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21 November 2009

Life after Cal

Now that I am finally graduating (in a month or so!), I decided to revisit my blog from 3 years ago regarding my future career goals. Honestly, not much have changed, but my focus has become much more focused from all of the experiences I've had. Below are some answers to common questions I am receiving right now. But I want to emphasize this: pursue what you are passionate in. Yes, these are difficult times, and sometimes I wish I knew exactly what I wanted to pursue or if I just said that I wanted to pursue an MD (I like to explore all of my options before deciding, and I'm kind of slow). Be persistent. Do what you love. And don't feel pressured to know what you want to do. I certainly don't really know right now (and I'm panicking), but it's normal. Plus, people change their minds as their lives change. So don't feel like what you decide now is what you have to do in the future. Let your interests guide you.

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06 November 2009

Thanksgiving Away From Home

I know that many students at CAL choose to spend the holidays close to campus instead of going home. Finals are right after the Thanksgiving holiday and travelling can be extremely time consuming. In order to avoid homesickness during the holidays I’d suggest getting together with a group of friends and sharing Thanksgiving dinner at someone’s apartment if possible. The adventure of cooking Turkey-day dinner can be quite a fun bonding experience for friends if everyone helps out or chooses to take on smaller tasks so it’s not overwhelming for the host. This also can generate a family like atmosphere here on campus once you have celebrated together. There are a few things you should know before attempting to make a turkey if you have never done so. First make sure the turkey is fully thawed out before you cook it otherwise it won’t cook right. Second put the turkey in the oven pretty much right when you get up in the morning, yes it does take a turkey all day to cook. And lastly, definitely use a meat thermometer to make sure the middle is done. The last thing you want is food poisoning when you are trying to study for finals. On that positive note, enjoy!

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04 November 2009

Local Eateries

One of the most frequently visited locations around the UC Campus is the Durant Food Court or what was once known as Asian Ghetto. Since its convenient for students and house a wide range of cuisines, its no brainer that this is the first thought in people's mind as an alternative to cooking or eating in the dorms. I, too, have a couple of favorite restaurants there. Normally, when I eat there with friends, I order the Kimchi Spam Fried Rice from Bear's Ramen House. Even for those of you who are afraid of spicy food, you should try it because its actually more sweet than spicy and has a lot of delicious flavor. Thai Basil is another favorite among my friends, who often swear by their Pad Thai over any other Thai restaurant around the area. Although, Gypsy's look like a small, crowded and oily restaurant, you will be surprised by the satisfaction a large plate of Italian homecooking can bring. However, I also want to introduce you to MANY other incredible restaurants in Berkeley to visit before you graduate. So here is MY LIST!

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04 November 2009

Why I love CNR!

As I went into my last telebears appointment with my advisor, Susan, I couldn't believe how fast the four years on college has gone by. It seems like just yesterday when I didn't even know how to use telebears. I started thinking about the things that have really shaped my college career, and being in CNR was definitely one of the things that defined my life at Berkeley. The free printing and the very comfortable couches are not the only great things about CNR.

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02 November 2009

Fun things to do for Turkey Day

I know it's early to think about Thanksgiving already but its not that many weeks away. My second round of midterms are in less than a week and after that I want to relax, celebrate and have some fun with friends/families. Yeah?! Well, I am planning to go home for the three day holiday since I haven't been home for weeks or even months. But if any of you guys are wanting to stay at Berkeley, then plan ahead on the things that you want to do (get started on the holiday shopping? haha). Usually if I am staying in Berkeley over this short break, I would go shop, eat and chillax in the city. Last year, I went out to Pier 39 and basically hung out there with a couple of friends for most of the day. We went sailing on the boat, past alcatraz. It was cold but so nice and refreshing!! Afterwards, we went ice skating, a leisure activity that I really enjoy and its a lot of fun if you go with a group of friends. Of course we went to eat after that. Food was delicious although I forgot the exact name of the restaurant, I believe it was an Italian restaurant. Anywho, it was definitely a fun/memorable event which I shared with friends. Of course finals are soon approaching after that, so you can always get a head start on that, spend some productive time hitting the books which can relieve some stress before the actual day of exams.

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