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September 28, 2011 11:14 PM

Telebears Time!

Telebears time is around the corner! I feel like the semester just began but midterms are already taking over (and contributing to sleep deprivation…..). While this is a very busy time in the semester, it is important to set aside a few hours to plan for your spring classes. Every semester my facebook newsfeed explodes with “I HATE TELEBEARS” statuses during Phase I and II appointment times. But telebears really isn’t all that bad with proper preparation – and it is such a relief when everything works out!

Tricks of Telebears:

1.Make a Four Year Plan. When I declared my major as Molecular Toxicology I made my four year plan but every semester before Telebears, I tweak it just a bit. When planning out your classes for every semester, it is important to balance each semester by spreading the hard classes out. When I made my four year plan I first wrote down the hardest classes I will need to take under different semesters. Taking Bio 1A, Chem 3B, Chem 3BL, and Physics 8A all in one semester can be a bit much and potentially hurt your GPA. Pay attention to how many units you want to take each semester and keep your major requirements next to you so you don’t forget any classes. If you would like help with this, check out the PAL office hours schedule and stop by! We are all more than willing to look over your four year plan or help you make yours.

2.Electives. After figuring out the core classes you need to take and the times they are offered, review the list of electives that count towards your major. I printed out a list of all of the upper division Molecular Toxicology electives and circled the ones that seemed most interesting to me. After, I go to to see which of those classes could fit in my schedule (and which of those classes are not offered on Friday). Another great resource to help with your elective selection is The website provides information about most classes, with student reviews, and grade distributions. The worst thing that could happen is to be stuck in a class which a professor you don’t like or whose teaching style does not match your learning style.

3.Backup Classes. Unfortunately, many classes fill up quickly. Thus, always have a few other classes that could work with your schedule that you want to take written down for when you sit down for your Telebears appointment.

4.Faculty Advising Appointment. Some majors require that you meet with a faculty advisor before meeting with your major advisor. This is an excellent opportunity to build a relationship with a professor and get great advice – whether that is for scheduling, a specific class, or post-graduation plans. Be sure to schedule your meeting well in advanced because your faculty advisor has a very busy schedule. Make sure to bring to your meeting: completed Telebears Form, unofficial transcripts (you can print from BearFacts), current class enrollment schedule (you can print from BearFacts), and major curriculum requirements

5.Advisor Code. After filling out the Telebears Form, schedule a meeting with your major advisor to get your Advisor Code. You will need this code to sign in for your Phase I Telebears appointment. When you meet with your advisor, ask which classes you should sign up for in Phase I and which in Phase II. This is very important because some classes are impossible to get into Phase II.

6.Before the Appointment. Keep an eye on the classes you want to take to make sure they don’t fill up in the days before your appointment.

7.The Appointment. Have your computer out, and a list of the CCNs for the classes you want to take on your desk. The process should only take a few minutes. EASY.

GOOD LUCK! Great Telebears means a great semester ahead!

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