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26 October 2009

Some suggestions on how to tackle the issue of scheduling class and graduating on time

Hey everyone, I hope you have all met with your faculty advisors and have made up a tentative class schedule for upcoming spring semester. Under the influence of budget cut, you may not be able to take all the classes you have planned. It is a good idea to prepare some alternatives and try to accommodate the change with the following semesters. If it is possible, try to plan for summer schedule along with spring semester schedule. When it comes to the classes only being offered once a year, it is best to check the prerequisites in advance.

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26 October 2009

Midterm Breather and Getting Prepared for upcoming Exams

I'm about to enter my second round of midterms, as I'm sure many people are, but it is important to try and relax a little in between exams. I like to study more at cafes and outside when I don't have an exam right around the corner; you might not get quite as much done as in the library, but it's a nice change of pace and you can enjoy some of the nice weather before it gets colder :) Also you can use some of your free time to make sure you are eating right and getting a good amount of sleep. You don't want to get sick right before your next midterms or papers.

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25 October 2009

My personal way of how to stay on track

Telebears is here once again, I don't know about you guys but I am frantically trying to plan my classes not just for next semester but also for the two after that. Due to budget cuts, many classes are not offered anymore but its important to have back up classes to take just in case. When I was a freshmen I planned out my four year plan to make sure that I can graduate within the four years. The funny thing is every semester by '4 year plan' looks a little different from before.

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20 October 2009

Switching into CNR vs. Telebears

Time passes by very quickly and it doesn't feel like Spring Telebear appointments are coming up shortly. If you are new to the University or if you are wondering switching colleges or majors, here are some tips for you!

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14 October 2009

Tips for planning out your best fit spring schedule

Wow it's amazing how telebears phase 1 is here yet we are in the middle of getting through this fall semester!! For this reason it is important that we start looking into classes and start asking our friends about classes they recommend. Something that I have learned from planning out my schedule (for the past 4 years) is that we should not set our schedule in stone early on but have some options to decide on the first week of classes. Although those classes may seem very interesting to us, during the first week we may realize that two of our most challenging classes will have midterms on the same day. If you have other class options you can have the choice of taking another class (this happened to me for PH162A- Microbiology and MCB 102 and I had a horrible semester even though the classes were interesting I was not able to study as well as I would have liked to because both of the midterms were back to back from one another). This brings me to another very important point that when choosing classes it is important to understand that everybody can handle different levels of courses and that you need to realize what would be a good fit for YOU!!!! Just because your roommate was able to take a combination of classes it doesn't make it a good fit for you and vice versa. Especially for the lower division classes like chem 1a, chem 3a/b, the math 16 series, the bio's etc, it is important to understand that these classes take up a lot of time to study and people can handle certain combination of classes better than others. It does not make you inferior if you need to make a preparation course for chem 1a or need to start with precalculus (I needed to), if it will help you in the long run than you should definitely go for it. The truth of the matter is that people come to Cal with different levels of preparation based on what their high schools offered -it is not a fair playing field :-( The best we can do is acknowledge it and take classes that we can handle. Obviously we are stressed to graduate on time, but if you have the flexibility to spread out some of your core science classes (you know the classes that you need to really super dedicate yourself to), then why not. After all the classes have to be a good fit for you!!!!

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13 October 2009

TELEBEARS IS HERE! Spring 2010 advice on classes?

Telebears is here! The big question is... What classes do you take?! Don't go completely crazy yet, we can figure this out. Taking the wrong combination of classes here at UC Berkeley can make a student crawl into a hole and never want to come out. Never fret, CNR PALS are coming to your rescue! I have some quick tips on how I've come to select classes....

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12 October 2009

Ready for Spring 2010? Recommended classes offered only during spring

As telebears approach, we all have one thing in mind "what course should I take to fill up my schedule?" Below are the classes I've taken, enjoyed and recommend to students. PH162A lec/lab- Microbiology is a memorization intensive class that gives students insight on the etiology, causes, mechanism, and prevention of diseases and infections. The class itself uncovers the world of bacteria, virus, fungi, and other microbiological organisms. The class is straight forward but the only drawback is that there’s a lot of information to remember. Overall, it is a rewarding class because the amount of time you put into it correlates to the grade that will be achieved. NSTC114- Pesticide Chemistry is a broad overview of issues, mechanisms, and uses of pesticide. Overall, it is a very chill and easy going class. It solely based on the lecture and does not deviate out of it. The fun part of this class is that students will be able to present a pesticide of their choice. Again, the amount of time you put into it correlates to the grade you will achieve. This is a must if you are a Molecular Toxicology major. NST 120- Molecular Toxicology is a toxicology major core requirement that is course friendly to other biology majors. The class explores administration, distribution, metabolism, and excretion of xenobiotics. Three reasons to take this class: 1.) The professor is AWESOME 2.) There’s a field trip 3.) The midterms and final are take-home. It is only offered during spring so take it if possible. EDU 30AC- Diversity in and out of schools is a must class for anyone who wants to deviate out of the sciences. Issues such as race, diversity, and equality within schools will be covered. The structure is based on reading, writing, and analyzing articles. The only draw back is the amount of reading that is required for the class but midterms and finals are take home essays.

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06 October 2009

Why I chose to become a CNR Peer Advisor

My primary reason for becoming a PAL was to meet people from a variety of majors throughout the College or Natural Resources. Normally my shyness prevents me from talking to many new people and I felt that having the position of the peer advisor would give me opportunity to have something about which to converse with other students. Also the PAL program has allowed me to find friends within the PAL program. As a result of talking to many students in a variety of majors I have been able to learn about the majors that CNR has to offer and many of the classes offered here at CAL that I normally would not have found out about. I have been able to learn some details of administration through answering questions. Through this new knowledge and my life experience as a returning college student I hope to help other students navigate through paperwork and strategies. The outreach portion of the program appeals to my interest as a peer advisor. PALs provide outreach seminars within the University to undeclared students and throughout the community in high schools, junior colleges, etc. I know that when many prospective students are looking at CAL as an option the larger colleges may seem overwhelming in size or the majors may seem broad for what they are looking for and this gives us the opportunity to share about the smaller size of CNR and the smaller community feeling compared to the other colleges here. Also, a career in the sciences may seem intangible to may students in preparation for graduation or transfer but hopefully with meeting students who have been in a similar situation applying to our science majors will feel realistic.

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04 October 2009

Places to Study

With the first round of midterms here it's important to find a good place to sit down and study. Luckily at Berkeley you can find a place to get your work done no matter what your learning style and preference is. Here are some places I recommend around campus. Also, make sure to becoming a member of the PAL Facebook Fanpage and use the discussion page to let the PALs know where you like to go to study.

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03 October 2009

Health and Wellness Tips

Of the many topics I have blogged about in the past years, I have never really touched upon the health issue. Especially since the H1N1 flu is going around, I thought that I would offer some websites and some of my personal tips to staying healthy. Please keep in mind that I'm not a health expert and that I have gotten sick many times. Obviously, the first place I looked was the University Health Center website. Despite stories about long waiting times (if you go in person) and other forms of inefficiency, the website does offer really great information on how to stay healthy. Plus, they have an online scheduling appointment so you don't have to call in or walk in (if it's not urgent).

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