily accessible by BART; yes, it's that stadium you see on the way to Oakland Airport. Union Square, SF: consumerist hippies rejoice! SF is home to one of the greatest shopping meccas in the world. There's also plenty goin' on around the area. BART to MOMA. They've got Diego Riveras and Ansel Adams there (their art work, silly). Gourmet Ghetto, northside: Do I hear Alice Waters? Chez Panisse isn't the only fine establishment north of Shattuck! The first Peet's was founded there and still exists. Food lovers should really check this joint out. Golden Gate Park: yada yada yada, it's where all SF tourists end up. But it's certainly worth visiting. If you get bored of the roses, check out the de Young museum. Really, it shouldn't be hard to find something to do when you're at Berkeley. Check out some of the items from the above sandbox. Your friends will be satisfied.

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07 October 2007

Midterm Monsters.......

Midterms….ugh…quite possibly worse than finals. After they’re over, there is still more class, more lab work, and no dream of winter break just around the corner. However, there has been one useful tool that I have found to help combat the midterm blues and make this time of the year not as painful as it has the potential to become. Keeping up with the material and forming/finding a study group has helped me in unimaginable ways.

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03 October 2007

Study Groups

Gone are the days of one midterm, one final exam, and one grade. Suddenly, classes can have 2-3 midterms in addition to the group presentations, weekly writing assignments, problem sets, as well as elusive and increasingly rare opportunities for extra-credit – everyone’s favorite type of assignment! For most classes, my favorite method is harnessing the power of many: study groups. Interested? Read on…

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01 October 2007

Midterm season is here, now what?

This is the time of the year when summer’s glow is finally fading and the reality of classes, commitments, and dreaded midterms start to seem like a lot of handle. So what can you do to balance your schedule and kick start your studying? Here are a few pointers.

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