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31 March 2011

Eating For Your Health

Ah-choo! The midterm season is quickly approaching, which also means that there will be a lot of cramming and bad sleep/eating habits. Despite our busy schedules, it's very important that you try to evenly space out your studying and maintain a healthy, well-balanced diet. In that aspect, we are very lucky to be living in Berkeley, where there are many health-conscious, vegan/vegetarian residents and restaurateurs. In fact, Alice Waters-owner of the world-renowned Chez Panisse, is a premiere pioneer in pushing for the availability and use of locally-grown, sustainable produce in cooking. This may be one of the reasons why Berkeley has three local farmer's markets every week for its resident perusal. Since the past three months of being vegetarian, I have learned so much about eating consciously for our own health and the global health of our environment. As most of you probably have heard, the average efficiency of energy transfer through food is about 10%. So that means in actuality, you are not getting adequate energy from meats as you might acquire directly by eating plants. Vegetarianism may not seem appealing because there is the notion that we only eat salads; but in fact there are many wonderful options. I recommend trying a sandwich with firm tofu and tofurkey to replace cheese and deli meat. It is equally delicious and more fulfilling. Black bean and corn quinoa is also a wonderful option because it provides a large portion of our daily fiber and protein. There are also many vegetarian/vegan restaurants that one should check out before leaving Berkeley. I hope one of these days, you will become inspired to undertake an enriching culinary adventure in Berkeley. Below are some I enjoy and recommend to y'all!

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30 March 2011

Planning out Summer/Fall Schedule

As Telebear appointments are approaching quickly, now might be a good time to bookmark

At one point I bookmarked




Anyways, both summer and fall classes are out! As you can probably tell, I love planning schedules. Unlike last Telebears, this time you can select between the summer and fall schedules. Double the fun! Summer courses are

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24 March 2011

Approaching Graduation...What are your plans?

First off, happy spring break everyone! I hope that amidst the studying, you have all been able to somewhat enjoy the one-week vacation by spending time with friends and family. However as our vacation comes to a slow halt, I am sure that for many of us are beginning to contemplate post-graduation plans. Despite the myriad of news headlines about job insecurities and the economic recession, there are remains many employment opportunities for our graduating seniors. Depending on one's dream career and ambitions, there are many resources to turn to. I, myself included, am also on the same boat--with the vivid dream of going into the field of pediatric oncology and the strife to continue research after graduation. In these past months, I have heard many worries and doubts from friends who have already applied and chosen a path (either to graduate or professional school). But believe me when I say, EVERYONE is unsure of their decisions---especially at our young ages. Sometimes, the only way to find our niche is to dip our toes into new territory. So for those of you who are contemplating if you have made the right decision, go for the new adventure that awaits you! I hope that you will all be pleasantly surprised and enjoy a new portion of your life.

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23 March 2011

Spring break is a BREAK, but thinking about Telebears is important!

I can't believe we're already half-way done with spring break, time really does fly! I hope everyone has taken some time to themselves to relax and have fun, I sure know I have (I went to Disneyland yesterday and I'm pooped!) As Bai said in the last Pals post, it is important to have fun, but also be productive. Realistically, most of us plan to do more school work than we actually do, but beginning to think about Telebears is something that we can all do. If there's one thing you're going to do this Spring Break, I would suggest taking 3 minutes out of your day to make an appointment with your major advisor in order to receive an advisor code. Everyone should have received an e-mail from their major advisors with a direct link to make an appointment (I received the e-mail on March 16th, hopefully this makes it easier when looking through your e-mails). Some other important things to keep in mind about Telebears:

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18 March 2011

Productive Spring Break

Spring break is finally here! For some people that means trips, parties, and [insert something fun here]. However, if you are like me and have nothing special planned because you need to play catch up on school work in addition to relaxing then I have some ideas for you!

PLAN - Yes I know that no one wants to plan or think about work but you can efficiently partition your time for studying and relaxing to maximize both. Some people like to spread out their studying time, while others like to get it all done before they relax or leave the last few days of break for work. Either way, it is good to plan it out so you know when you need to study and when you can call up all your buddies to hang out. The last thing you want to do is push all the work until the end but ended up with nothing done because you wanted to hang out with your old high school friends one last time before they leave for school again (it happens..personal experience).

VOLUNTEER - If you find that you finished your work early but still don't have anything to do -- make that time useful! You will find that engaging in meaningful activity is a great way to relax and feel good about yourself!

GET AHEAD ON SCHOOL WORK - Psh, yeah right... But I'm serious! If you can get yourself to do it, you should! This especially applies to humanities courses where you know your readings ahead of time. Think about it: If you read those required readings ahead of time, that's less things to do later.

FIND TIME FOR FUN - So what if you didn't plan your trip to Miami or Las Vegas? You can still have fun! Plan some time to catch up with old buddies from high school if you're back home. Spend time with family or play with your pets. It is Spring Break after-all.

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18 March 2011

My Favorite Things

A few of my favorites things...superb Cal classes and wonderful ways to invest your personal life in and around Berkeley (especially before you graduate this May like me!). Time flies. But instead of being overly emotional and reminiscent, I'd rather share this blog to help those with perhaps more "Cal time" than me. My friends and I have helped each other along the way throughout these years and now it's time to pass on the knowledge. Cal classes worthy of interest. PMB113 California Mushrooms taken alongside ESPM108A Tree Taxonamy contributed to one of the most memorable academic semesters I've had at Cal. The subjects go hand in hand fairly perfectly--if I may say so--and got me out in the field very often. Field trips include going to Humboldt for mycology in the name of science (more like mushroom forays) and busing it out to the foothills of Central California to see all those wicked trees out there. We even ate fresh pine nuts that we found. I find these little excursions and discoveries with friends and peers among the most rewarding memories I have from Cal on a personal sense. Yes, getting all the A's you can possibly grab is also a rewarding feeling, but come on. Really. Try taking classes that may perhaps spark your interest in topic that will last you a lifetime. I currently enjoy cooking up chantarelles with a little bit of olive oil and garlic during the wet season... One more class I will mention is Professor George Roderick's ESPM192 seminar on Molecular Approaches to Environmental Problem Solving. If he or Professor Rosie Gillespie teach this class again, it would be an understatement to say TAKE IT. The title may sound boring, but this class is one of the most invaluable ones I've ever had at Cal. I'm so fortunate to have class that's truly a discussion type where well-informed and engaging (not to mention scientifically famous) guest lecturers come in to give a 50 minute lecture about their field of specialty. I've learned about topics ranging from edible vaccines to Brazil's self-sustaining biofuel economy using sugar cane. Hot Spots worthy of interest. Even if you don't have a car, try biking around Tilden Park (I just discovered last weekend that it has a lake to hike around), take a bus to Solano Avenue in Albany, see a Cal Performance in Zellerbach Hall (50% off for students), attend a Music for Berkeley Hertz Hall free event at noon on Wednesdays, and take a stroll through the rose garden on Euclid when the weather gets better and the flowers bloom. And most importantly, enjoy your time at Cal while achieving your dreams.

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16 March 2011

Let's talk about Extracurriculars!

I'm sure that those of you who follow the blogs have seen many a post talking about academics. We have talks about Telebears, talks about majors and classes, and so on. But, say that you already know what you want to do with your academics, and you want to know more about what types of organizations you can get involved in.

You can find all types of organizations at our all-encompassing Students Affair Information Gateway for a list of every single club on campus. As listed, they have different categories ranging from academic to cultural, arts to service. If you start browsing through, it could definitely take you some time to go through all of them. Maybe even hours. Not that you should.

You want to know an easy way of talking to club members one on one to find out more about them? Easy (and you should all already know)! Sproul Plaza! While it can be considered a "death-by-flyering" area, if you're ever looking into ways that you can become active in the community, you should definitely look around Sproul Plaza (or, at the beginning of the year, attend Calapalooza) and talk to the people who are sitting, waiting and waiting for someone to inquire about them.

Trust me. I've been there.

To give you an example of a service organization and what type of activities you can do, I will be talking about the service organization that I'm highly involved in, called Cal Rotaract.

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15 March 2011

Healthy Food Options Around Campus!

Eating good food can be difficult while in college. You no longer can rely on your family to cook great meals for dinner and you often are too busy doing school work to cook for yourself. But have no fear! Berkeley offers tons of delicious meal options on and around campus! If you are looking for healthy options, here are a few I think are pretty tasty! 1. Chick-O-Pea's Where: 1926 Shattuck Avenue What: Mediterranean Food (Everything is Vegetarian) What to Order: The Mozzerella Pesto Burger! It was super yummy with fresh mozzarella cheese, pesto sauce, tomatoes and fresh basil! They also have tons of fresh salad ingredients and falafel. This is great place to go with friends because you order at the counter and then sit down (no worries about splitting checks or figuring out how to split the bill!). Also, they are super eco-friendly so all of their disposable products such as takeout containers are 100% biodegradable and compostable! 2. Saturn Cafe Where: 2175 Allston Way What: Vegetarian (with lots of vegan options) DINER FOOD! What to Order: ANYTHING! Everything that I have tried has been super tasty here. Especially the french fries! Great for a late night study break. Really big portions and lots of vegan options as well. 3. Intermezzo Where: 2442 Telegraph Avenue What: Great Soup/Salad/Sandwich Place! What to Order: ANYTHING! I like the Veggie Delight salad with poppy seed dressing! The portions here are HUGE. Each salad is literally enough for two people. Lots of toppings as well! The poppy seed dressing is my favorite but the herbal vinaigrette is good too. A lot of people like the sandwiches as well. Hope this helps! If you are ever bored of cooking for yourself or sick of eating at crossroads make sure to check out these healthy (and yummy) alternatives around campus!!!

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10 March 2011

My 5 All Time Favorite Classes at Cal

As a senior majoring in Nutritional Science, I've taken a great deal of classes at Cal. I've enjoyed many of these classes over the years, and I have narrowed down my top 5 all time favorite classes that I believe all UC Berkeley students should take.

1. Nutritional Science 10: Introduction to Nutritional Sciences This was the class that convinced me to major in Nutritional Sciences! Taking this class changed the way I viewed food and helped me be more conscious about the foods I ate. I definitely eat a more balanced diet now than I did before. I love biology and this class reviews basic topics covered in AP Biology. It also makes you realize how important nutrition is to your health since many ailments can arise with an inadequate diet.

2. Environmental Science 10: Introduction to Environmental Sciences This class introduces you to the environmental problems that we face today, such as our limited supply of freshwater, the impacts of global warming, and the increase in solid wastes. It taught me how important it was to lead a more sustainable lifestyle since our resources, such as freshwater and fossil fuels, are running out. I believe that every student in Berkeley should take this class because it makes you more aware of how fragile our ecosystem is and what steps we should take in order to preserve it. Simply making a few small changes in your daily habits, such as not leaving the water running when you brush your teeth or turning off appliances or lights that are not in use, can make such a huge difference.

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09 March 2011

Spring Grdauation and Commencement Ceremony

Peer Advisor receive a lot of questions regarding graduation during office hours so I've decided to write a short post about Graduation and commencement ceremony details.

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09 March 2011

DE-STRESS! Take a deep breath....See the sights on and around campus

As we are all aware of, this is the crux of the semester. It seems as if we rarely have to breath, let alone for ourselves. It can make a positive impact to take a break, get out of your usual environment, and shift your mind from what is weighing it down. Its OK to take a breather, and then resume studying or working on that important project. Below are a few ideas and places you can go to find solace and tranquility. I hope you make good use of them, or that this post prompts you to unwind a bit, if in need. -- Morrison Lounge (DOE Library) : Not only does it take you back to 18th century post Renaissance England, but comfy sofas, and love seats are at your disposal. The lighting is a bit beyond perfect, and the atmosphere is tranquilizing. Why not give it a try for at least 20 minutes or more? -- Strawberry Creek: I do not believe there is much I have to say, enjoying the wonders of nature takes our minds to another place and helps our anxieties drift away. It is here on campus, why not make use of this natural sight during your time here at Berkeley? -- Berkeley Marina: For those who are not aware, the Berkley Marina sits on the SF Bay and includes 3 ambiance filled restaurants, a boardwalk, and is home to a diverse ecosystem. Just a few miles north of the University (all the way down University Ave), there are several areas you can relax at, write your deepest thoughts, take pictures, or paint. These are just to simply name a few. Please make use of them. You will be amazed at the wonders they will do for yourself and your mind. If you would like more tips, feel free to drop by during office hours or email your Peer Advisors. Remember, its OK to take a break and marvel at the world around you. What's the point of living in the lush forest, if you cannot see or appreciate the trees? -- Be well everyone

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06 March 2011

We peer advise AND listen =D

So after deciding what I wanted to write about for this post I realized that I have exhausted much of the main topics (telebears, midterms, etc.) SOOO I’m going off the grain on this one. I know that as PALs we mostly give academic advice. To recommend classes to take, when to sign up and what websites to do this on. BUT we are peer advisors meaning we can advise on a lot of different things! There are bios on all the PALs on the billboard in 260 mulford and from that you can see we are all pretty different and involved in many different groups, activities and are just different. So why wouldn’t you just want to sit with one of use and just talk about random stuff! Some of the most memorable moments for me during office hours are not just about academics but having casual conversations about issues and dilemmas about LIFE in general. So if you are around mulford chat with us! My expertise is of course in advising in school related activities …..but I also serve a mean convo about food, research, roommates, boys, volunteering, social life, Rihanna, guinea pigs or just about anything cool.

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04 March 2011

Free Printing for CNR students

Pretend that you are working on your 2500 word long assignment. After you have finally finished your essay, you hit print on your computer but to your surprise your printer is out of ink. What do you do?

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02 March 2011

That time of the semester..

So it's definitely that time of the semester when stresses run high because of midterms, club events, program deadlines, and never ending problem sets. But how to stay on top of it and not get bogged down by it all? One thing we always forget to do is just RELAX. We're all running around thinking about a million things at the same time, but taking a breather can be worth every second. With so many things going on at once, step back and organize your thoughts, prioritizing what needs to be handled first. It's good to make sure to get enough sleep during the week, and the occasional nap is always refreshing. Resting up can help you stay healthier, happier, and (rather importantly) awake in class.

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01 March 2011

Make the Most of Cal & STUDY ABROAD

Need a change of pace? Whether or not you think you already have too much to do or not enough, take a step back and think about what you've done so far at Cal and what you would still like to do. Not sure about the possibilities for the future? There are so many. I don't know about you, but I'm one of those multi-taskers who seem to always put too much on my plate to handle. But so far as a graduating senior who has done two study abroad programs, a minor, founded an organization, gone to Central America for a medical mission, worked in college, and volunteer at a hospital, I think I've done pretty well for myself. I want to share my varying experiences in hopes that you will have more opportunities to chose from.

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