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February 24, 2009 10:38 PM

Midterm Season

Midterm season has finally come! I hear the word "stressed" at least ten times walking around campus. The constant rain is not helping either. Rainy days can be good for studying, but it can also be depressing. In order to keep myself motivated and relatviely happy, I have a few rituals that I like to follow during midterm season. The first one, running. Some of you might wonder, who as time to exercise when you could be studying?, but a quick running break in between your studying can really help.

I've noticed that after I run, I can think more clearly, and I can focus more on studying afterwards. I think science has also proven this, so I'm not just making this up. Also, eating healthy is important. Instead of eating my frozen TV dinners that I usually eat (I can't cook), I try to eat healthy during midterm season. I think it gives me more energy, and it definitley helps prevent you from getting sick; and you definitely don't want to be sick during midterm season. The last thing I like to do is that if I get stressed, I take a quick 30 minute study break by watching a funny episode of my favorite TV show (The Office). It really helps cheer me up, and once I'm done watching, I'm ready to focus again. You might think that TV and studying can not go together, but in my opinion, they actually go pretty well together. The last thing is, don't stress out! I think people sometimes stress themselves out to the point that they can not concentrate. I think the best way to do well on your midterms is to stay healthy, and get a good night's sleep the night before. Good luck on midterms everyone!

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