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30 November 2010

Keep Warm!

As most of you have probably already felt it, the cold weather has finally hit Berkeley again! Especially at chilly times like these along with the approach of finals and stress that students need to take better care of their bodies. Whether it be taking the annual flu shot at the Tang Center or piling on more layers, all of us are getting ready for the winter season. After nearly four years at UC Berkeley, I have realized that our bodies are the most vulnerable between and after our stressful periods of midterms/finals/projects. To strengthen our immune systems, try to fit a well balanced breakfast into your daily routine and include a rainbow assortment of vegetables and fruits into your diet. This is not just because our mothers told us so but because it has also been scientifically proven that those who eat a healthy breakfast have more energy throughout the day and are sick less often.

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23 November 2010

how to make use of winter break

Hi Everyone, I hope everyone is well and doing something relaxing if not necessarily fun for thanksgiving :) I just wanted to share a few resources with you on how to best utilize your winter break. Last week CNR hosted a workshop titled "Involvement opportunities for winter and spring break" and I found it really useful. I know from personal experience that many students want to engage in activities during breaks but don't necessarily know where to look for opportunities. Well, this is a great post to check out if you are one of those students :) I want to specially thank Elodie right here since she was kind enough to compile a lot of the talking points in writing. Much thanks Elodie :)

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19 November 2010

A solution to STRESS!

It's about time for phase two of telebears to kick in. Midterms are slowly winding down as finals are creeping up. Your girlfriend/boyfriend is as demanding as ever because they have all the free time in the world and you don't. The lack of sleep and excessive schedule has taken a toll on your work/study job, as you begin to show up late and miss hours. If this is you, ask yourself these questions: 1. Are you so stressed that you can barely study, work, eat? 2. Do you become so anxious during exams that you blank out and can't think clearly? 3. Do you have panic attacks that come on suddenly and out of the blue? If you feel your world is coming to an end, and there's no where/one else to turn to, then click here!

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16 November 2010

Telebear Troubles!

Hello everyone! Phase two of telebears has begun and everyone is scrambling to get the classes that they want/need for next semester! But what happens if a class that you wanted is full? What to do? Don’t fret! This unexpected set back can give you the opportunity to take that random class that you’ve been eyeing but were hesitating to take because you would prefer to do a major requirement. Feel free to explore departments that are not your major departments, take some humanities or just a random interesting science course. Some courses suggestions from my experience are: EPS 80, Nutritional science 10, Slavic literature, or a course on Greek Myths (I really liked this one!). There are tons of classes at Berkeley, and a lot of recommendations out there as well. Just talk to other students or maybe try looking at the student resource handbook at this link for some courses recommended by other students! Not all classes are offered in the spring but hey you might find something you weren’t expecting. :]

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14 November 2010

Fighting the Homesickness Blues

Many people experience homesickness when they move away from home for college. Living in a new environment and experiencing new things can be exhilarating yet stressful at the same time. All this newness can be overwhelming, causing college students to want to return to a place where things are familiar and comfortable.

I had a very hard time adjusting to life at Cal during my freshmen year. It was difficult for me being at Berkeley facing new challenges in college while my whole support system was in Southern California. I missed my mom, sister, and high school friends so much, and I could not find people I connected with as much as them at Cal. But as time passed, I got more comfortable living in Berkeley and I found a new group of friends that became my new support system.

Here are some steps to help you fight the homesickness blues

1. You are not alone! Around 2/3 of college students feel homesick. Don't be embarrassed to talk about your feelings to your friends and family. You are going through a transitional period and it's normal to feel this way. It does not in any way mean that you are emotionally weak, only that you have a great relationship with your family and friends back home.

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12 November 2010

Getting your foot in the door with a professor at Cal.

Okay so you're an enthusiastic student at Cal who wants to excel in every part of life. The problem is... So does everyone else. How do you separate yourself from everyone else? WORK SIDE-BY-SIDE WITH A PROFESSOR! Working with a professor can be a personal, professional, and academic highlight of your time in college. Approaching a professor about working together, however, can be as intimidating as it is rewarding. These are 5 simple steps to take before you approach a professor about working together....

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09 November 2010

Westside Wonders

If you're anything like me, you probably have a lot of trouble figuring out your food situation. As a college student, my diet has definitely taken a hit without my parents cooking. Cooking is just plain hard to do, even remembering to eat when your work load just doesn't seem to allow for it. The easiest way for me to get a decent meal in a day is to eat out. Here are a couple good restaurants that I've found in my search for food. And yes, all of them are from the west side of campus because its the best part of Berkeley! And because I live there.

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