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28 September 2011

Telebears Time!

Telebears time is around the corner! I feel like the semester just began but midterms are already taking over (and contributing to sleep deprivation…..). While this is a very busy time in the semester, it is important to set aside a few hours to plan for your spring classes. Every semester my facebook newsfeed explodes with “I HATE TELEBEARS” statuses during Phase I and II appointment times. But telebears really isn’t all that bad with proper preparation – and it is such a relief when everything works out!

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27 September 2011


Midterms already!?!? I can't believe how fast this semester is going by. It's craziness!! If your professors are like mine, then you've already started midterm season. That's right: the dreaded time when you regret your procrastination and value sleep over showers. But don't let it get you down! There are some great, low-stress ways to get your study time in without pulling all-nighters. So just take a breath and let me tell you about a bunch of different, awesome study spots on or near campus. 1.) First Floor Moffitt This is a great place for group studying, as you can talk at normal volumes, so you don't have to feel guilty if you keep asking your comrades about the upcoming exam or how they feel about the topics. Go ahead and talk away! While this feature makes Moffitt an awesome place for casual studying, it isn't the best if you really need to hunker down and get to work. If you're easily distracted, this might not be the most effective location to study at. 2.) Any Vacant Room! I didn't know this until my sophomore year, but you can commandeer any unused room you find! Wheeler is a great place for this because of its central location and lovely views, but Dwinelle can be just as good. This is a superb way to study between classes when you need a little bit of privacy. However, the downside is that you could be kicked out at any time if someone else has scheduled that room, so just be aware that you're living on the edge a little bit. I like to think that it adds a little element of thrill to your work. 3.) Main Stacks Study Rooms This is for some serious, hard-core studying either alone or in groups. These are also my favorite study spots. You schedule a room all to yourself by following a bunch of links on the Berkeley website (or by following this: and clicking on the "reserve rooms" link on the left (once you agree to the terms). The rooms are extremely private and even come with blackboards and chalk! Another feature of the reservation site is that it displays the airbears signal in each room, so you know before you commit to a place what kind of internet connection you'll have. I should also mention that there is NO cell phone service down there, which is actually a benefit if you want to avoid distractions in the form of people texting you. I absolutely ADORE these and encourage everyone to take advantage of them. 4.) Cafes and Coffee Shops Depending on the person, these are amazing. You can eat, get your caffeine fix, and have your laptop out all at once! You could have a problem concentrating, though, so I wouldn't recommend these for intense memorization or essay-writing. When it comes to midterms, we all go through the same thing. Whether or not it's on this list, go find your 'happy place' and try not to leave everything for the night before. Oh! And exercise breaks are actually a really great way to de-stress during the wonderful season of midterms. So go forth and show those exams who's boss! Good luck!!

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24 September 2011

Campus Resources: The Music Library

In the spirit of sharing a complete and honest experience for your benefit, I will reluctantly admit that I got lost in Mainstacks. For those of you who are unaware, Mainstacks is the underground library. In its defense, it’s a great place to study, mainly because it’s as quiet as a tomb (pun completely intended). Needless to say, I have a great preference for libraries with an abundance of natural sunlight, wide open windows, and a spacious room with which to capture it all in. Therefore, the Music Library has quickly become one of my favorite haunts. Natural sunlight aside, which it turns out of is very conducive to studying, the Music library has many other perks. One of them, perhaps the most important is low density. Might I add, there are TWO floors AND the lower floor also has floor length windows. I’m not entirely sure as to why it seems to be deserted half the time, but I feel no reason to complain since it means I get to sit at my favorite spot! Up a floor from the entrance and down a hallway sits a very plain black chair. The importance of said chair, is that it’s the best place to sit to gain perspective. After long hours of poring over books, equations, and concepts it’s easy to feel completely drained and out of sync with the outside world. Hence, the chair. Sit, breathe, re-center yourself.

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19 September 2011

If I could be a freshman or sophomore again…

I still find it hard to believe that I am at the halfway point in college. If I could be a freshman or sophomore again I would make sure that I do the following from the start
  1. Know what you can handle.
  2. Make use of your summer
  3. Plan ahead

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19 September 2011

What I Wish I Knew as a Freshman

Today is one of those days. Those days where I look back at my past three years and think about the opportunities and resources that I wish I had known earlier. As a senior, graduation is looming close and I'm thinking to myself, "wow, in over 8 months, I am going to strike out in the real world." And boy, do I not feel ready at all!

Besides the fact that I don't want to leave college so quickly, there's still so many things that I wish I knew earlier and thus take advantage of opportunities earlier. Here are the things I wish I did as a freshman:

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18 September 2011

Back in the day...

Seeing all the new students on campus sure brings me back to when I was wandering the campus without a clue about anything. Granted, I am only a third year and my freshman year wasn't THAT long ago, but being at college for two years sure takes a lot out of you. But enough about my stresses and woes. Here are some pro tips I wish I knew as a freshman.

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07 September 2011

Hot Mess right now, but you should be an MEB OR MOL TOX MAJOR!!!

It's only the 3rd week and I'm already in hot mess mode. Classes are starting and already everything is chaotic like it usually is. Luckily I'm over 13 units so that's half the battle. If, however, you are on the waitlist for more than half of your classes don't sweat! First for most classes usually a lot of the people that are on the waitlist eventually get in. Heck as a unit hoarder myself I started at 22 units and eventually dropped 8 units worth of classes. Also if you drop classes it will now cost you $$$$.

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06 September 2011

Let the Fun Begin!

Welcome back everyone! Hope the new semester is treating you well :-) Luckily the weather in Berkeley is as nice as it gets all year long, just in time for school to start! The first few weeks are always difficult in terms of getting off waitlists and choosing which classes to keep in your schedule. I know for me, I always spend the first week juggling too many units with no time to spend outside and enjoy the weather. While the first couple weeks may be stressful in terms of waiting for enrollment positions to change, do not forget to have fun and enjoy getting back into the groove of Berkeley!

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05 September 2011

New semester, new challenges

Wooohhoooo!! I hope everyone is looking forward to a new school year. It is kind of bittersweet for me because it is my senior year *sad face*. I am sad that I will be leaving Cal but also very excited to be moving on with my life. You'd think a senior would be all pro about getting his semester figured out but not this senior! In fact, I don't even have all my classes figured out yet. The good thing is that I can blog about my process. Currently, my main concern is just getting enough units. I only have 2 more classes left to take to graduate so I have a lot of flexibility. You know what they say, mo flexibility mo problems. Be sure to get a minimum of 13 units unless you petitioned to take less. If you're in a similar situation maybe this can help. Here is what I am thinking about when filling up my slots for units:

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