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September 7, 2011 11:33 PM

Hot Mess right now, but you should be an MEB OR MOL TOX MAJOR!!!

It's only the 3rd week and I'm already in hot mess mode. Classes are starting and already everything is chaotic like it usually is. Luckily I'm over 13 units so that's half the battle. If, however, you are on the waitlist for more than half of your classes don't sweat! First for most classes usually a lot of the people that are on the waitlist eventually get in. Heck as a unit hoarder myself I started at 22 units and eventually dropped 8 units worth of classes. Also if you drop classes it will now cost you $$$$.

Study! It may seem weird, but studying now will pay off later. Only a select few can cram for a midterm the night before and pull off an A. Although it seems simple studying ahead of time really does work. Also a quick tip to studying is the 45-15 minute study technique. You study for 45 minutes, 15 minute break then REPEAT! This is amazing for those facebook breaks muahaha. Also a quote from this edu website! ďAn hour of study is defined as studying for 45 minutes and a break of 15 minutes. Ten hours of continuous study without a break is defined as one hour of study.Ē Woooooooooooow

So as the title states if you are interested in biology, but not sure what major is best for youÖwell MEB OR MOL TOX duh. Well all the other biology majors are fun and all, but there are many people out there that would be perfect fits for rather of this majors, but just donít know it! Molecular Toxicology! This major/minor is awesome! While many might be scared off by the chemistry, donít worry itís as much chemistry as any other biology majors. You wonít have to do rxns or other chem. 3b status stuff. But really if you are interested in how small molecules can really impact humans or the environment this is a major to look into. This is also a cool major if you have an interest in drugs or cancer biology since they are major topics. If you are serious than take a stab at NT 11, which is the intro class. Itís pretty broad and not that difficult.

Molecular Environmental Biology!!! I love this major too! Iím not joking when I say that 90% of the people in this major come into Cal as either unintended or some other major. It really is a hidden gem in the biology field and really deserves some consideration. This major allows you to focus on what you are interested. If you look at my MEB curriculum you can see a pretty heavy emphasis on animal biology and human health (insect physio, animal physio, spider biology, endocrinology, neuropharm, anatomy). These classes are all cool so itís so unfortunate that people donít know about this major. There are so many concentrations (insect bio, animal health, human health, ecology, ect.) that there is something for everybody. I know many people who just donít like MCB or IB, but just stick to one since they think there is no other choice. Even my boyfriend told me he wished he knew about MEB after I talked to him about my insect class (ESPM 144) which was SOOO cool. Apparently he didnít like MCB and thus switched out of biology entirely. He likes bugs and itís such a shame he never explored this major booo.


Oh P.S. peer advisers now have official office hours and the schedule will be up soon! So if you want to talk about classes, research, switched at birth, etc. than come talk to me on Monday 11-12 and 2-3!

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