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March 11, 2010 11:56 AM

Midterm Lockdown & how to relieve stress

It's midterm season AGAIN. I feel like no matter how many semesters I've been at Cal, life STILL gets hectic around midterm season. Well this semester I decided to change my studying habits a little bit. I wake up around 9 am to study or go to class and then study in between classes. During lunch time I make sure I have a lot of fun and eat out with random friends. Before I use to just have a quick lunch such as grab a sandwich near by and go back to studying again. The new way actually makes me enjoy studying more because I feel more relaxed when I am not studying. It sounds ironic but I really suggest that everyone try it.

Besides having fun and relaxing at least during dinner and lunch. I also take a break about every 90 minutes. I am suppose to take a break every 60 minutes but sometimes I just get into the material and I don't want to stop. Anyhow, research showed that taking a break every 90 min. will maximize efficiency. Now I feel like midterms are a breeze and studying for them can be kind of fun.

Sometimes I feel like we all get too caught up in planning when to study but when it actually comes down to the time we just waste our time surfing the internet. It's really important to be efficient with your time, so just have fun and relax before diving into hardcore studying. On the weekends I really suggest going grocery shopping with friends, making new and interesting dishes with roommates, and at the end of the night have a three hour study party in the apartment or at the library. Studying really does not take long if we actually spend ALL of our attention and really concentrate for a decent period of time. I know for me, I use to study for a whole week before the midterms, but really it was just planning a whole week of time to study, but i waste most of the time procrastinating yet refusing to have fun with friends.

Balance is always the key to success. Sometimes I like to make a list of all the things I need to do...then cross them out once I am down. That way I feel like I have accomplished a little through out the day :)

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