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September 24, 2008 3:13 PM

It's that time again...

Midterm season is here in case you haven't noticed all the libraries getting full, and you're wondering how you should go about preparing for these test. Being a semi super senior, I have found these tips helpful.

Prepare Early
Long ago are the days where we could just study the day before and still do well on a test. Being prepared is the best thing to do, and it is probably the most important advice I can give. Rather than slack off in between midterms, try to keep up with the material so that when midterm season does come around you won't be so deep in the hole.

Find out what works for you
There is no one "best" way to study, find out what works for you and then do it. Keep in mind however that each class is different, and the most efficient studying habits might differ depending on the type of class you take. Listen to your professor for study tips, and then give it a try. If it doesn't work out, try to figure out why it isn't working and make changes accordingly, metacognition is the way to sucess!

Get Help!
If you're stuck and you don't know the material well, try and get help! There are tons of resources where you can ask questions. One of them is office hours, your professor or GSI would most likely have extra office hours when midterms come around, take advantage of it and go and ask questions! The student learning center is also a great place to get help. They offer individual tutoring and group study sessions too! If you don't understand what the professor is talking about, you can sign up for the SLC study groups that are taught by students like you and me, and trust me, sometimes it's better that way.

Avoid distractions
Try to keep distractions to a minimum, if going to the library is your thing, then there are tons of libraries on campus to satisfy your needs. If you like to study at home, then try to put the computer away or tell your roomates to keep it down, try to limit distractions as much as possible.

Budget your time
figure out when your midterms are and then plan accordingly. Have a set schedule and write down when and what to study and for how long. The important thing when planning is to be feasible, that way you can actually keep up with it

Calm Down
Stress is bad, but unfortunately they usually accompany midterm seasons. Relax, calm down and remember it is only a test, and you have taken those before, so it's no big deal. One test does not define the rest of your life and it will not ruin your academic career, so don't worry and try to enjoy the ride.

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