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22 October 2011

The difference between major advisors, college adviors, and faculty advisors

A major advisor specializes in a particular major. My major is Nutritional Science. If I have questions about the nutritional science coursework, graduation requirements, or department policies I would see Melissa Pon (the major advisor for Nutritional Science).

Similar to how a declared student would go to a major advisor for advising, an undeclared student in CNR would talk to a CNR college advisor for advising.

I know that some majors do not have a faculty advisor, but for Nutritional Science our major does have a faculty advisor and I visit my faculty advisor if I have questions about research in general. I also see my faculty advisor for Tele-Bears before I see my major advisor.


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19 October 2011

Grad School?

To go or not to go? Well, there's no real easy answer, honestly. It seems sometimes like everybody's going and it's just natural to think, "Well, hey, maybe that means me too". Perhaps. But I would argue that whether your aim is to go to grad school or not, that the important thing is just to keep your options open. Regardless of whether you go or not, it doesn't hurt to have the extra curricular activities, it doesn't hurt to get good grades, it doesn't hurt to have experiences that enrich you and broaden what it is that you're all about.

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19 October 2011

Immune Boost

There is never time to get sick during the school year. When I first heard about the Mumps outbreak on campus I started thinking about how important it is to NOT get sick ever because there is absolutely no room in my schedule for it. Besides having to cancel plans with friends and catch up on a huge workload from school, I canít exercise when I am sick. Once I stop working out, it is sooooo much harder to start up on a consistent schedule again. I am determined to not get sick Ė no mumps, no colds, no flus Ė nothing.

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18 October 2011

How To Stay Healthy

Hello everyone! Hope that everybody's been doing well, and that few of you have gotten sick. With the Mumps outbreak and flu season coming up, here are a few basic tips to stay healthy!

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15 October 2011

Mumps and Flu

Hey guys! I know everyone have been hearing constant reminders about getting the mumps and flu shots, so I just want to take a moment to talk about these vaccines. Due to a recent mumps outbreak, the University is issuing FREE MMR (measles, mumps, rubella) vaccinations to UC Berkeley students, staff, and faculty. More information can be found here: ( Now most people should have had their MMR shots prior to enrolling at Cal but it is highly encouraged to get a booster. Vaccines usually contain an inactivated or modified version of a certain virus combined with an adjuvant in order to enhance your body's natural immunity against the virus and create antibodies specific to it. Although the antigens that come with each vaccine should theoretically be "stored" in our body's memory B cells in the immune system, it is possible that these B cells might not work properly after a while. Unfortunately, antibiotics do not work against viruses so the only way to treat a viral infection besides taking invasive anti-virals is to wait it out and treat the symptoms. Who likes to be in bed sick?-- Nobody!

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10 October 2011

What's After Berkeley?

Whether graduation is years away or just around the corner, you canít help but think about your future and what kinds of things you may want to pursue after your undergrad experience at Berkeley. Many students choose to apply to grad schools or professional programs, but that is just one of endless possibilities!

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07 October 2011

Study Help at the SLC

As a hard-working Berkeley student, itís important to understand all of the resources our school provides for us. One such resource is the Student Learning Center located in the Cesar Chavez building (behind and below the Golden Bear Cafť). For those of you unfamiliar with the SLC, it offers all kinds of study-related help to students including drop-in tutoring, personal one-on-one tutoring, study groups, mock exams, and more! Perhaps the best part of the SLC is that itís FREE! Sounds too good to be true? Well think again!

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05 October 2011


So just for your info the last day to change grading is October 28!!!! Put this on your calendar!!! Well itís time for telebears again!! Remember to fill out your form BEFORE meeting with your advisor. You have no idea how many students come with nothing. Be prepared and your meeting will be super fast =)

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03 October 2011

Planning Schedules!

Hey everyone! Telebears is quickly approaching so make sure to check your appointment times and contact your advisor to get your advisor code! Picking classes and planning schedules can be tough, especially when classes fill up or you are looking to fill in that last historical studies breadth class. Make sure to take advantage of the resources CAL offers to help you pick the right courses to fit your interests and needs. First, make sure to check the major requirements handout for your major to check that you are on track with all required courses. Make sure to prioritize these courses in phase 1 to ensure enrollment. If you have room in your schedule or want to take an elective course, check out the schedule of classes for departments that interest you.

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