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29 November 2007

Gearing up for finals

This semester has flown by so quickly for me-it seems like only a few weeks ago that I was starting my last fall semester here. Now it’s time for finals and I’m sure everyone is starting to feel stressed out. Term papers, finals, third midterms..whatever…it’s all starting to pile up and there isn’t enough time to do everything! Over the last few years, I’ve picked up some organizational/studying tips that have helped me, and hopefully help you. First, studying for one subject straight is boring so switch it up! Review a few lectures from one class, take a break, and then do another subject. I get bored easily, so this keeps me more focused. This can also help when you have two finals back to back and you find yourself cramming for the second because it took longer than expected to study for the first. Go to review sessions! Even if you think your time would be better spent studying by yourself than going to Q&A sessions, other students may bring up points that you never would have thought of. I’ve often found that a student would ask a question that is almost identical to one that turns up on the final. And seriously, how much of that time studying by yourself do you really study? Review sessions get you into studying mode.

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28 November 2007

Honor: Why you should not enroll in 19 units and work three jobs.

The opportunities made available to me at UC Berkeley are beyond my wildest dreams (although, to be honest, I never dreamt about them ^_^). This May, I got injured and had to stop competing in the martial arts until I healed. Shortly thereafter, I got in a bit of a car accident while on a new scooter (read: don’t get one). While training 24 hours a week, in order to stay on top of my competition in the ring and class, I had to say no to all of those exciting academic and extra-curricular opportunities that pop up. So, once I had healed, I realized I could say YES, YES, YES! Somehow, this has resulted in me taking 19 units this semester, auditing two additional classes, taking on three jobs, and being involved in numerous other programs. Beyond that, I’m taking the GRE next weekend, applying to four very special graduate programs and interviewing for two full-time jobs that would start next year. Surprisingly, I’ve been able to fulfill my commitments thus far in the semester. Unfortunately, as the semester’s end nears, the cumulative requirements of my involvement seems to be peaking, ACK! Here is where my blog title, honor, gets involved. Wikipedia has a nice long article on honor. I was taught, however, a more simple definition: the ability to recognize and fulfill my obligations – both to others and oneself. Additionally, my capability to do this is most important when times are at their toughest – it means the most to come through for people when my life is at its hardest. To everyone stressing out – remember this. If we can follow through at our best now, during the semester’s peak, we will surely be ready to handle life under lower levels of stress. This is our time to shine!

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20 November 2007

Thanksgiving Traditions

I love this time of year. I love when Peets begins to serve their holiday favorites (the peppermint mocha is beyond amazing!) and I love the holiday music becoming more common on the radio. More than all this, I love that this time of year means the end of the fall semester. The one thing I love more than the end of a semester is Thanksgiving. This holiday has always been insanely busy for my family. We travel almost every year to visit with a large group of family. Spending hours in the kitchen leads to hours around the table, which then leads to hours of lying around letting it all "settle" as my grandma would put it. Our family traditions are nothing sort of...well...traditional. And I wouldn't have it any other way :)

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20 November 2007

What I am thankful for in CNR...

Since its almost thanksgiving, I thought I would make this blog about what I am thankful for in CNR. After three years in CNR, I have found that it definitely is a "home away from home." However, when applying, I initially did not know I was applying to CNR, so this has been an awesome "mistake" (to say the least). On the application, I checked the box for the first biology major I saw not realizing that genetics and plant biology was in the college of natural resources. I have to say that yes, at first I was a little upset about getting into CNR (everyone told me it was the "hippie college"). My mindset changed when I sat in my first CNR class at Berkeley and had my first appointment with my major counselors. I realized how much CNR has to offer, both small college atmosphere within a large university of resources. It began to grow on me of how much I loved be a part of one of the smallest colleges at UC Berkeley. When I needed help, I would just walk into the advisors office and ask for some help (without even having to make an appointment). The personal attention here at CNR is definitely what has helped me plan my program with plenty of time for my extracurricular activities.

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18 November 2007


I hope everyone is having a good semester so far! I miss all the PALs! Well, I just stopped by to say hi and let you know what I've been up to. By the way, it's JELYN!! So, I'm just finishing up my first quarter of pharmacy school at UCSF. It has been a really great experience so far. Everyone is very helpful and does everything they can to help the students succeed. During this first quarter we, of course, take classes, but we are also introduced to all the different organizations the school has affiliated with it. Most of these organizations outreach to the community and provide great experiences that will only help nurture my career as a pharmacist. Most of the classes are really interesting and very applicable to what we will be doing in our careers. I'll update everyone again in a little while. Graduate school definitely keeps you BUSY!! Enjoy undergrad. Talk to you all soon!! -- Jelyn

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05 November 2007

Little Treasures in CNR

CNR has so much to offer, all of which I have found to enrich my college experience at Cal. As a small college, the faculty and staff pride itself on its ability to offer students the attention and resources that students need. First of all, check out Liz’s blog about the CNR community, which describes everything that you need to know about being part of CNR. We get so many benefits! And I absolutely love the couches in the Student Resource Center; they are so comfortable! The resource center is what it says it is – you can start your search to everything you need to know about current events, programs, internship, research, and job opportunities all in one place. Plus, the PALs are located here!

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04 November 2007

The CNR Community

One of the things that I love most about the College of Natural Resources is its dynamic community of faculty, staff, and students. As a transfer from the College of Letters and Science, this is something that I was never able to find in such a large college. Now almost two years later, I find myself as part of the community as a peer advisor and as a student. However, this didn’t happen over night. I didn’t even know about CNR until late my freshman year and it took a little time after I transferred spring semester of my sophomore year to really feel like I was part of the community. You might be wondering: how can I be more involved in this community? I’ll give you a few pointers that really helped me become more involved in the CNR community.

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03 November 2007

Divergent Paths

While I was driving, I was thinking back upon the choices I have made last semester directed the road my life has taken – academically, socially, and in personal matters. With respect to academe, the path of my research interests were decided over my first year as a junior transfer at Cal. I came to Cal to study peak oil, but I had many other interests that could be researched within the discipline of neo-classical economics at ARE (Agricultural and Resource Economics, the department of Environmental Economics and Policy undergrads). Surprisingly, I reminisced during my drive, the largest factor were the classes I decided to enroll in. As Phase II Tele-BEARS appointments are approaching near Thanksgiving, choose carefully!

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