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October 18, 2011 6:24 PM

How To Stay Healthy

Hello everyone! Hope that everybody's been doing well, and that few of you have gotten sick. With the Mumps outbreak and flu season coming up, here are a few basic tips to stay healthy!

1. Don't stress out too much!I know that midterms are coming up, but remember, that's not just mental stress, but stress to your body. I could go into the biological ways that stress affects your body, but well, you have the take-home message. ;D If you're doing a massive study session, don't forget to take a breather.

2. Sleep! Unfortunately, time is short and fast, so we often find less time on our hands to do the many things we want to do. However, reducing sleep is, ultimately, going to affect your performance in all your assignments. Your brain does not compute well without sleep. Pull fewer all-nighters, and try to have 8 hours of sleep every night.

3. Have a nutritious diet! In other words, try to eat less junk food. A healthy diet=a healthy body!

4. Exercise! You'll keep your body fit and going! This can also be a stress reliever and make you feel good about yourself. Honestly, here at Cal, exercising can get pretty awesome. Stop by RSF for one of their classes, anywhere from Cardio Hiphop to Core Blast, the latter of which I can attest to being super intense.

5. Stay clean and maintain good hygiene. This doens't just apply to your own, personal health. This also refers to your dorm room or your apartment- clean where you live on a regular basis! I've heard horror stories about friends in Microbiology who had to leave a Petri dish in a living area and see what microbes grew on them... and let me tell you, not exactly the most pleasant thing to hear!

6. Get your flu shot/MMR shot/etc. That'll just be an additional defense against all the microbes in our environment.

As a final note, if you do get sick, be thoughtful of other people and stay at home when your symptoms are at their worst! Hope everyone remains healthy!

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