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October 14, 2008 3:04 PM

"I have my telebears appt. time, now what?"

In this entry, I am not going to give advice on WHAT classes you should take for specific majors (because really, you can talk to your advisor, or come to the peer advisor office hours for that, so we can individualize it for you..), BUT I am going to talk about tips and techniques to get around the rush of telebears and how to avoid being waitlisted!! I would advise that you decide on the majority of your classes before the start of telebears, and then so you can decide within that bunch which classes to sign up for first.

The biggest obstacle with telebears is how to decide which classes you should sign up for in phase I, since you can only sign up for 10.5 units in the first phase. The first thing you should consider while deciding which classes to sign up for is: how big is the class? Look at the maximum number of students allowed, and then look at the size capacity of the waitlist. If the class size is small, then you should sign up for that class in telebears phase I. Or if there is a lab component involved, that subsequently involves a 4 hour time block, you should sign up for that first so you can guarantee to get the time block that fits your schedule. For example, say if you want to sign up for Chemistry 3A/3AL next semester, but it is 5 units total, and that's already half of the the total units you can sign up for! Instead of signing up for the lecture component (Chemistry 3A), sign up for the lab component first (Chemistry 3AL). This way, you are almost guaranteed to get into the large lecture component, and then you can guarantee you get the lab time you want (since those usually fill up very quickly). Also, this way, you only have to sign up for 2 units, instead of 5, and can leave room for other classes, such as a foreign language class or physical education class. With that being said, you should also be sure to sign up in phase I for classes that are REQUIRED for your major. You can always find other filler classes if those ones tend to fill up quicker. I hope these little tips help, and if you have any specific questions, please come see us during our office hours, as we will try to help in every way we can!

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