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28 February 2010

Why I chose to become a PAL

I heard about the PAL program last fall after my switch to CNR. I immediately decided to become a PAL because I thought that this program will expand my network here at Cal and will also help reinforce my leadership capabilities. This is only my first semester in the program and I already feel so much more involved with the college community than I’ve ever been. As a PAL, I get to participate in events at which I represent the college and also work closely with the staff to help expand the college's diversity by promoting awareness about the unique opportunities at CNR. The PAL program also organizes a movie night each semester which is a whole lot of fun because you mostly to relax and have fun with the other wonderful peers. Did I mention the free pizzas and drinks?? Overall, being a PAL is a great experience because everyone in the program is friendly and enthusiastic. PAL has allowed me to find great friends within the program for which I’ll be forever grateful. If you are interested in being a PAL for the upcoming semester or have any questions about the program, feel free to come talk to any of the PALs during advising hours!

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24 February 2010

Ten reasons why PALs are your friend

1.) We can solve your scheduling dilemma 2.) We give the most honest advice on the classes we've taken at Cal 3.) Our team is composed of a variety of major advisers from Environmental Sciences to Molecular Toxicology 4.) We are open to any school related questions 5.) We host movie nights each semester 6.) If you are lost, we give you directions 7.) We always provide answers to any questions or concern 8.) We are very friendly and NEVER hesitates to help 9.) Some of us might have candy at our disposal 10.) We are always available

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24 February 2010

Staying sane through midterms!

Once midterm season is here, we tend to forget about our health and other priorities in life. It is normal with all the expectations we have for ourselves but remember to sleep well and eat well. This will allow you to study more effectively, because in reality what matters is not the amount of time we spend studying but how effectively do we study during that time. So when it is study time try your best to find that place to study that will relax you (but not put you to sleep LOL) and make your mind be clear and focused. I wish you all the best on midterms!!! Liz

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22 February 2010

Midterm Season!!!!

Midterm Season has ARRIVED! (Insert shriek of doom here haha)! So, it's that time of year again.... MIDTERMS! Okay, so we all want to "reach for the stars" and "soar to new heights" as the old sayings go. But, at Berkeley where everyone is a natural Einstein, how do we shine above the rest? The key is to click below where it says "Continue reading "Midterm Season!!!!" »" ;-)

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17 February 2010

Planning for the semester

It's the fifth week of school already! Time passes by sooo fast every semester, just a reminder to everyone that this Friday is the LAST day to drop your classes! I recently dropped a class because I replanned my schedule and realized that I didn't need it to graduate. So I definitely highly suggest people to write out their schedules and MAKE sure to take the right classes and drop the ones that is not necessary or at the least interesting BEFORE this friday. This is one thing that i learned that can make or break your semester. Because taking a class that is not required OR interesting can really drag a good semester down. Also summer telebears have already opened up. The schedule is up online and I highly suggest you guys to sign up for summer classes NOW if you are planning to take them because they are filling up fast. I recently signed up for a R&C class, and due to the new rules of R&C requirements...freshmen and sophomores should have both parts of their R&C requirements completed before declaring their majors. Many things are different now from when I was a freshmen, so just giving you guys a heads up on what is going on!

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13 February 2010

Getting Involved

Although I was fortunate to have so many of my high school friends attending UC Berkeley, I believe that an important part of college is meeting new people. One major advantage of going to a large university like UC Berkeley is the many unique individuals you will meet during your four years of your undergraduate education. While it is understandable that academics should be on the top of our priorities because it is what brought us our acceptance to the prestigious Cal; however, it is equally important for us to enjoy our time here. Join a campus organization, try the greek life (rush), participate in research and introduce yourself to your professors! You will never know what you are missing out on until you try. It is important to make friends and form of network of people from all majors and backgrounds.

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10 February 2010

Getting Set for Summer in the Spring

Spring Semester is a time when a lot of people start setting up summer internships, research positions, or jobs. The Career center web site and Callisto Job Postings are great resources that can help you with finding jobs and internships as well as developing skills like resume building. You can sign up for the CareerMail mailing list for the receive emails about employer events, workshops and other opportunities you might not have thought to look for! If you are graduating and taking some time off before starting graduate school, medical school or other professional education you might also be interested in using the Letter Service through the career center. Your letters can be kept confidential and sent out when you need them. Summer research can also be a great way to gain experience and participate in research without having school to worry about at the same time. SPUR is an excellent research opportunity that is open only to CNR students. Students can initiate projects or they can apply to join a faculty initiated project the web site: has all the details and deadlines for Spring 2010 and Summer 2010. There are also some graduating PALs that would be happy to discuss how they started getting ready for the job market or graduate/ medical school, so feel free come by our office hours, we welcome your questions :D !

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10 February 2010

Thinking About the Future

I can't believe it's my last semester here at Cal. It seems like just yesterday I was walking onto campus, not even being able to find Dwinelle. I've thought a lot about what I wanted to do after graduation, and after considering many options, I decided to apply to, and was thankfully accepted to Teach for America. Even though it seems early, for us seniors, now is an important time to start thinking about what we will do after we get our degree.

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09 February 2010

CNR Resource Center

One benefit to declaring a major in CNR is that we are lucky to have a small college community within the University. A way to maintain the small college feeling is to make use of the Resource center at 260 Mulford. By using the facility anyone is bound to run into classmates and people with the same major and is a sure way to stay connected to past classmates. The computer lab offers 10 pages of free printing for all CNR students everyday and another benefit to the CNR computer lab is that it is reserved for CNR students only. The wait is often less than the shared computer labs. I enjoy using the lounge area in the Resource center because it can be a relaxing place to read or take a nap. I think the comfortable couches give a feeling of someone’s living room. There are many events posted on the wipe board and other bulletin boards, so by spending time in the CNR headquarters then we are more likely to find out about different events and workshops being held directly within CNR. Also, the CNR Peer Advisors hold our office hours just outside 260 Mulford so this gives everyone the opportunity to stop by, ask questions, or say “Hi” and chat with us.

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07 February 2010

CNR resources

I switched to CNR from L&S during the second semester of my sophomore year and my decision to change college was heavily influenced by the supportive network within CNR. My major (EEP) is offered in both colleges and I was aware that the curriculum won’t be any different from each other. I might have felt indifferent towards my options had I not discovered the smaller departments and personable attributes of the CNR community from my super helpful department advisor. In my brief semester as a CNR student, I have started to realize how truly I appreciate being part of a smaller college atmosphere within such a large university. CNR has so much to offer and tries its best to accommodate every student’s needs. I assure that you’ll agree with me if you visit the CNR resource center at least once during your academic career. The resource center has listings for jobs, internships, research opportunities, current events etc within and beyond the college itself. It’s also a great study place on campus that has a lounge area, study tables and desks for different purposes. I haven’t even mentioned one of the prime benefits of being a CNR student- 10 free pages a day for any printing work done at the resource center. Do you know of any other colleges that provide free printing services as a reward to their students? I sure don’t. I hope that the last bit has convinced you enough to give the resource center a try and be pleasantly surprised by discovering the other great services it has to offer!

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04 February 2010

Summer school......already?!!!

I know it's only been 3 weeks since spring 2010 started but Cal summer classes up and running. Here's the class schedule and check it out: Here are some popular science classes my peers recommend to take: IB 141- Genetics (only offered during summer) PH162 lec and lab- Microbiology IB 116- Medical Ethnobotany Summer school is the time to be creative and relieve of yourself of a busy fall and spring term. If there are any questions on specific classes this summer the PAL brigade are more than happy to help. E-mail us at or just visit us on our office hours.

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03 February 2010

Yay Spring Semester 10 is here!!!

Spring Semester is here and flying past us, so lets not forget of important deadlines. Such as the last day to drop or add a class being Friday February 19th. It is sometimes difficult to get our schedules set but the faster it is done the less we will stress about it and I will be able to focus on our classes. When it comes to getting our schedules set, if we have our doubts if the classes we are taking will be a good fit please feel free to come by 260 Mulford to ask an advisor at drop in or you can ask us, the peer advisors during our office hours. We sit right outside of 260 Mulford. Although we have different backgrounds in the classes we have taken, we can ask another peer advisor to contact you. We don't have all the answers to your questions but we are there of you, to help you get the information you need. We would love to see you all stop by. The peer advisors are there Mon-Thurs as of now. Just a quick reminder that if you are planning to take summer school at Berkeley, make sure that you sign up for classes soon as they will fill up fast and after Feb 15th it will be open for students from any university to sign up for these classes. Well enjoy the semester and know that the peer advisors have got your back!!!

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