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February 22, 2010 2:35 PM

Midterm Season!!!!

Midterm Season has ARRIVED!

(Insert shriek of doom here haha)! So, it's that time of year again.... MIDTERMS! Okay, so we all want to "reach for the stars" and "soar to new heights" as the old sayings go. But, at Berkeley where everyone is a natural Einstein, how do we shine above the rest? The key is to click below where it says "Continue reading "Midterm Season!!!!" ยป" ;-)

I know it's easier said than done. The way I take on the situation is two maintain a blance between two ideals. First, shoot for the A+++ on the exam. Just in case you don't do as well, or the exam is overly challenging, you will know you tried your best and earned your A- (or B haha) Second, you want to maintain your sanity. If there is one equation you take away from Berkeley, let it be "Stress + Exam = Bad."

I have extreme test anxiety, but have been able to overcome it since my freshman year at Cal. How? Well.... with the combination of the tips below, I also start studying early! I feel that's the most important. Cramming is a BIG no no at UC Berkeley. Things just become the polar opposite of infinitesimal in difficulty, or to put it simply, overwhelming.

* Manage your time! Prepare, prepare, prepare! Before exams start, mark your planners, calendars, PDAs, etc. Set a nice schedule and try your best to stick with it.

* Study Break! Don't be the roommate that studies 24/7 with no breaks. Off your rocker you will go!!! There comes a limit of "retain-able" information for the brain in a given period. Then, you just get fried. DO NOT walk into a test with a fried brain! Instead, take breaks to help get your mind away from everything so you can come back refreshed.

Check these out:

* SLEEP! Get a full nights rest! Some, like I, enjoy taking 30 minute to full hour naps in between studying. You will feel much more rested and happier. TRUST ME.

* CLIMB A MOUNTAIN! Okay, not all of us can do that, but exercise is great! I personally relieve stress by punching/kicking a heavy bag at the RSF martial arts room.Don't use it as a form of procrastination. Just take short 30 minute runs/walks.

* Prioritize! Time is of the essence. The difference between an A and a C is how much time you spend on useful or useless information.

* STUDY PARTIES (without alcohol haha) Work together to eliminate problems and understand concepts. Great minds think alike... Remember??? I always remember my parents telling me to be the dumbest in the group, so you always get your questions answered. I somewhat agree. I feel it's better to be the smartest person in the group, so you can master and reteach it to those who will soon be at your level of mastery!

Enjoy these tips and please leave feedback! Eat meals, dress warm and get rest! Go for the GOLD ( or A)!


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