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30 March 2010

It's Telebears Season!

WELCOME BACK FROM SPRING BREAK! I hope everyone's was relaxing and a lot of fun. I unfortunately caught the flu over break so it wasn't so great for me :(. However, I had a wonderful time seeing my parents, little brother and high school friends again, all of which made up for the awful virus! :) On another note, I know we don't want to think about school right after our return from break, nevertheless the next semester, but telebears season is upon us again! I wanted to take this entry to remind everyone to check their Telebears appointments, get their adviser codes and provide some tips when enrolling for classes in Phase I.

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29 March 2010

CNR Movie Night weds 3.31 at 5pm

Want to take a break from studying and enjoy a heart-warming movie? Well, check out the CNR Movie Night this Weds March 31st at 5pm in 260 Mulford. The PAL's will be hosting the movie "Up" and we will be having pizza. In addition, it is a great opportunity to learn more about what the PAL's do and get involved in the program next semester. See you there =)

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22 March 2010

GO TO SLEEP! (Pleeeeeeeeeeeeease :-) )

It's about 10:32 and 30 seconds p.m. You are in the living room laying comfortably with your Snuggie. Of course on the television is the latest popular teenage flick and you are enjoying it thoroughly. As you bite the last morsel of your chocolate chip cookie and drink the last drop of your milk.... You hear footsteps approach you as a shadowy figure appears....

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15 March 2010

Staying Healthy During Exams

Midterms are upon us and while everyone is focusing on studying as much as possible and writing fantastic papers, one really important aspect to keep in mind is that doing all of these things with a cold makes the tasks that much more difficult. Staying healthy during midterms is important especially because so many of us spend tons of time in classes around people with colds and in computer labs sharing computers with others. Getting enough sleep is vital to maintaining your immune system as well as keeping focused on studies. I know that some people stay up extremely late working but it’s important to rest your body and your mind. Make sure to stay hydrated and consume foods rich in nutrients to give your body what it needs to fight off sickness. Someone pointed out to me one simple way to stay mentally healthy during this season at CAL, and that is to refer to the midterms as exams instead. Midterms has a stressful connotation to me and might allow us to psych ourselves up for the pressure while exams might place less pressure on us. Whether or not it is the case, I think that anything that can help reduce stress and increase my well being is well worth trying.

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12 March 2010

Major Madness Week

This entire week was dedicated to help students find more information about the various majors on campus. For CNR, we had many peer advisors representing different majors tabled on upper Sproul to answer any questions that students had. I hope everyone took advantage of that opportunity and talked to the peer advisors about any questions, such as transferring to CNR, declaring a major or just planning out the four year curriculum. Many of our PALs are seniors and juniors, so they have taken most of the upper div courses. Moreover, we also have transfer students as peer advisors. They can help give advice if you are a transfer student who is still finding your place on campus! Hence we are useful resources if you want to hear about our experiences: what we like about the course, what was most challenging, how to study for exams, etc. Yesterday, I participated on the "babbling with the biological sciences" panel at stern hall. The audience was mainly composed of freshmen who want to learn more about the different biological sciences both in L&S and CNR. Again, I just want to emphasize how CNR is a much smaller college where students receive a lot more attention from their major advisors. More importantly, the PMB classes are much smaller in size as opposed to MCB courses (say, mcb102).Therefore, students have more opportunities to meet with their GSIs and professors which I think is very important if you are interested in their research and want lab experience. I remember taking one of the plant bio courses during my freshman year and asked to join my professor's lab. From then on, I was interested in participating in more research labs from different fields. Currently, I am participating in a clinical lab which is a lot more hands-on! If you are undeclared or have an intended major in mind, it is still good to ask around to find more information about the different bio majors offered. With MB, it is alot more flexible than MCB because we can choose our electives from many different departments (PH/MCB/ESPM etc.). I personally like to take different and diverse courses because it helps me integrate the material that I am learning in a more comprehensive and broader sense. Well, anyways, if there are any lingering questions, please drop by my OH and I'm happy to helo! Stay warm and healthy during this cold midterm seasons :)

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11 March 2010

Midterm Lockdown & how to relieve stress

It's midterm season AGAIN. I feel like no matter how many semesters I've been at Cal, life STILL gets hectic around midterm season. Well this semester I decided to change my studying habits a little bit. I wake up around 9 am to study or go to class and then study in between classes. During lunch time I make sure I have a lot of fun and eat out with random friends. Before I use to just have a quick lunch such as grab a sandwich near by and go back to studying again. The new way actually makes me enjoy studying more because I feel more relaxed when I am not studying. It sounds ironic but I really suggest that everyone try it.

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09 March 2010

Shaking Bill Clinton's Hand

I knew that when I came to Berkeley that I would probably be able to experience things I had never done before and see and learn things that I hadn't before. But I didn't expect to get an opportunity to shake Bill Clinton's hand. So how did I get this opportunity? Well, you'll have to read on for the answer. First of all, I thought his talk was really great. Global citizenship means something different to everyone, but I think he made his points very clear. It really summed up the issues that we are facing as a country, as well as emphasized that us as young people need to start mobilizing to make changes happen.

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09 March 2010

Midterm recovery

Midterms are not pleasant for anyone, but they are particularly unpleasant if they don't go as well as you would like. We have all been there getting your test back and your stomach sinks with realization that maybe you didn't quite study as much as you should have. The most important thing if a midterm goes badly is not to give up. All too often students have a bad grade on the first test and then stop going to class and section, and give up on trying to catch up on reading. The best thing you can do is to go to section MORE talk to your GSI about how things are going and what you can do to improve on the next test. Go through your test, even if it's painful, and understand each problem and why the answers are correct. There are also tutors available at the SLC for many larger classes, which can help you to get a better understanding of the material. If you know other people in the class take the initiative and start a study group, which will benefit everyone. The CNR resource center is also a good place to study where you can even have a cup of coffee with you, and sit on a comfy couch, so no usual library avoiding excuses! Remember that a rocky start is a challenge to work harder and finish out the best that you can. If you did outstanding on your first exam, Congratulations! However don't start neglecting classes just because you are off to a great start. Keep up the good work and keep going to section and lecture :D

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08 March 2010

Tips for Studying

1. Start early! If you already know the material, you don’t have to spend as much time studying for it. Get in the habit of reviewing your notes before and after lecture! 2. Budget your time wisely. Plan out what you want to do, and realistically allot the time you will need to accomplish each task. I usually list out everything that I want to do to prepare for an exam (for example: read over my notes, re-read assigned chapters, do practice problems, do practice exams), and then fit it into my schedule for the week preceding the date of the test. 3. Make a study group. It’s always better when you can talk over exam material with your fellow peers. Make up a list of questions while going through the material on your own, and quiz each other to see if you actually know it! Need a place to get together? Study rooms are available in the Main Stacks. Go to to reserve online. 4. Utilize outside resources, such as test banks and the SLC. A few of the test banks I have used are: Tau Beta Pi Honor Society -, Bioengineering Honor Society - A lot of honor societies and student organizations have their own test files, so try to find those that are relevant to your field of study! 5. Get help from GSIs and professors! Go to office hours and review sessions with specific questions, so that you can get the most out of it. Also, try to go early because office hours tend to get crowded right before an exam! 6. Do what works best for you. For me, I need to go through all of my lecture notes and re-copy them into an organized study guide. So, find what method works best for you and go with it! 7. Do practice problems! Once you feel comfortable with the material, time yourself while taking practice exams to better prepare yourself for the actual test. 8. Get enough sleep the night before… you don’t want to fall asleep during the exam! 9. Take a break before the actual exam…don’t cram right up until the exam starts! 10. Be confident! You got into Berkeley for a reason…don’t doubt your abilities! Best of luck during midterm season! Kelley

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