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29 October 2008


My first midterms were less than three weeks ago and now the second waves of midterms are here!! It's definitely stressful, especially how midterms are back to back without breaks in between to help you re-energized. My strategy is to tackle one at a time, study each one 3-4 hours a day and move on to the next. I don't think cramming is effective if you are taking classes that require you to learn and practice the material before hand. On top of all this craziness, telebears appointment is here to stress us out even more. I barely have time to work on my current classes and now how to worry for next spring!! Time management is essential to survive at CAL. For those who are signing up for bio next spring, the process is different, so visit the integrative biology website and check all the details to make sure nothing goes wrong, eg, exam conflicts and waitlisting, etc. Also, don't wait until the last minute to get your advisor code. Come early, and speak with your advisor and ask any questions before your telebears appointment. If you sign up for a certain class, make sure to have a back-up, especially for core or popular courses that might fill up phase I. Plan your schedule to avoid exam conflicts because once you are in the course, it is very hard to make adjustments, especially in large under division science courses. Good luck studying for midterms!

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28 October 2008

Take some time off..

This semester is going by so quickly for me. The semester is more than halfway over, yet things aren't winding down at all. If you find yourself waking up early and going to bed late, not eating well, spending all your time indoors studying, and feeling a general sense of stress and anxiety, take a break to refresh and recover! Sometimes it's good to have day off just for yourself to re-energize. You can: -go running (or any other form of exercise) -go shopping. buy a small treat for yourself, you deserve it. -watch a movie with friends -stay at home and read a good book -explore somewhere in Berkeley you've never been -take up your hobbies again that you've abandoned since you've come to Berkeley -go out to eat a nice restaurant -go home and see the parents who love you -come talk to the PALS :)

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28 October 2008

Mid-semester Recap and Recoup

Mid-semester recap and recoup Few things I learned or have been reminded of this semester: 10. 13 units can still feel like 18. It depends on what classes you’re taking. 9. The key to getting a bike on Craigslist is to make the search list your homepage and refresh it every so often (try every minute). That and the seller will wonder why you called the minute he/she made their post. First thing they’ll say to you is…Wow. 8. There is a parking lot near the Big C. Don’t ask me how to get there! And don’t even attempt to have food be delivered there either. 7. The Earth best resembles a geoid. And you all thought it was a sphere…. 6. Lucky Charms is an awesome breakfast cereal! Next to Berry Kix and Raisin Bran. 5. I’m through studying up late at night! Mmmm…sleeeeep! -_- 4. Pressure = Force per unit area….undoubtedly so during midterm season. 3. Feeling bummed about midterms and studying? Then make yourself a glass of Ovaltine! 2. If you find yourself working too hard and stressed from all the studying, remind yourself to take a break, get some rest, some fresh air. It helps a great deal. ”Work to live, not live to work.” You know what I’m talking about? 1. We have about 6.5 weeks left of school. Buckle down. Keep your head up. Take charge. =) A reminder that the pass/not pass deadline is this Friday, October 31st. p.s. Go out and vote on November 4th! “If you want to go quickly, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.” – African Proverb

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26 October 2008

Study Breaks

As the second round of midterms comes around in the next few weeks, I have found ways to entertain myself with study breaks that really help me focus afterward. One good break over the weekend was going to the UCLA vs. CAL game. It was really awesome watching us beat them this year, especially after I drove down to LA last year to watch us lose:( I love going to the football games because it is such a great display of school spirit, and I feel like football really brings people together. I encourage everyone to go to at least one football game, because it's an important part of being a Cal student. n1239360_32218359_8993.jpg

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14 October 2008

"I have my telebears appt. time, now what?"

In this entry, I am not going to give advice on WHAT classes you should take for specific majors (because really, you can talk to your advisor, or come to the peer advisor office hours for that, so we can individualize it for you..), BUT I am going to talk about tips and techniques to get around the rush of telebears and how to avoid being waitlisted!! I would advise that you decide on the majority of your classes before the start of telebears, and then so you can decide within that bunch which classes to sign up for first.

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12 October 2008

It is time to map out your new schedule-some thoughts on getting ready for telebears registration

I realized that time has gone by so fast as usual. Second midterms are right around the corner. I think for most of students have started to buckle down to prepare for these upcoming challenges. I think prioritizing seems to be the most effective way to accomplish goals and to manage stress level during midterm season. I hope while most of you are busy to juggle between studying and extracurricular activities on campus, keep in mind that planning ahead for your next semester's schedule can also reduce your stress level significantly. From my past experience, being wait-listed for some of your major core classes or the classes that you found yourself interested in could create unnecessary stress. Before the date and time for your telebears phase I, be sure that you have a chance to meet with your faculty advisors and get your CCN ready. It is very important that you do not put it off until the day before your phase I, chances are your faculty advisers might be all booked or preoccupied with other obligations. Since we only have limited units for phase I, we have to make careful selection. For those of you who are freshman and sophomore, or if you are still in a process of completing some of your lower division requirements as a junior status, I recommend to sign up for lower division classes first in phase I, especially for those classes with a lab component. Be sure you can enroll yourself in both lecture and lab. Some of the highly impacted lower division science classes only have very limited seats for each lab section, although it might be acceptable to take the lab in another semester in some cases, I think it will be a better learning experience for you if you can take them co-currently. That will also eliminate the chance of putting you on hold for some of your upper division classes. For those of you who are junior and senior status, who are in process of completing your upper division core classes and fulfilling your elective requirements, you can sign up for the upper division core classes that are usually popular. I think you can also go ahead to sign up for your electives, especially for those are offered in another department and tend to fill up fast. In some situations, it is a better strategy to wait on some of the upper division classes if they are only reserved for major students. You can sign up for other classes tend to be more impacted in phase I , and then sign up for the rest of your upper division classes in phase II, since you will have a secured spot as a major student. But do keep in mind that, you should leave those time slots open for your major classes to avoid schedule conflicts and hassle of re-scheduling by the time when phase II comes. I think it might a good idea that you do notify your professors if you cannot enroll in your upper division classes during phase I , which are only designated to major students. Let them know you will be enrolled in phase II. I hope this will help out. If there is any concerns i have not mentioned, feel free to e-mail me or come talk to me during office hours. I will be holding my office hour every Tuesday, from 12-2pm, outside of 260 Mulford.

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08 October 2008

Tips for Tele-Bears

I know most of us just finished midterms and it seems like the semester just started but it's almost time to sign up for classes for next semester! Remember, it's never too early to start planning your future courses. This is my first semester at CAL and I've only used Tele-Bears once. I don't have much experience to share in that respect so I've asked some of my fellow PALS and some others on campus about the most important things to keep in mind for registering on Tele-Bears. I think the most important tip is to use your phase 1 appointment time to register for the classes you need and that you know are going to fill up quickly. It is a good idea to use strategy ahead of time and see which classes are popular prerequisites and make sure you get into them by signing up in phase 1 . Use phase 2 to enroll in classes that are less popular and you may not necessarily need for your major. One student suggested enrolling in more units than you intend on staying in for the semester. That way if one of the classes turns out to not be what you expected or were looking for then you will be able to drop one class without having to scramble for units. Another suggestion was to enroll in a class even if you cannot get into the discussion section of your choice. In other words, enroll in another discussion section because the class may completely fill up if you wait list for the discussion section you want. I hope this helps!

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