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21 April 2011

Top Ten Reasons to Visit CNR Peer Advisors (PAL) for Drop-in Office Hours

  1. We are a group of awesome CNR students you have to meet and get to know before you graduate from UC Berkeley.
  2. We shower you with advice and personal experience
  3. We guide you when you are feeling lost
  4. We provide information about CNR policies and University requirements
  5. We assist you with scheduling classes for Tele-BEARS
  6. We provide insights on different majors in CNR
  7. We answer your school related questions
  8. We are available for drop-in office hours at 260 Mulford
  9. We are here for YOU!!!
  10. ***
***Come to drop-in to find out

See you soon!

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04 March 2011

Free Printing for CNR students

Pretend that you are working on your 2500 word long assignment. After you have finally finished your essay, you hit print on your computer but to your surprise your printer is out of ink. What do you do?

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19 November 2010

A solution to STRESS!

It's about time for phase two of telebears to kick in. Midterms are slowly winding down as finals are creeping up. Your girlfriend/boyfriend is as demanding as ever because they have all the free time in the world and you don't. The lack of sleep and excessive schedule has taken a toll on your work/study job, as you begin to show up late and miss hours. If this is you, ask yourself these questions: 1. Are you so stressed that you can barely study, work, eat? 2. Do you become so anxious during exams that you blank out and can't think clearly? 3. Do you have panic attacks that come on suddenly and out of the blue? If you feel your world is coming to an end, and there's no where/one else to turn to, then click here!

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12 November 2010

Getting your foot in the door with a professor at Cal.

Okay so you're an enthusiastic student at Cal who wants to excel in every part of life. The problem is... So does everyone else. How do you separate yourself from everyone else? WORK SIDE-BY-SIDE WITH A PROFESSOR! Working with a professor can be a personal, professional, and academic highlight of your time in college. Approaching a professor about working together, however, can be as intimidating as it is rewarding. These are 5 simple steps to take before you approach a professor about working together....

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22 September 2010

De-stress for Success!

Stress got you down? So… It’s your first year at Cal and you’ve found that it’s a little more overwhelming than expected. You've had all of less than half a week to move in and get acclimated to campus. Before you could even blink, you were sitting in your first lecture with a sea of hundreds of students just like you. The professor lectured about a subject that either put you to sleep or left you completely befuddled. As steam blows fumes out of your ears from a terrible day, you reminisce of getting lost on campus, shelling out hundreds of dollars on textbooks, and fighting with your new roommate over how much clutter you haven’t unpacked in the room. What do you do now? Mom and dad are long gone, and you’re all alone... right? NO! Relax… you have a PAL!

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29 March 2010

CNR Movie Night weds 3.31 at 5pm

Want to take a break from studying and enjoy a heart-warming movie? Well, check out the CNR Movie Night this Weds March 31st at 5pm in 260 Mulford. The PAL's will be hosting the movie "Up" and we will be having pizza. In addition, it is a great opportunity to learn more about what the PAL's do and get involved in the program next semester. See you there =)

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24 February 2010

Ten reasons why PALs are your friend

1.) We can solve your scheduling dilemma 2.) We give the most honest advice on the classes we've taken at Cal 3.) Our team is composed of a variety of major advisers from Environmental Sciences to Molecular Toxicology 4.) We are open to any school related questions 5.) We host movie nights each semester 6.) If you are lost, we give you directions 7.) We always provide answers to any questions or concern 8.) We are very friendly and NEVER hesitates to help 9.) Some of us might have candy at our disposal 10.) We are always available

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22 February 2010

Midterm Season!!!!

Midterm Season has ARRIVED! (Insert shriek of doom here haha)! So, it's that time of year again.... MIDTERMS! Okay, so we all want to "reach for the stars" and "soar to new heights" as the old sayings go. But, at Berkeley where everyone is a natural Einstein, how do we shine above the rest? The key is to click below where it says "Continue reading "Midterm Season!!!!" »" ;-)

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03 February 2010

Yay Spring Semester 10 is here!!!

Spring Semester is here and flying past us, so lets not forget of important deadlines. Such as the last day to drop or add a class being Friday February 19th. It is sometimes difficult to get our schedules set but the faster it is done the less we will stress about it and I will be able to focus on our classes. When it comes to getting our schedules set, if we have our doubts if the classes we are taking will be a good fit please feel free to come by 260 Mulford to ask an advisor at drop in or you can ask us, the peer advisors during our office hours. We sit right outside of 260 Mulford. Although we have different backgrounds in the classes we have taken, we can ask another peer advisor to contact you. We don't have all the answers to your questions but we are there of you, to help you get the information you need. We would love to see you all stop by. The peer advisors are there Mon-Thurs as of now. Just a quick reminder that if you are planning to take summer school at Berkeley, make sure that you sign up for classes soon as they will fill up fast and after Feb 15th it will be open for students from any university to sign up for these classes. Well enjoy the semester and know that the peer advisors have got your back!!!

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13 October 2009

TELEBEARS IS HERE! Spring 2010 advice on classes?

Telebears is here! The big question is... What classes do you take?! Don't go completely crazy yet, we can figure this out. Taking the wrong combination of classes here at UC Berkeley can make a student crawl into a hole and never want to come out. Never fret, CNR PALS are coming to your rescue! I have some quick tips on how I've come to select classes....

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14 March 2008

Deciding what to do...

...after I graduate. Deciding on postgraduate plans is a continuous process. For me, my plans evolved throughout pretty much all four of my undergrad years. It went something like this: First I entered Cal as a freshman BioE major. I had done some research in high school, loved it, and thought for sure that'd I'd do that as a career. Maybe a PhD? Then I took Chem 3A spring semester of my freshman year and hated it. This was a turning point for me, as I really began questioning whether I wanted to be in the sciences. At the same time, I took NST 10 and really like the course. Summer after freshman year, I transferred into CNR as an NST major, emphasis in physiology and metabolism. Fall semester, I started working at an IB lab at Berkeley. Then I took an English R1B course sophomore year on Cultural Studies, which really piqued my interest in writing. By the end of the spring semester, I was seriously thinking of majoring in English. What ultimately kept me from declaring was the L&S breadth requirement, which I hadn't fulfilled. So I ended up minoring in English instead. The summer after my sophomore year, I interned at a doctor's clinic and developed an interest in medicine. Junior year came and I took the MCAT and worked towards completing my major and minor. Summer after my junior year, I applied to MD/PhD programs. Senior year: I've been going to interviews and finishing up my coursework! So that's my college life story in all its randomness. Ultimately I did figure out what I wanted to do. The best piece of advice I can give is to keep an open mind and pay attention to what piques your academic interests.

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04 March 2008

How to Deal

Having been in college for more than 3 years now, one would think that I learned how to deal with stress. Judging by my lack of sleep this past week, it seems that I have much improvement to do in this area. Each new semester brings a different set of challenges and I am constantly trying to juggle my schedule. I’ve seen how increased stress can bring about physical illness, so in order to avoid this, I’ve learned the importance of maintaining a balanced life so that I can enjoy my college experience, without letting it whiz by. So here are some things that I do to deal with stress: 1) Incorporating some sort of work out in my day: whether it’s a short time at the RSF, running on the fire trails near Clark Kerr, or swimming at Hearst Gym, I find that physical activity is a great way to blow off some steam and helping me focus on what really matters. 2) Writing down my schedule: This helps me see everything that I need to accomplish in a day, so it gives me a visual to set long and short term goals. This makes things appear more manageable, so I do not feel overwhelmed by the stress. 3) Talking with Roommates/Friends: Venting can be really great sometimes! Talking to people you trust about certain issues gives me perspective and a chance for feedback. We all need someone to listen. 4) Writing in a journal: This takes a very short time, but reaps a huge amount of benefits. I always start with the word “Yesterday” and debrief the day before. When I write down my problems/struggles, I can clearly see my thought process, identify what the actual stress came from, and why I was feeling that way. Hopefully some of these things might work for you too! And as always, if you’re feeling stressed, especially for academic reasons, please feel free to talk to one of the PALs. We’re here for advice or simply an open ear to listen.

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22 February 2008

Housing, housing, housing...

To be really upfront and honest, I've been in university housing for pretty much my entire time at Cal. Which, for me, has not been a bad thing. Of course, I had been doing some housing searches before I settled in university-owned apartments, so here's my lowdown on what's available around campus: A) The dorms: this is often an unappealing option for freshman who've been through a year of loud hall-mates and bad food, but the downsides are balanced by the fact that it's the easiest option to apply for. Since housing's now guaranteed for two years, you can use Cal Housing as a safety cushion in case you can't find off-campus housing. B) University-owned apartments: they're a great option in my book, because the application process is simple, there are no landlords to deal with, there's a weekly cleaning service, they are close to campus, and all the apartments are really new. Moreover, meal plans are not required, making them much cheaper than dorm rooms. The main downside is that they are more expensive than some of the off campus options and do not offer parking. Wada apartments also close during the summer, while Channing Bowditch Apartments offer year-round contracts. C) Off-campus apartments: the benefits of your own apartment come in the form of freedom. You can finally get your own room, seek lower rent and find, and get that house pet you've always wanted. But you also have to deal with utility bills, old facilities, landlords, and the fact that you'll have to actually take care of your own apartment. Looking for an apartment can become a huge hassle, especially if you're seeking one that will please both you and your prospective apartment-mates. D) Greek system: frat and sorority houses are relatively self-explanatory. Keep in mind that during the summer (and also during the school year), they often have rooms for rent at really low rates. E) Co-ops: it's the quintessential Berkeley residence: cooperative living where everyone performs chores to lower the cost of living. Different co-ops carry different lifestyless, from extremely wild to calm and quiet. As mentioned before, they are often the most affordable option. Happy hunting! Be sure to drop by our office hours with any questions.

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05 December 2007

Prepping for the big days...

Yes, finals are right around the corner, and we can all feel the tension that's building up to those pesky exams. Most are worth significant portions of your final grade, so the anxiety definitely gets to some students. But in all honesty, final exams aren't actually much worse than your midterms. Why? Because you have more time to prepare for them. After this upcoming Monday, you'll enter what are called "dead days," or days where there's virtually nothing going on in campus: no classes, no club event, no distractions. All you have at hand are the final exams to study for. Now that doesn't mean one should put off all studying to those select days!! Many students actually have exams that are clustered (even on the same day). So ultimately, the key is to plan ahead and come up with a rough schedule of how you'll juggle your various courses. Which days are you going to study for o-chem? For nst 10? Start preparing for the exams now, if you haven't already, while keeping in mind that you may have large chunks of time during finals week for further studying. And with that, I hope y'all have an excellent winter break, and we'll see you back in the spring!

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18 November 2007


I hope everyone is having a good semester so far! I miss all the PALs! Well, I just stopped by to say hi and let you know what I've been up to. By the way, it's JELYN!! So, I'm just finishing up my first quarter of pharmacy school at UCSF. It has been a really great experience so far. Everyone is very helpful and does everything they can to help the students succeed. During this first quarter we, of course, take classes, but we are also introduced to all the different organizations the school has affiliated with it. Most of these organizations outreach to the community and provide great experiences that will only help nurture my career as a pharmacist. Most of the classes are really interesting and very applicable to what we will be doing in our careers. I'll update everyone again in a little while. Graduate school definitely keeps you BUSY!! Enjoy undergrad. Talk to you all soon!! -- Jelyn

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08 October 2007

Around Berkeley...

So you have some free time, you've got friends you are crashing at your dorm this weekend, and they want to go somewhere cool. Where to take them? Despite how cool the RSF may seem to you, that doesn't qualify as a hip hangout. Here are a few more iconic "places to go" around Berkeley and the nearby Bay Area... Cal Performances events @ the Greek Theatre and Zellerbach: work that student ID! You get 50% most concerts and shows on campus. If you're stripped of cash, consider a trip to one of Superb's flicks, which come at $3 a pop. Berkeley Art Museum: FREE for Cal students. Let me repeat that. FREE for Cal students. There's an Asian American art exhibit going on in that concrete building as we speak...or write, whatever, you get the idea. It's FREE for Cal students. Do it. Colisseum: Go watch an A's game, or if you're brave enough, a Raider's game. Easily accessible by BART; yes, it's that stadium you see on the way to Oakland Airport. Union Square, SF: consumerist hippies rejoice! SF is home to one of the greatest shopping meccas in the world. There's also plenty goin' on around the area. BART to MOMA. They've got Diego Riveras and Ansel Adams there (their art work, silly). Gourmet Ghetto, northside: Do I hear Alice Waters? Chez Panisse isn't the only fine establishment north of Shattuck! The first Peet's was founded there and still exists. Food lovers should really check this joint out. Golden Gate Park: yada yada yada, it's where all SF tourists end up. But it's certainly worth visiting. If you get bored of the roses, check out the de Young museum. Really, it shouldn't be hard to find something to do when you're at Berkeley. Check out some of the items from the above sandbox. Your friends will be satisfied.

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18 September 2007

Freshman year

Freshman year was a memorable year for me. Everything was exciting. Everyday was like a field trip. Classes were interesting. People were friendly. I quickly fell in love with Berkeley. I loved walking amongst the crowd in upper Sproul and taking all the flyers that was handed to me. In addition, I signed up for numerous mailing lists by the Career Center, social clubs, pre-med clubs, RSF, Cal Performances, Cal Corp, etc etc. I actually took time to look at these emails and flyers and wrote in my planner the events I could go to. My spare time after classes was saturated with these events. Since I had not decided what activity I was more interested in, attending all these events, forums, and socials gave me a glimpse of what Berkeley has to offer. After the fourth week of school, I joined the Taiwanese Student Association (TSA) and became one of the interns. My weekends were then obligated to hosting its social events like BBQ, ice skating, karaoke nights, potluck, beach day, and movie nights. Besides TSA, I attended premed info sessions by the career center to learn more about the whole med school process. I found these info sessions really helpful. Career center also offers a myriad of other events for other career fields and majors. Attending forums and info sessions not only makes you more prepared for future plans but also gives you the opportunity to meet friends who are interested in these same topics. In your first year, you should discover spots that you can study. Depending on your study habit, you might want to try different cafes, the memorial glade with sun glasses and sun block (UV lights are harmful), different libraries (Berkeley has over 30 libraries), study centers in residential halls, or the OCF lounge. All in all, freshman year is the year to discover as much as you can and have fun! Don’t forget to go to classes and study for the coming midterms!

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10 September 2007

Back in the day...

...when I was a wee freshman, my first few weeks of Cal were pretty intimidating. I had heard most of the stereotypes involving Berkeley--the hippies, large classes, bell curves, hangovers, bookworms, football, and even Berkeley time! I was one informed new kid on the block. No matter how prepared you are for college, it'll still throw you a few curveballs. For me, adjusting to such a large school was probably the most challenging aspect. Coming from a senior class of about 315 (which is probably pretty standard for many suburban high schools), I felt like I was suddenly thrown into a vast pool of anonymity. Yes, that rumor about UC's turning students into numbers became especially true when I enrolled in Chem 1A. That nifty radar what-cha-ma-callit effectively turned my name into DC14953 on the overhead projector. On the flipside, Lonnie's demonstrations were pretty freakin' cool. Meeting new people also became a daily affair, and I'm sure most new freshman can relate to that. Very few people from my socal high school actually came to Berkeley back in '04, so socially, I had to pretty much start over. In a way that is good, because you can pick and choose who you want to associate. Don't just limit yourself to people on your dorm floor or suite (although they can be cool people); carve out your own niche on campus! If there's one cliche that really rings true, it's the one that proclaims "there is no stereotypical Berkeley experience." The friends you make, the classes you take, the profs you actually talk to, and the activities you pursue will all culminate into a surprisingly cohesive collegiate experience by senior year. Lastly, you'll have to learn to balance work with play. This may be the hardest to carry out, and many freshmen swing too far towards one side when they first arrive. Some flip out and study like there's no tomorrow. Other's forget that colleges are degree granting institutions. Set schedules for yourself that include both study and free time. Get involved in clubs and community service, but don't let activities take up too much of your time. If you find that you really can't be involved in tutoring children, coaching basketball, and building homes for the poor all at once, make a choice and focus fewer extracurriculars. Hope this gives some two-sense. If you have any questions about college life, CNR, or anything at all, drop by our office hours on the second floor of Mulford, right outside of room 260! We'll be happy to give advice or simply chat. You can also e-mail us at

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01 May 2007

The End of This Year...

This year has been extremely long for me. "Sophomore slump" has definitely taken its toll on me and I'm ready to take finals and get out of school. Academics have been harder this year. I've started taking upper divisions so my load has been much heavier than those carefree days of being a freshman. And I definitely feel the responsibilities of having my own apartment and stepping up in my roles in activities outside of school. But because of all the difficulties of the past year, I feel that I've grown in certain ways, even if only in being able to handle more. Despite struggles, I've seen how God has blessed me with a lot, and I've learned a little more in being content in my circumstances. This is a comforting thought for next year, as I'll be an upperclassman and taking nothing but upper divs. And for the summer as well. I'll be taking Chem 3A and 3AL here in Berkeley. I hope you guys finish strong! Good luck on finals. When you're stressing out like crazy, remember that you've survived finals before and that summer is just around the corner :)

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27 April 2007

Berkeley Life

Berkeley is wonderful because it's a college town. Since being here, I feel like I've been able to cross off so many things off my "To do before I die" list. Food Of course there's always asian ghetto. But that's just what it is...ghetto. There are so many nicer restaurants that are just a bus ride away. I always talk about College. There are half a dozen cute, fairly affordable restaurants there. And North Shattuck as well. There's something called the "gourmet ghetto" and a variety of yummy places to eat. Culture I love being at Berkeley because it offers such an array of musical/performing arts. Zellerbach has tons of great shows. You should definitely go to a show before you leave college. I've been to some random shows (like Peking acrobats and Flamenco dancing) and I've loved every minute of it. There are also great concerts given by the University Orchestra every so often. And if you didn't know, Hertz Hall has noon concerts every Wednesday. Plus, I love the shows that Superb puts on. They're a great way to see your favorite artists perform as well as explore those genres of music you're not quite familiar with. The Outdoors Just a 5 minute bus ride up Euclid Ave is the Rose Garden. It's beautiful when its in bloom (which is right now!) and right across from it there's this cute little park that has an awesome stone slide (It's a bit scary but perfect for the adventurous). And farther north there's Tilden Park. Indian Rock is on northside as well. And there's always the Berkeley Marina and Botanical Gardens. Shopping Again, I have to mention College. Jeremy's is a great place to shop. And there a few other nice little boutiques. And if you don't mind used, Telegraph has a great selection of vintage shops. I really like Buffalo Exchange. So go out and explore what Berkeley has to offer. Especially with finals coming around, it'll be a good excuse for you to take a study break :)

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30 April 2007

Some Good Life in Berkeley

Shopping So, wanna shop around Berkeley? Lots of places to go to. The closest shopping place is on Telegraph Avenue and on Bancroft Street. Besides some well known clothing stores like Adidas, Wet Seal, Urban Outfitter, and Hot Topic, there are unique hat stores, cafes, piercing & tattoo stores, and some local/ethnic clothing stores. Shopping on Telegraph is a great way to get to know the culture and history of Berkeley. Another place for quick shopping is in Emeryville. You can simply jump on the F bus towards San Francisco and arrive in Emeryville in 20 minutes. Besides many typical stores like Ann Taylor, Abercrombie and Fitch, Gap, Victoria’s Secret, etc, there is the AMC movie theater right next to a Barns and Nobles. To get back from Emeryville to Berkeley, you can take the 57 bus and transfer to a 51 bus to get back. If you love shopping in large scale shopping malls, take the F bus or the BART to San Francisco! There are all kinds of shopping area in the city. In addition to shopping in SF, you can tour around the city. Some nice spots are Pier 39, Fisherman’s Warf, Ghirardelli, the Japanese Town, the China town, etc. If you are over eighteen/twenty-one, clubbing in SF can be another experience to explore. Eating Berkeley is known for its great and wide variety of ethnic foods. Besides the well-known “Asian Ghetto” food court on telegraph, there are a lot of eateries on College Avenue and on Shattuck. You can find almost any kinds of food, with student price, around the campus: Indian, Chinese, Japanese, Thai, Vietnamese, Taiwanese, Salads, Italian, Ethiopian, Caribbean, Korean….and lots and lots of good cafés! Hiking/Sports There is the Tilden Park next to Berkeley. I went camping with my friends on Tilden before. The view was beautiful and it was a good hiking experience. We also went kayaking in the park. For rock climbing, I heard that Indian Rock Park at Shattuck Avenue is one of the best places to go to around Berkeley. If you’re out of places to go to, go visit Daily and weekly events are listed there.

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17 April 2007

My Current Extracurricular Activities

One of the reasons I love Berkeley so much is that you can never be bored. Really! There are always academic/career lectures, forums, symposiums, shows…and all kinds of events that you can think of! In addition to the Taiwanese Student Association, Pre-Medical Honor Society, intramural basketball, and volunteering in YWCA from my “Life outside of class~” blog entry on September 18th, 2006, I am going to share some of my current activities with you. Ever since my junior year, I am devoting most of my time in a molecular toxicology lab. After a semester of basic lab technique training and with the help of my research mentor, I developed my honors thesis. My research focuses on a neural enzyme and I study the function and the health effects of this enzyme in cells. Working in a lab has been one of the most rewarding experiences for me. It leads me to the world of basic science research. It also shows me that medical school, pharmacy school, or optometry school is not the only option after graduating with a biology degree. There is the choice of graduate school. Being a scientist is actually really cool! In addition, on Fridays, I volunteer in the Alta Bates Medical center. I’ve been volunteering in the hospital since I was in second year. This experience has been pulling me to pursue a career in medicine. Volunteering in a hospital, I observed physician-patient interactions. I also see the interaction between different sectors such as MD’s, nurse, physical therapists, and pharmacists. As a volunteer, I saw many patients’ suffering through pain and I also shared many patients’ happiness when they gradually recover. The greatest lesson I learned is to cherish life.

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17 April 2007

the MEB major

I chose to come to the College of Natural Resources(CNR), UC Berkeley, three years ago and I have never regretted. Being a student in CNR is like attending a private college while still having the resources and supports from a big university. I came into Berkeley as a Natural Resources undeclared student. However, after the major presentations at the CALSO orientation, I declared my major, Molecular Environmental Biology(MEB), on that day. There are six concentrations in MEB: Animal Health and Behavior, Biodiversity, Ecology, Environment and Human Health, Organisms & Environment, and Microbiology. Being an MEB major prepares you to become a scientist in your specific area of interest. Whether you want to pursuit a career in veterinarian, a medical doctor, a environmental scientist, a public health advocate, a journalist, a dentist, a nurse, a social worker, a counselor, or you haven’t decided yet, being an MEB major leads you towards your career goal. Although the MEB major requirements include a broad array of lower division science classes, its flexible upper division requirement allows you to pick your specific area of interest. The MEB curriculum is flexible yet comprehensive to satisfy most of the pre-health requirements. As a pre-medical student, I find it easy to complete both a B.S. degree and all the medical school requirements. Besides satisfaction in my major, I greatly enjoy CNR’s personal and caring professors, advisors, and environment. The peer advising leadership program and undergraduate research opportunity I received from CNR are the most rewarding experiences I’ve had at Cal. In addition, I found friends who share the same passion and same career goal as me within CNR. Being a student of CNR definitely made my college life more enjoyable and more fulfilling. Come to CAL DAY, which is this Saturday to check out the programs from College of Natural Resources! Hope to see you there!! Amy

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17 April 2007

What's your major?

I feel like half the people I meet at Cal are MCB majors. Not to dump on MCB, it's a wonderful major, but most people choose it as a default. If you are one of those "defaulters", not only in MCB or any other major, seriously reconsider why you're studying what you are. Is it because you want to make your parents happy? Is it because all your friends are studying it? Is it because you really don't know what you want to do? If you're undeclared, think about what you honestly like. If you're not a science/math person, don't be science math major! Your major should be something that to some degree, is enjoyable. Also, think about what are you good at. Usually, these two go together and can help you narrow your focus way down. If you have an idea of what kind of career you want to pursue, it could help to pick a concentration that helps you reach that goal. Take some courses from different departments. Fulfilling your breadths and AC requirements can help you do this. Talk to advisors and other people who are in the majors that you're interested in. They can help you get a realistic picture of what the major is like and the kind of courses it entails. And if all of this fails and you still end up not knowing what you want to study or find yourself constantly switching majors, take heart. Your major doesn't determine the the kind of career you're going to have or who you are. At the very least, college should be a place where you can explore many different things and have the freedom to do what makes you happy. If you have questions or are super stressed about these issues, come talk to us in office hours!

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10 April 2007

Fun (and enlightening) Activities

Besides PAL, I also work as an SM (security monitor) at Unit 3. That's right, I'm the strict lady that makes sure no shady people get into the dorms! I also volunteer at First Presbyterian's bi-monthly Street Meal. Volunteers help cook massive amounts of food and then serve it to the homeless and hungry. It's a great way to serve the community and you get to have interesting conversations with the diverse population of Berkeley. I'm also part of a Christian fellowship on Campus called ICA (formerly known as the Navigators). We have weekly bible studies in a small group setting as well as larger meetings where everyone comes together to learn and fellowship. I attend church as well at the Berkeley Mosaic, where I will begin work with the children: either taking care of those in the nursery or teaching Sunday school to the older kids. These extracurriculars are what really make my college experience complete. School is great, but I learn the most in situations and experiences where I can't rely on academics for the answer. So I encourage you, if you haven't already, to join a group or find an internship. You'll gain a lot of valuable experience, and if nothing else, something to add to your impressive resume.

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05 April 2007

I love my college

I applied to Cal knowing what I wanted to study, Environmental Sciences, but I was surprised and excited to find out that my major was part of an entire college dedicated to the study of natural resources. Berkeley is a competitive school, but being in CNR fosters a warm home-y feeling. It definitely is a small community environment in a big school. The people in CNR genuinely care about you; advisors are available almost all the time, they know you by a first name basis, and provide all the help and support you need. Everyone just seems friendlier and more laid back. Classes tend to be smaller, and you have more opportunities to get to know your professors and fellow students. Everyone is very passionate about what they're studying. When I get tired and stressed out from school and when I feel like dropping out, it's comforting to know that I have a supportive college behind me. Like I've said before, as corny as it may seem, CNR really is the best kept secret on campus that everyone should learn more about.

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04 April 2007


CNR truly gives you the private school treatment for the public school price. Throughout my years here, I have had many friends who have decided to do Molecular and Cell Biology or Integrative Biology in the college of Letters and Sciences and have really regretted their decision after seeing how much I enjoy CNR!

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04 April 2007

Why I Came

I applied to Cal because it was easy. There was a box on the (paper) application, and I checked it. After looking at all the options each school I applied to had to offer, Berkeley became my top choice for a number of reasons. I heard that Berkeley was really prestigious--sounded good to me. I knew nothing about academia, except that I was going to jump into it and come out prepared to save the world. Cal has a whole college that prepares people to save the world through the environment. That really impressed me. I had visited Cal through a UC outreach program for high school students. I was impressed by the Campanile, the view of the Bay, the pedistrians and bicyclists everywhere instead of driving around in cars like drones, the green open space on campus, and most of all: the school spirit. GO BEARS! To all you new Cal students, welcome. Now I'm interested in hearing your stories. Send me an e-mail at

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03 April 2007

The Inevitable Stress… How to Deal

Stress… there is no avoiding it. Whether it’s positive stress or negative stress, we are all going to have to deal with it at one point or another. The best way to handle stress is to realize that it will pass and it is really not all that bad if you know how to handle it. Since it is my senior year and I am currently deciding my future while dealing with the regular stressors in my life, I have come to realize two important aspects of managing stress. First and foremost, stay positive! It may be hard to stay upbeat when you have a lot on your shoulders, but I guarantee you will be able to handle a lot more and be more efficient if you stay positive. Often when I’m stressed I can tell by the kind of mood I’m in. When I feel I’m not in the best mood I’ll try to change it. For me spending sometime outdoors or exercising gives me that boost I need. This may sound cheesy, but I have even put up a smiley face post-it on my door before leaving my house for a long, stressful day. When I came home I saw it and it really did put a smile on my face. Almost as important as staying positive is realizing that you don’t have to deal with your stress all alone. Like I said, often you can tell someone is stressed by the kind of mood their in; my friends will catch on and ask me if I want to talk about it. I find that talking with my friends and family about what is stressing me out helps a great deal; sometimes just hearing it out loud helps you resolve a huge chunk of your stress. Everyone deals with stress, so talking to someone who has been through it can help too. If you don’t feel comfortable talking with your friends or family, remember you can always talk to a PAL. Please come to office hours if you need someone to talk to. For more detailed tips on stress management, check out my previous blog called “Feeling Stressed.”

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27 March 2007

Spring Break is here

So it's that time again! We students finally get one week to catch up on homework, studying, and projects. I have been relaxing, spending time with friends and family, and reading. I also plan to do some project work and studying, since I have a midterm the Monday school starts back up again (which sucks a lot). I have been enjoying myself a lot lately and can't believe break is almost half way over. My advice for you is to treasure the time you have with your family and your friends, because it goes by fast!

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19 March 2007

What Spring Break?

Spring Break, not for me!! Well it's a break from school, but I don't get to go anywhere. Even if I didn't have anything to do, I wouldn't have money to go anywhere. So what I get to do for a whole week is spend time with my niece and nephews (who are all super fun and adorable)! I get to sleep in, see my boyfriend, hang out with my family, and I'm going to treat myself to a massage!! Yay!!! I'm so exicted! This Spring Break I decided not to put in hours at my job because I've had such a stressful semester I thought being able to relax at home would do me some good.

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16 March 2007


Well, midterms this semester were crazy!! It hit me like a train wreck!! I was so stressed out, but I got through it LUCKILY!! This was the 2nd round of midterms for most of my classes, so I kind of new what to expect. But for one of my classes, I felt totally clueless. But I think I was making a big deal out of nothing. I honestly was frustrated, but I did my best and I think that's what matters. I'm just glad I can move on to the next task and not have to worry about it anymore.

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25 March 2007

Spring Break!

Spring break is never a very exciting time for me. I usually use break to catch up on work, sleep, and catch a few movies I never got around to seeing. I always look forward to having good, home cooked meals, and enjoying a cup of coffee with old friends. This year I plan to do all of this as usual, but instead of staying in Sacramento for the whole week, I am going on a camping trip along the Northern California coast for the last four days of break. I don’t have the exact itinerary picked out, so perhaps my only real plan will be to be back in Berkeley in time for my 10 o’clock class on Monday. I’m looking forward to an enjoyable and relaxing break.

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23 March 2007

More spring break plans

As with most undergrads, my spring break will be highlighted by a visit back home and meeting up with friends from high school. I miss the LA area, especially the palm tree-laden streets of Pasadena, fancy rides that inch past me on the congested freeways, inexpensive dim sum, and the thick band of brownish smog that rests upon the county. Of course, attempts will be made at catching up on school work, especially on the loads of reading I have gently pushed aside for this English course I'm taking. A midterm, as well as a research project, will dawn on me after the break. But for now, I'm looking forward to sleeping in a little later than usual and a break from hectic college life. This spring break should be a good one.

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23 March 2007

Upcoming Midterms

So how do you prepare for the next round of midterms? I believe all the PALs had really good things to say, and I'll can do is reiterate some of the suggestions they had. First of all, don't stress out! It's really easy to and maybe I'm not the best person to say this because I tend to freak out and make other people nervous because…well, I have "bad energy" around me. Music, especially classical and instrumental music, is particularly relaxing, and I listen to it while I study so that I will feel calmer and more in focus. Other strategies include remembering to breathe and doing exercises – walking around, dancing, or just giving yourself a break. Sleeping is always good.

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21 March 2007

My Third Spring Break

This will be my third spring break. As usual, I am flying back to Irvine with my little black luggage, which is mainly occupied by my notes and books. Yes, midtermsssss right after break. Ah! But think about the bright side, I get a full week to study for my biochemistry and physiology midterms! I plan to take my metabolism reader to Newport Beach to enjoy some soCal sunshine while I figure out which steps produce CO2’s and which enzymes need the help of NAD+ or FAD in citric acid cycle. After every meal, I will remind myself that my cells are working hard to break down the newly entered glucose in my blood stream via glycolysis. When I go swimming or playing basketball, I will think about why I breathe faster and I will anticipate soreness in my muscles because of the accumulation of lactic acids, of course. Last semester at this same time, I was whining about having two midterms right after break, too, except they were bio1a and physics 8b. Life goes on. Welcome, spring break 2007! Besides becoming an even harder-working Berkeley student, I will become an American this spring break! I am going to the Naturalization Oath Ceremony in LA tomorrow and after that, I will be Taiwanese-American. After six years of living in America, I will be finally “naturalized” from being an alien. I don’t know what that means. Jury duty? Anyway, another exciting change for this break is that on Thursday, my brother will know whether he gets into Berkeley or not! I really hope he joins me next year! I am currently sitting right next to Gate nine in Oakland Airport. My plan was to come early and hop onto an earlier flight so I could have dinner with my family, like right now. Apparently my flight ticket wasn’t expensive enough to be qualified for a free standby. So I got myself a gourmet burrito and a cup of coffee. What are your plans for spring break? Try a new sport or try some new dishes. Read some magazines or watch some movies. Hang out with friends and cherish family time. Remember to catch up on sleep and recharge yourself while playing hard and studying hard! Hope y’all have a wonderful and relaxing spring break. See you after break!

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21 March 2007

My Spring Break Plans

Hooray for a breather! Next week, I plan to catch up on my Zzzzz's as well as with friends and family. My younger brother gets home from UC Davis the same week, so there will be some time for some interesting conversations...I also hope to do a lot of shopping with my friends from high school and watch lots of movies, some of which won this year's Oscar. Whenever I go home, I always enjoy running and biking at Coyote Hills. There are numerous trails to explore and lots of wildlife to see! Unfortunately, I'll have to fit in some studying time during my day, especially since I get to look forward to three midterms the following week. But thats ok, 'cause at least I'll have time to spread out my studying. FYI, the Fall 2007 schedule comes out today! So if you're confused or have questions about your schedule, come by office hours at Mulford Hall and we'll be happy to help you out!

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20 March 2007


I think I'm in spring break mode already. I can't wait to finally take a break from school and all those midterms. This spring break, I'm going on a road trip to Oregon with my Christian fellowship. We're going to be staying in cabins along Rogue River and doing all the nature-y things that we CNR people love to do. There'll be lots of hiking, swimming, fishing, star-gazing, eating, playing games and overall fun and bonding. Road trips are so great because you get to have great random (and deep) conversations with your car mates and stop by strange and interesting places/towns too. I'm super excited! Hope you guys have wonderful breaks too having fun, relaxing at home, or spending time with best friends and family :)

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20 March 2007

Ready for Spring Break?

I can’t believe it is already time for Spring Break; it really snuck up on me this year. I’ve been so busy that I am shocked how fast my last semester here at Cal is going by. However, just because I know my undergraduate experience is coming to an end soon and I will miss it greatly, doesn’t mean I’m not ready to enjoy Spring Break! I decided to keep my break fairly low key since I am in need of some down time. Luckily, I only work one day so I will have plenty of time for “me time.” I am excited to see my three best friends from back home (I live with one now, but it’s been a while since all four of us have been in the same place at the same time). One of them is graduating from beauty school, so I am thrilled to help her celebrate. I am also looking forward to hanging out at home with my family and my puppy.

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19 March 2007

Midterms Midterms Midterms

So the second round of midterms is or will be coming up for most of us, either right before spring break or immediately after. To prepare for this, here are a few pieces of two sense I have up my sleeve. Don't let a mediocre performance on a previous midterm bog you down. If you did well on your first midterm, great! Tackle the next one with the same grace. But if things did not go as well as you'd hoped, try to figure out why: did you not have enough time to study? Was the material too difficult? Was your study environment too distracting? Was the test more difficult or structured much differently than you had anticipated? It's important that you identify "what went wrong" so that you can rectify it. Plan several weeks in advance for studying, seek out some tutoring at the SLC or at office hours, study away from your noisy dorm room at libraries or cafes, and understand the kinds of questions and pointers your professors focus on. Remember that profs love to see improvement, and some may actually give you the benefit of the doubt if your subsequent midterm grades go up. If you find yourself becoming really stressed over upcoming midterms, try to find a way to "destress." Exercise is an excellent way! You can also hang out with friends and resurrect your inner social being. Again, plan ahead so that you'll have time to balance both schoolwork and fun. Hope this helps! If you've got anything you want to discuss about midterms or other aspects of college, drop by office hours located in Mulford Hall.

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19 March 2007


Midterms can be a pain, but there are a few things you can do to make your life easier before, during and after exams. After about the first week of school, when you have finally weeded out what classes you are going to take for the semester, it is a good idea to check out how your midterms are spaced out. If you have three during the fifth week of school, you will want to anticipate this and start studying early. Also, going to office hours and clarifying topics you don’t understand during the week they were presented is much more effective than having a laundry list of concerns during the review session. This allows some time for the information to settle and makes your studying right before the exam more like a review and less like a night of cramming.

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14 March 2007

Why is it called a MID-Term Anyways?

Most of us have come to realize that midterms don’t only occur midway through the term, often we have several “mid” terms for one class so it is important to stay on top of the material. Whether we like it or not, it’s midterm season again (or always for some of us), so how about some tips on how to study? 1. If possible, it’s best to try to stay on top of the material throughout the semester so you don’t feel rushed when it’s time to study for the midterm. If not, start going over the material early enough so you don’t have to cram (unless that’s the only way you can study). Studies have shown that people remember the material much better if it’s learned over a longer period of time, thus, helping you do better on this midterm, possibly the cumulative final as well and most importantly it will stick with you longer.

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13 March 2007

Midterms again?

Midterms - Preparing for the next Round (a revisited topic; or can be "Tips on Studying effectively" from Julie) I know some of you have midterms right before spring break. It’s a good thing, right? C’mon, SPRING BREAK is almost here! Excited? I am! For the second midterm, you need to learn from mistakes in the first midterm and improve your studying habits and strategy. Don’t worry, it’s never too late. It doesn’t matter if you got a C, a B, an A, or even an A+, you should reflect through what needs to be improved in turns of studying for your particular class. Maybe now you know that your professors like calculation-based questions more; maybe you found out that there were mostly conceptual questions; maybe from the first paper you learned that your GSI prefers more detailed supporting evidences… you get the idea. So based on your previous experience, you can modify tactics for the second exam. Don’t give up if you scored below average or a C-. You might be the person who set the curve in second midterm, the professor might just give out 40% of the class A’s, the professor might see your improvements throughout semesters and grand you an A, or just remember, there is still the final for most of the time. Continue your great work if you got a great score. Remember how you prepared for the first midterms/paper. But don’t slack off! The second midterm might be harder. Also, be sure to look over the syllabus and revisit the % distributions for each assignment and midterm. And remember, always give yourself some break. You deserve it.

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12 March 2007


Studying for midterms?!?!?! Don’t they seem never-ending? My main trouble is to actually start studying, and once I (finally) get the ball rolling, it seems to go relatively smoothly. Here are a few tips that I have found to be incredibly helpful for studying: 1) Organize the material. There may be tons of information we have to pack into our heads but one thing I found to be incredibly effective is to figure out how the various topics relate to each other. Once I find the links and get the large picture, it’s easier to study the details. 2) Alternate between classes. If I have more than one midterm in a day, or within a few days of each other, like I have coming up (next Friday), I find that studying for a few hours for one class, then switching, helps me keep me focused. I tend to get bored and my mind wanders so I have to keep things fresh. 3) Don’t worry about others. Don’t worry too much how other students will do on the midterm—this will just make you more nervous. Try to focus on doing your personal best and try to stay calm. I hope these tips help! Come by our office hours and tell us how you study! GOOD LUCK ON YOUR MIDTERMS!!!!

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12 March 2007

My Favorite Music, Movies, and Food!

Music is one of my passions in life. I have played some sort of instrument ever since I can remember, and finally settled on the saxophone in fifth grade. Since then, I have played in various wind and jazz ensembles, and have cheered on the Bears as a member of the Cal Band. When I am not playing music, I usually have something on to listen to. I really enjoy jazz and like going to jazz clubs when I can find the time. One of my favorite activities of the summer is going to the Sacramento Jazz Jubilee, dancing, and listening to jazz on a warm summer night. I also like blue grass, rock, and classic rock, and try to go to music festivals and concerts as often as I can.

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12 March 2007

Second Round of Midterms

Preparing for the second round of midterms can either be a positive or negative experience. These two different experiences can result depending on whether the first round of midterms went well or not and whether one is motivated during spring break. Last year, I spent my entire spring break in Berkeley preparing for my midterms. During that time, it wasn't the most enjoyable experience but the reward I gained by scoring well on my midterms made by spring break studying justified.

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12 March 2007

Check out my current Favorites!

Hi everyone! How is school? How were/are the midterms? Don’t forget to relax and always take a break from studying! Today I’m going to list out some of my favorite shows, music, and food! First, I’ll tell you my current favorite show. I love Grey’s Anatomy! It’s a medical drama describing five surgery interns’ complicated relationships, their excitement, stress, ups and downs as rookie surgeons, and some ethical/debatable issues in healthcare and medicine. Seriously, this show is such a lacrimal gland stimulator. I cry during every episode! Oh, and did you know that you can watch full episodes for the entire season online at Many other shows such as Desperate Housewife and Ugly Betty are on there. Go check it out if you have time!

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11 March 2007


Hey guys! So this is a fun topic to write about. My favorite movie would have to be the one I saw yesterday, 300. It is an action-packed flick about courage, honor, and loyalty with stunning graphics and a bit of history as well. Although I am easily satisfied with movies, moments from this movie really touch me and without putting up any spoilers, I highly recommend that you go see it. I went to the Metreon in hopes of seeing it a la imax, but unfortunately, tickets were sold out by the time I arrived...I recommend you make reservations early!

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10 March 2007

Who I admire

Both parents have been excellent mentors in my life. My mom- a sacrificial, selfless mother who continually puts her children first. My dad- a level headed, logical and encouraging father. Among four kids, it would seem difficult to divide time and attention to myself and to my three brothers. However, they have treated me and my siblings as individuals, without comparing each person against one another. They have successfully managed to nurture each one of us; encouraging our strengths and helping us improve upon our weaknesses. To me, they are the examples of what parents ought to be- loving and committed to their children and to one another.

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10 March 2007

Favorites of all Time

So I’m sure everyone has his or her favorites. My favorites, I have to say, all have some sort or romantic theme associated to it because I happen to be a romantic at heart. But being at Cal, I have really begun to expand my likes and dislikes. So here goes!

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09 March 2007

My Favorite Classes are...

My favorite class at Cal has definitely been Bio 1B field studies section! Best class ever! We got to go outside and do field work and walk around in the streams and collect insect samples rather then sitting in a stuffy room for 4 hours to look at phylogeny work sheets! :(

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09 March 2007

My Grandma is my Mentor

In my life I have had many mentors from all different backgrounds and experiences. While my academic mentors have been very helpful, I feel that my most important is my grandma. Even though she has not had a "formal education" she has taught me much about life and how to be a good person.

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09 March 2007

My favorite class

My favorite class at UC Berkeley is IB 140, human sexuality. I learned so many things in this class! There are many classes that we need to take at Berkeley that are not relevant to our daily lives, but IB140 is definitely not one of them. Each lecture our teacher covered topics that were practical in our real life.

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08 March 2007

My favorite....

Going to school in the Bay Area has its major advantages. For instance, I can get Italian, Thai, Korean, Japanese, Chinese, American, or Mexican food all within a couple of blocks. Where else can I do that? Berkeley is an amazing city for finding little places to go between classes and for late night coffee runs. I can’t say where my favorite place is because there are so many! What I can say is that my favorite band, Rancid, indeed comes from Berkeley! They are incredibly talented and every album has a completely different sound. They have been around for a long time, but still haven’t gotten too big—I can still go see them at the Warfield in San Francisco. The lead singer was raised in Albany, where I’m from, and it’s cool to listen to him singing about the same places I go to too.

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08 March 2007

Favorite things

When I don't have to prepare for a midterm or when I have some free time, I often feel the urge to destress. Below are a few things that I like to do to help relax and rejuvenate myself after a midterm or stressful day. ~ Read a novel over the weekend. Some of my favorite authors are Jane Austen, Edith Wharton, Charlotte Bronte, Amy Tan. I like to read books that leave you with a new perspective on life and the intricate relationships between people in general.

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08 March 2007

Music & Lyrics—cherish your lyrics and sing your beautiful songs!

Having watched the movie Music and Lyrics lately, I found it relaxing and meaningful. During this stressful time of the semester, it eased my mind and allowed me some time to reflect. The movie is a love story about writing lyrics and songs. It mentioned an idea that every person you meet in life is like a melody and the interaction or the experience is the lyrics of the song. A song would need both to become a song. Even though it was describing love in the movie, it reminded me a lot when I think of every person who I met in my life. Everyone in your life is precious, no matter if that person has given you happiness or pain. I am thankful for each of them. When I experience joy, I am thankful that the people gave me a wonderful memory and made my day happy. When I got hurt by a person, I learned how to be strong and not giving up. After years and years, there are wonderful songs in my life I can share. These are the things that molded me and shaped me. I am thankful for every person and everything in my life, both good and bad. I love my music and lyrics in my songs. How about you?

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08 March 2007

My Most Favorites

So, when I'm not sitting in front of my computer crying over the paper I have to write or spending yet another sad weekend in the depths of the main stacks, I do enjoy having some down time and doing what I love most..which includes: 1. Eating. Food always seems to be number one in my life. I can't say that I have a favorite place to eat because there are so many great places around Berkeley. I love the restaurants down College Avenue. La Mediterranee is a really nice place to have lunch on a sunny afternoon. And further down College is an adorable chocolate cafe called Bittersweet. They have great hot cocoa and a lot of exotic chocolates too. 2. Watching movies. I love watching movies, whether it's going out to the theatre or watching it at home with a bunch of friends. I really like indie films. Some of my favorites are Garden State, Amelie, and Little Miss Sunshine. But once in a while I go for the chick flicks too. I can watch Love Actually over and over again. And I love this movie called Sabrina Goes to Rome, based on the TV series Sabrina. It's really embarrassing to tell people but it's one of my favorite movies. 3. Listening to some good music. Deep down I'm a mellow person, so I love mellow music. My favorite artists include Jack Johnson, Copeland, Bright Eyes, and Death Cab. They're perfect to listen to when you're just laying on your bed, looking out the window at the trees and blue sky and daydreaming. 4. Watching TV. I actually rarely ever find time to watch TV when I'm in school, but I do have a few favorite TV shows. I love The Office. I like the American version, but in my mind there's no competing with the original British version. I also love Arrested Development, but sadly, it's cancelled. And Simpsons and Conan are great too.

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08 March 2007

Things I like to do for fun

If theres one thing I learned in life, it's to have a balance. And that includes what I eat. I love to eat out with friends. I enjoy trying cuisines from different cultures and find that Berkeley is the perfect place to do it! I recently discovered how GLORIOUS the "Berkeley Guide to the Good Life" coupon book is. Not only does it summarize a majority of the restaurants around Berkeley, but it has really good deals. Ever walk past Adagia restaurant on Bancroft and College and wonder if you'd ever be able to try it on a student budget? Fear no more! Adagia offers to for one entrees for dinner and the first time experience is worth the price. Thanks to these hidden deals, I try to make it a point to use those coupons to encourage me to try new places at cheap prices. I also enjoy reading. Over winter break, I began a reading Philip Pullman's "His Dark Materials" series. It is a three part Fantasy series that had me enticed from beginning to end. Hopefully I'll be able to finish the book before the final Harry Potter book comes out. Can't wait for that! Some of my favorite TV shows include LOST, Heroes, American Idol, Ugly Betty, Grey's Anatomy and Brothers and Sisters. Buying the first season of LOST on DVD got me hooked...I hope everything is ok with Jack..... And it's obvious that I adore most of what ABC has to offer on T.V. Shopping, spending time with family, running and enjoying the sun are other ways for me to relax and get away from the busyness of life. School can be pretty daunting at times, but it is good to take your mind off the stress, if even for a little bit!

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08 March 2007

These are a few of my favorite things...

What do I like? Well there's a lot, but here is a a few of them. TV Shows My number one favorite show of all time is FRIENDS. I have all ten seasons on DVD!! The re-runs still make me laugh!! I also enjoy watching Smallville, Charmed, Will & Grace, and Dancing with the Stars. More recently I've become addicted to Heroes and Ugly Betty, which I make sure I'm up to date on via the full episodes online.

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08 March 2007

fun things...

Studying, school, and other problems may be tooooo much to handle! Remember to take breaks and relax yourself! dont overwork yourself to the point where you can just shatter if someone gently pokes you. One of my favorite activites is eating out with friends! i love trying new food, trying new restaurants, and having looong chits and chats with buddies. It is a great way to bond and socialize. I really like korean food so we usually stop by a korean restaurant. I actually dont think i have any food items that i dont like! im just that versatile =) other than eating and food, i also listening to a lot of music...i really like Chinese and Korean songs and also random songs on the radio. Im not really sure of the names or the radio station i listen to because the radio is just there in the bathroom of the dorm in live in =D i recently also developed a habit of napping...before i just thought..what is the use? it just gets me more tired..but after napping for a while because of a tired day of classes, it actually keeps me awake and makes me more refreshed...i think im addicted to napping actually! and i recently got addicted to libraries so whenever im free i would just walk to the library, take a walk around it, and come back out! hehe studying with friends is also fun. whenever bored, i know that there is someone there i can talk to and when i have to study, i know that theres someone there to motivate me! my list goes on and on, but the most important thing is to find what fun things work for you, stick with it, and relax and soothe yourself!

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08 March 2007

What to do when you're not at school...

...well, things to do when there's no midterm or paper due. Here's a scoop on movies, TV shows, music, and food that I enjoy watching, listening, and consuming. I actually don't watch that many movies, but when I do, I usually opt for movies with cool plotlines or supposedly deep emotional messages. Gattaca, which deals head on with the concept of eugenics brought on by genetic selection, and Amelie, a whimsical somewhat sappy French movie, are two of my favorites. Occasionally, I do like watching superficial feel-good movies, like A Christmas Story (don't laugh) which appeals to me for no particular good reason. The Departed, with its intricate storyline, was also amazing. As for TV shows, I have a slight fascination with old-school cartoons. I watch Boomerang a lot (Channel 17), realizing that many of the themes in shows like Animaniacs and Looney Tunes go right over the heads of young viewers. I also watch stand-up on Comedy Central, which provides a good dose of laughter. I listen to quite a bit of Euro music as well as light Indie. Like movies, I like music that has strong emotional messages, though mainstream cookie-cutter music has its place when I need something to keep we awake during studying or a jog. Food? I like all sorts, though healthy menu items are what I usually go for (salads, sandwiches, fish, low fat chicken etc) as a nutrisci major. But I do indulge: Thai food, pastas, and Hong Kong style dishes are all favorites. As they say, full stomach, happy heart.

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07 March 2007

All My Favorites

I’m sure just about everyone will agree that watching great movies or television shows, listening to your favorite music or eating good food are all great ways to have some fun and relieve stress too. Not only are these activities fun but they are things you can enjoy with others. I really enjoy mixing things up and having a variety in my life, which is the case with all my favorites.

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05 March 2007

Some Very Influential People in my Life

There is not one specific person that has most influenced me, but instead I have been influenced by a few different people’s qualities that each may possess. All these people have been the people have most influenced me both as a child and now as a young adult. My parents have influenced me the most, while there are others who have also put a great impact on my life. Similar to most people, my parents have influenced me greatly. Both my mom and dad have taught me to always be myself, and have taught me to speak my mind. They also taught me that it is important to do your best, and only compare yourself to you, not anyone else. Even though this advice may be difficult at Berkeley because of the constantly curved classes where you are forced to compare yourself to others, it is still important to compare yourself to you because overall, everyone is different.

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04 March 2007

Some Amazing People

It’s hard to not talk about your parents when discussing role models. Parents can’t help but be huge influences on their children’s lives, and without a doubt, my parents shaped the person I am today. Among many things, I admire my mom for fighting for teacher’s rights all of her life. It is from her that I learned how much better life can be when you are passionate about your work. My mom is a very kind and thoughtful person to others, and everyday I find myself trying to live up to this example. Also, I will always treasure my mom introducing me to all the varieties of food I enjoy today, and for teaching me to love travel and adventure.

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03 March 2007

Influences in My Life

As with many people, my parents are my biggest role models. They have taught me many essential skills in life, how to appreciate life, and how to set my priorities. My mom is just so great. She is always there for me, listening to my problems, caring for me when I am sick. She just does everything for my sister and I. From her, I have learned how to be a good listener, to work hard, and to be optimistic.

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01 March 2007

I wanna be like.... when I grow up!!

There are several people in my life who have influenced me to become the person I am today. Of course my family is a great part of my life who have motivated me to stay focused on my goals and have been so supportive in everything I do. But there is one person that I can always count on and has always been there to support me.

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26 February 2007

Who I Admire Most

I have several role models, each for different aspects of my life. However, the number one role model in my life is my mom. I have learned a lot from my mom and without her in my life I would not be the person I am today. She brings out the best in me and yet never has expected anything from me. She is caring, compassionate, and giving. I know that no matter what, I can always depend on my mom when I really need her and I hope to return the favor to my loved ones. To sum it up, I look up to my mom because I learn how to be an overall good person from her. I have a couple role models when it comes to school and my future career. I look up to two of my lecturers, Mary Mead and Katie Clark. I have gotten to know Mary over the past couple of years and have found her to be a cheerful, friendly, and kindhearted person who is always willing to lend me a hand. I also look up to her because she has a wide variety of experience in the field of dietetics. Similarly, when I think of Katie, I think of someone who has done it all. She has many life experiences to draw from and has already accomplished so much at such a young age. For example, she has her own practice a RD, something that I would like to have one day. Lastly, my aunt has always had a huge impact on my life. She is someone who knows what she wants and is not afraid to go out and get it, no matter what it takes. She understands the importance of having a sense of humor and being able to laugh. She is continuously trying new things and growing as a person. I enjoy spending time with her because I learn a lot by having her as an example. All of my role models contribute something different and unique to my life and I appreciate them all a great deal.

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15 February 2007

my favorite classes so far...

Hi there! My favorite classes at Cal so far have been Public Health 116 and ESPM 50ac. Public Health 116 is a seminar on social, political, and ethical issues in health and medicine. ESPM 50AC is an introductory course on natural resource management, and about how different culture groups make use of natural resources in different ways.

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14 February 2007

Favorite Classes at Cal

This topic is way too hard! At least I can pick more than one class. If I had to pick only one class, it would be an agonizingly difficult decision to make. Anyhow, my favorite class outside of CNR is easily German 157, which was on how Luther, Kant, and Hegel (German philosophers) thought out the concept of freedom. My favorite ESPM courses are silviculture (185), tree taxonomy (108A), forest ecology (102A), and forest operations (182). These all involve exciting, adventurous field trips. Tree Tax had the best field trip. It was taught by Ralph Boniello, an ESPM grad student. We took a field trip through the Sierra Nevada and looked at tree species and their ecosystems, from oak woodlands to

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09 February 2007

Interesting Classes

Berkeley has so many different classes to choose from that it can be overwhelming when it comes time to sign up for classes. I tend to like all of my classes in some shape or form because I always learn something new or come to some sort of realization. My favorite classes so far have been from the Theater, Dance, and Performance (T, D, &P) Department. I have an interest in the arts, especially dance, so I hope to minor in Dance and Performance Studies. One of them is T, D, &P 52AC, which has a really long title, but all in all, it’s a dance history class. If you have an interest in dance, it’s a really easy class, in which you watch examples of dance and analyze different aspects of dance, including race, gender, and ethnicity. I also love T, D, &P 40 Beginning Modern Dance, which is a technique class. I have missed having a dance class everyday, so I absolutely love it! Plus, it makes me feel more awake afterwards.

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05 February 2007

My favorite class so far...

My favorite class at Cal so far is a class I had taken as a freshman: EPS 39A. It's a freshman/sophmore seminar that teaches students about California geology with weekly lectures and a 3 day camping trip! My camping group's theme was "Fire and Ice" and we got to basically look at glacial markings in Lake Tahoe (ice) and volcanoes near Mono Lake (fire). It was one thing to listen and look at slides in class and quite another thing to actually go on mile long hikes and touch the mountain sides ourselves. We visited a lake where all the trees surrounding it were dead because of the sulfur leaking out from the lake floor and also took a dip in a natural hotspring. As a freshman I was shy and quiet and this class really opened me up.

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05 February 2007

Some of my favorite classes

Although some of my upper division courses in dietetics have been quite interesting, I really enjoyed classes outside of my major. I really enjoyed taking Music 26AC, music in American Culture. This class focused on music history throughout the 20th century. Professor Brinner taught the course beginning with folk music and ending with rock music in the late 1990s. You got to sample music from different cultures as well as share your own musical experiences with classmates. I also enjoyed taking music courses to fulfill my music minor. I took Music 49B and Music 49C. These were musicianship classes that taught music theory, sight singing and basic harmony. By the end of the classes, I learned how to compose my own chorales! Learning about music history and improving my musical skills helped to balance out the many science courses that I was taking. I'm glad I could take classes at Berkeley that satisfied my interests outside of nutrition.

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05 February 2007

most memorbale class...

so far, after finishing all the science prereqs for med school and taking some lower and upper div nutritional sciences classes for my nutrisci-physiology/metabolism major, i must say that NST 106 was a blast! I took it last semester, fall 06, with Dr. DeLumen. He certainly is a very nice and friendly guy; too bad i didnt go to office hours or talked to him more. Other than that, i must admit that i learned a lot of stuff in that class pertaining to everyday food choices and eating. I met a lot of cool people and really had a lot of fun. I was never bitter or tired whenever i needed to study for that class because the info was really interesting and fun. I really recommend this class because its not just something you have to learn; it is a fun, relaxing class in which you get to learn a lot of stuff without the stress. How nice! =D i hope i can take that class again! i really miss it!!!

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01 February 2007

My Two Cents

Word of mouth is one of the top ways to hear about some of the best courses offered at Cal. If you need to fulfill a requirement and have a couple of courses to choose from, I highly suggest that you talk to your peers who have taken the classes or your advisor. It is much better to get an insider’s view rather than choosing blindly. Currently, the PAL Program has a survey out that is getting student feedback on various courses offered at Cal, so soon you will have that resource too. I have enjoyed all my courses (some a little more than others), but a few of them stand out as my favorite classes for one reason or another. First, I really enjoyed Bio 1A. I took it over the summer, so it was a fast passed, tough class that took a lot of time and commitment; however, it was well worth it. If you are interested in general biology then this is the class for you. Don’t be scared off by its reputation as a hard class because it is so interesting that you don’t really notice that the material is tough. What was refreshing about this class is that it covered a wide range of material, yet it was still detailed enough to get a worthwhile experience. Bio 1A was my favorite class up until I took NST103. NST103 is a great course because you learn everything you need to know about how our bodies digest, absorb, and use nutrients. Not only is the material fascinating, but Dr. Fleming is a wonderful professor who truly cares about her students understanding and retaining the information she teaches. You don’t have to be a nutritional science major to appreciate this class, it is knowledge that everyone can enjoy (as long as you have a passion for science and have previously taken biochemistry). Lastly, I would highly recommend PH 162A, a microbiology class that focuses on infectious diseases. This was one of my required courses and I didn’t know what to expect going into it. As the semester progressed I came to love this class. It is a useful class for all to take because you can apply every aspect of it to your life. There were several times in class that I thought, “I have always wondered about that.” This class not only answers a lot of common questions but it goes above and beyond. There are so many amazing classes offered at UC Berkeley that it is hard to go wrong. However, if you are having a hard time choosing your classes don’t forget to use your resources. Come by my office hours if you would like to hear more about these classes or any other classes that I have taken and would suggest you take (especially if you’re a Dietetics major).

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31 January 2007

I resolve to...

be disciplined in my study habits! This semester might be my last semester on campus if I go abroad in the fall. I'm taking so many units, I don't want to mention how many. So, I really have to be disciplined! I'm staying up later to study. I'm being more thoughtful and critical when I read so I can make connections and remember all the facts and concepts from class and the readings. It's all about time management and being serious about my classes. Like this class on fascism and Nazi propaganda: it's a history class, pretty different from forestry classes. But all I have to do is retain what the professor says, incorporate the readings into that, write a clear and concise term paper. All this will prepare me for the final. I have to tell myself that I can do this and I will do this. This process of doing well in class, I have learned and developed throughout my time at Cal. But this process should always be improved.

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30 January 2007

A New Year, New Semester

Welcome back everyone! It is not in my habit to make a New Year's resolution, but I do have a few things in mind I want to do for this year: 1. Take the MCAT! This is the most stressful thing on my mind right now, and I have been pushing it later and later in my schedule. First it was April, then it was June, and now I'm thinking of taking it in August, because I don't feel I'm ready yet! 2. Read some fun books! Ever since I've came to Cal, I haven't read one single book that isn't for one of my classes (although I do enjoy the ones I read in class). My favorite ones are about vampires :o) 3. Keep up with class reading! This is something I feel is so easy to put off, because unless you're being quizzed on reading every week, you don't feel the compulsion to keep up with reading. No more night-before-cramming! 4. Play the piano! I have become extremely, utterly rusty with this. As I type this, I can just imagine how much my fingers will shake when I try to press the keys down. I want to be able to play Clair de lune smoothly! 5. Eat more healthily. Last semester, too many days I have had only one meal a day with candy to satiate me in between classes. I believe this has affected my energy and lifestyle, and if I eat at least two meals a day, I will feel much better! That's all for now :o)

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29 January 2007

New Semester!!

Happy Spring 2007! After the count down at Lake Tahoe, I am here excited for Spring semester! I hope everyone is doing well so far! Since I am graduating and this will be my last semester in the PAL program, I hope to meet more of you and get to know you more! I will try my very best to share with you what I know and have experienced! On the other hand, I am preparing myself to graduate and to apply for dietetic internships. There are a lot of preparation for the application. Different programs require different information. It will keep my Spring semester quite busy. I am sure you all are doing your best for the semester! If there are any concerns, questions, or things you want to talk about; you can come to my office hours on Mon 11-12 and 3-4pm or email me at! Look forward to talking with you! Wish you a wonderful Spring!

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29 January 2007

Brand new year, New resolutions:)

Hi everyone, I hope the new semester has started out well for everyone in CNR:) As for me, I caught a bad flu for the first 2 weeks of school. So, on my list, I am definitely adding "get flu shots" during flu season this year! But aside from the flu, a lot has been going on for me in the last two weeks. After a grueling winterbreak spent with PCAT books and old notes from ochem and bio....I finally took my PCAT this last saturday. If anything, it is five hours of hard work...but I think and sincerely hope that all my preparation paid off. Continuing with my list, I am hoping to make more use of my Pharmacy Technician licence this year and get some experience in a community pharmacy, which is a field that I have come to feel very passionate for. And towards the middle of this year, I will be officially starting my pharmacy applications and applying to pharmacy school. As it looks, 2007 will be a very academic year for me, and I will try my best to put forth all my strength and determination. If anyone has questions for me regarding the PCAT test, pharmacy technician exam, or anything else, please feel free to come talk to me:) I would be delighted to meet you.

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29 January 2007

Time Management Resolution

If there is one aspect of my life I can adjust this semester it would be time management. Looking back on last semester, I realized that even though I would stay up late and eventually accomplish what I had set out to do, I wasn't as efficient with my time as I could have been. Trying to read with background noise or having to stop what I'm doing to have a two minute conversation may not feel like much, but in fact my time was being wasted. I feel I can remedy this problem this semester by studying and spending more time in a quiet area where distraction is limited. By accomplishing this resolution of time management, I feel other aspects of my life such as sleep length and happiness will also benefit.

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28 January 2007

New Year's Checklist

New year's resolutions are always tricky. Coming up with decent but reasonable goals for yourself is harder than it seems. Often times, resolutions sound easy to carry out, only to become increasingly difficult to follow as the year goes on (i.e. I'll get my five servings of fruits and vegetables EVERY day, which, for me, tanked last year around mid February). But...I think the list below will be good habits and activities that I should pick up. Check 'em out... 1. Read more novels for leisure. I have two English classes this semester, so I'll be doing quite a bit of reading for school. But by goal is to read at least three novels throughout the semester, just by allotting at least one hour per week for sheer leisure reading. Sounds way cool, and I started this weekend:) 2. Write something just for fun. A short story, a poem, maybe a book even, depending on how much time I have throughout this year. But I've sworn myself into produce something of personal value in writing, just as a form of self expression. 3. Swim three times a week. I actually set this goal for last semester, and it worked really well! I'm listing it as a 'recycled' resolution to keep up the habit. 4. See at least one concert. So many concerts go on a the Greek, yet I've never been to one at Berkeley. Something's gotta give. I listen to a lot of European music, so that could be a reason. Regardless, I'm sure at least one band of interest--Keane, Franz Ferdinand, Mika, The Corrs, James Morrison et al--are bound to perform around campus. Four's a pretty good amount. I'll tack on additional "things to do" as 2007 progresses. I definitely encourage readers to come up with lists of their own (well, not necessarily written out, but make mental notes of what you'd like to accomplish). Have a happy and rather belated new year.

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27 January 2007

Hopes for 2007!

A brand new year. A brand new semester. Every year I feel myself improving and learning. For the past two years, I have learned to be more responsible and more independent. I have learned to take care of myself and manage a balanced college life. And this is the year that I will turn twenty one!!!!! I am totally excited! In 2007, I hope to expose myself to more cultural diversity and be more open to new activities and new people. I want to spend more time with my family and friends, be more considerate, and be a better listener. At last, I want to work harder for medical school preparation and maintain my happy college life! Have more fun in both studying and partying! =) So how is everyone’s semester so far? Hope this semester is a blast! My office hours for this semester are: Monday 2-3 and Wednesday 12-1. Come visit me! Cheers, Amy

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27 January 2007

Hopes for the year

I haven't really made one specific new year's resolution that I'm determined to keep. I think that goals should come along as you realize that changes or improvements need to be made. But during winter break I was able to evaluate fall semester and there are a few things that I have in mind to do not just for this semester, but as part of everyday. 1. Spend more time with my family. This is hard for most college students, and especially for me since I'm back home only a few times out of the year. But when I'm not able to see my parents, at least spend the time to talk to them more over the phone and to let them know more about what's going on here in Berkeley. 2. Make it a point to spend quality time with my roommates and friends in Berkeley. Although I see my roommates and circle of friends several times a week, there never seems to be time to really talk to them and see how they're doing. It's really important to me to stay close to those I love, and I want to make more of an effort this year to have one on one times with people and have meaningful conversations rather than the quick, "how are you?" 3. Pray more I'm of Christian faith, and God is the priority of my life. But just like everything else, I push that aside in the busyness of school. But I really want to be able to spend more time in prayer so that I can keep God as my center and stay rooted in my faith.

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26 January 2007

Goals for the Year

Welcome back to school everyone! Okay, so I wasn’t really excited to go back to school after my incredibly wonderful break, but everything seems to go okay so far. Classes are good, meeting up with friends is good, and taking advantage of opportunities is good, too. So resolutions. . I’ve already written down most of mine, many of them having to do with tasks I should do like reading certain books and other pretty big craft projects I have in mind. Doing well in school is always something I hope to continue to do.

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25 January 2007

Another New Year...

Here we are again, starting another new year. Every year people think of what their New Year's Resolution would be, but how many of us really keep up with it. Usually I fall off after a few months, but this year we'll see what happens I think I could keep up. MY NEW YEAR'S RESOLUTION: "I will make more of an effort to eat healthier and exercise more. I will also do everything I can to work towards reaching my career goals." I think at least trying to keep up with making constructive changes in your life are a step in the right direction. Change is good, it helps make you stronger and keeps you on your toes! But at the same time making changes gradually helps to make dealing with changes a bit more mangeable. And I will do my best to stick with my resolution this year.

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24 January 2007

A New Year and Old/New Goals

Welcome back and Happy New Year! With a new year comes new resolutions… but to tell you the truth, I don’t really believe in New Year’s Resolutions. I believe it’s important to constantly be setting new goals and “resolutions” for yourself, and not just once a year. However, since everyone is always talking about their New Year’s Resolutions in January, I do find it a good time to think about my current goals. I always have current goals and long term goals in mind. Currently, my number one goal that is both current and long term is to learn how to deal with stress better. Slowly but surly I have gotten better over the years. I am good at prioritizing and getting things done on time, even under pressure, but I need to work on realizing this. I have found that having a little faith in me goes a long way and makes everything run a lot more smoothly. Having good “stress skills” is important in life because most good things do not come easily. For instance, my other current goal is to get into a combined dietetic internship and master’s degree program. This is a stressful process, as many of my peers will agree, but it is completely worth it because it is something that will ultimately make me happy. Another way I deal with my stress is through spending time with my family and friends, which is actually one of my “resolutions.” It’s easy to get caught up in life as a student at Berkeley, so this semester I think it should be all of our resolutions to spend more time with the people we love. As for my long term goals, they mostly revolve around being happy and staying true to me. I would like to become a registered dietitian with a specialty in pediatrics, travel the world (starting with Venice and Greece), have a family, and stay healthy. I don’t think that’s too much to ask for, do you? ;) Whether you’re making New Year’s Resolutions or setting your current/long terms goals, I would love to help you sort things out during my office hours. Come by Mondays from 12-1 or Tuesdays from 11-12.

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12 December 2006

Few more days, keep it on!!

Two more days! Then I am free! I can’t wait until my break starts. Fall semester is ending very soon! I believe everyone studies very hard for the finals. People are planning on what to do after the exams are over. I am going to have a white Christmas this year! I am going to have a white Christmas at Tahoe this year. My fellowship is going to Lake Tahoe for a four-day-retreat. Around sixty to seventy college students are going. It would be fun! We are going to stay next to the lake. The view will be very beautiful! I wish everyone has a wonderful Christmas and good luck to all your finals! See you next semester!

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18 December 2006

Winter Break is Here

Hey guys! Now that Winter Break is here, I plan to rest up and relax. I am planning on taking my MCAT in April, so I also want to be studying for that. For fun, I'm going to be snowboarding with my brother and catching up on some good reads. I'll most likely be a couch potato and watch some TV too. Not too mention have Blockbuster nights with my family! I hope all your finals went well, and be sure to mentally prepare for next semester! We are half way through the year, congratulations!

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08 December 2006


There are only 6 more days until I'm done with finals and I officially begin my winter break. I honestly don't have anything planned this year. Last year, my family took a trip to Europe, but the only thing I see myself doing this break is bumming around the house and catching up on my TV watching. And of course, seeing my best friends and catching up on lost time. But doing nothing will be a nice break from this long and busy semester. I have a lot of shopping to do, sleep to catch up on, and family to spend time with. Hope you have a super wonderful vacation as well, and good luck on finals!

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08 December 2006

A Nice Long Break

Winter break is just around the corner…well, after you get through all of those finals, of course. I can’t wait for it to come!!! So much to look forward to…And for once, I’m going to keep this blog short! :D Home…means good food, family, and catching up with friends from all different universities. Shopping, spending time with my sister, watching TV, reading books, doing crafts (hopefully knit a scarf or something) and just keeping myself busy with small little things that I don’t necessarily have time for. And I can’t wait to watch my high school’s Charity Dance Show! It’s bound to be great, as it is every year, with guest performers and pieces from our school’s Orchesis Dance Company.

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07 December 2006

Winter Break Bum

I’m not even sure which day I’ll fly home, but I’ll buy my flight ticket online sometime soon. Home is Los Angeles. It is a different world from Berkeley—where isn’t? The best thing about going home is being with Mom, and I’ll have time to paint and do things I don’t have time to get involved with during the swirl of the semester. Nonetheless home can be a distraction of bad influences. I will get into the old bumming-around-because-I-don’t-have-to-study routines and pick up old habits, like watching television. I worked hard all semester, after all. My brain needs to chill. I will watch “M.A.S.H.” and “I Love Lucy” re-runs.

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06 December 2006

Winter Break Plans

I'm sooo excited that winter break is just around the corner, although it's hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel when I still have to study for my bio final :( ... after a really stressful and demanding semester, I'm looking forward to going home and relaxing. I love Christmas so much because it means I get to spend a lot of time with my family and my dog... I plan to hang out with my friends a lot, go on a couple snowboarding trips, and most importantly, get ready for my SEMESTER IN BELIZE for spring! I leave January 4th so I've got a lot of packing to do, but it's going to be amazing. Anyways, I hope that everyone has a relatively stress-free finals season and a great holiday break.

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06 December 2006

Prepping for the upcoming break...

The semester tends to end rather abruptly--we have a series of finals that we all stress over and then, in the course of a day or two, it all ends and you head home. Winter break is actually quite long, and many students have found it to be quite boring in comparison to face-paced life at Cal. But it doesn't have to be mundane! The important thing is to find something productive to do, whether it be an internship, externship, a trip out of the country, or a job. I recall my last winter break to be quite eventful--I had my first trip back to Hong Kong in seven years, meeting with many relatives I could barely recognize. I also took the time to apply to one of the USPHO scholarships, which I highly encourage you guys to try out! While the scholarships and prizes are awarded for literary work, they are open to all majors. Go ahead and use this opportunity to reveal your inner writing abilities (go tot the Undergraduate Scholarships and Prizes website for more info). This winter will be a bit less exciting, but I'm still looking forward to it. I have this yearly ritual with my best friend of going to the LA Auto Show. Both of us are really into the auto industry and are really excited about all the new makes that have come out this year. In addition to meeting up with friends from high school, I'll be studying for standardized exams and unwinding a bit before Spring semester starts. Have an awesome break and enjoy the Christmas season.

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05 December 2006

Ready for Winter Break!?

Winter break is the best time to recharge myself for another adventurous semester. It’s time to leave school for awhile and go home to enjoy some family time~! During breaks, my family and I usually travel, either to other countries or within the states. This break is no exception. We will be cruising around in our car in California and Las Vegas! Besides traveling, I like to spend some of my break reading novels and watching movies. Since I rarely have time for my wanna-read-novels throughout my busy semester, sitting down and submerging into my favorite books or movies is indeed pleasurable! Being a junior premed student, medical school applications are not far away. So, this winter break, I plan to start studying for the MCAT and change my studying gear to a higher nerdified level. Usually before the start of a new semester, I would buy some of the books for my future classes and start reading a couple of chapters on my own. Just to be ready and to get a feel of what the class is about. By previewing ahead, I find myself more involved in class discussions even in the beginning of semester and have an easier time absorbing the material in class. Winter break is a good time to volunteer, work, look for an internship, join the gym, learn a new recipe, try new things, and have fun! Most importantly, be safe and happy with whatever you do! Have a nice break everyone! Good luck and do well on finals! Here are some career center suggestions See y’all after break!

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05 December 2006

Finally, Winter Break is HERE!!

Well, I'm going to be relieved that I don't have to worry about tests and projects. But, I'm going to working up a storm during break as usual. This year though I'm actually going to make sure I have a week off to buy presents and stuff. My home is not far, but I will definitely be staying back home for break. I'm so excited for Christmas because I get to see all my family members all together. Especially because this year my Uncle and his family are coming back from Kuwait premanently. It will be nice to have them in the area again. I don't only get to see my family members for Christmas, but I also get to hang out with my boyfriends family and my extended family of friends. Being with my family during the holidays is very important to me. Even though I have to work Christmas Eve and Day. I will get off early enough for our evening celebrations!! I think it is so important to be around people you care about during the holidays. Hopefully everyone has a great break and stays SAFE!!

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03 December 2006

How Will You Spend Your Freedom? ;)

Winter break is two weeks away and I can already feel the excitement starting to build up (although we all have to get through finals and even the last round of midterms for some). I think having something fun planned for winter break to look forward to while studying for finals is a great way to get through the end of the semester craziness. Whether you are going on a trip, spending time with friends and family, working for some extra cash, or just taking some time to relax, winter break is something we can all look forward to after such hard work all semester long! This winter break is my last break as an undergraduate, which means I will actually have to do some work on my Graduate/Dietetic Internship applications. Although, I am happy that I will have plenty of time to work on them without having to worry about school work on top of it all. I will also be back and forth between home (Petaluma, only about an hour from here) and Berkeley, since I work at Children’s Hospital in Oakland. I have some fun activities planned as well. I am looking forward to spending some time with my new puppy, Charlie. Puppies need so much attention and training and I am glad that I will have winter break to dedicate much more of my time to him. I also plan on spending some time with my family and my friends from back home that I haven’t seen in a while, making a trip up to Tahoe to go snowboarding, and enjoying the holiday festivities (Christmas is my absolute favorite time of the year!). However, what I am looking forward to most is my trip to the East Coast with my mom and my aunt. We are going to go to New York and Boston and while we are there we will visit some schools that I am applying to. I can’t wait for this trip because I have never been to the East Coast before and we have lots of exciting activities planned. I hope that everyone else plans on enjoying their winter break as much as I am! Make sure to find some time for yourself over break to rejuvenate. Good luck with finals and happy holidays!!!

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29 November 2006

Where I'm Bound...

Being a junior in college is supposed to mean that you have everything figured out. And whenever I go home, I'm always prepared to get assaulted with questions like "what are you going to do after you graduate?" or "what do you want to do with THAT degree?" Usually I fumble some non-committal answer -- law school is a great excuse :) -- but truth be told (and don't tell my parents)... I HAVE NO IDEA! But you know what? I'm not that upset about it. When I first came to Berkeley I thought I was going to be a Political Science major, maybe even study art. Two years later, I've fallen in love with environmental science and know that I never want to do anything else... maybe. But I've had a great time figuring out what I'm interested in and I'm not in any hurry to pick just one career for the rest of my life. My dream job would be to travel abroad to some Central American country to do research or work with developing governments, but I would be perfectly happy to stay in the beautiful Bay Area and do environmental work for a non-profit or for-profit environmental company. I'm really interested in interning with companies like Save the Bay, the Pacific Institute, Foundation for Sustainable Development, or just about any green-minded company out there. I'm also really getting into sustainable agriculture and green building at the moment, so would love to get some work experience in that field. All in all, I'm excited to see where the future takes me. Although most of the time, that excuse doesn't really work that well on my parents... ;)

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29 November 2006


When I was just a senior in high school thinking about coming to a big place like Berkeley, my main concern was being able to make friends. I was leaving behind people that I had known for years and people that knew me so well... how could I ever find replacements for them? Well, I realized I couldn't, but I eventually made lots of new friends that could never take their place, but still supported me in so many ways. I found it's easiest to make friends by joining clubs, playing intramural sports, or getting a campus job. I got a job at the library, joined CLAM and CalSO, and looked for smaller classes where I could get to know people easier (Spanish and language courses ROCK for that reason). The residence halls also made it really easy to meet people because... yeah... when you share the same bathroom with 15 guys you kinda have to get to know them quick. I met a lot of people who were just like me because we were interested in the same stuff, and they have come to be my community here at Cal. I would be nothing without them because they calm me down when I'm stressed out, cheer me up when I'm sad, and are just plain awesome to hang out with if I want to get out and do some explorin'... yep, I'm so grateful for everything they have done for me over the years! So if you're lookin' to meet some new people, you have to branch out a little bit! Clubs are made solely so people can meet other people... take advantage of it! Your new best bud might be out there somewhere waiting for you... :) But no matter what... I never forgot about all my old friends back home. I think it's the most fun to come back for holidays and visit all my old friends because they really do know me the best, and it's nice to share adventures with them when you're home from different places. It's like that song goes.. 'make new friends, but keep the old'... it's probably the best darn advice out there.

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29 November 2006

When I was just a Little Girl...

When I was young, I did not know what I really want to be when I grow up. I saw people dance, I went to learn Ballet. When I saw people draw, I went to learn painting. When I saw people play the piano, I went to learn the piano. I couldn’t settle down with one thing that I really enjoy doing. But I am glad that I have found my life long interest that I want to have it as my career. Years later, I was in high school studying science. I loved human physiology. I was always thinking about the relationship between food and human body and what affects weight and body images. I knew I want to work in a hospital. I wanted to share my interest with others and hope to learn more about Nutrition. Then I worked my way to be Dietetics major at Cal. I cannot imagine time flies really quickly from my first thought of Nutrition to my graduation in coming May. I will move on to a Dietetic Internship to continue to equip myself as a Registered Dietitian. I am so happy to find what I love to study and there have been so many wonderful memories in pursuing my goal. After getting my Bachelor degree in Dietetics, I will be applying for a year long Dietetic Internship and sit for the Registered Dietitian Exam. I look forward to help myself and others for any nutritional help or counseling as a RD. It will be very meaningful to do what you like! I wish you find the field interests you for a life time. Feel free to talk with me about your interest or more about how I chose my career!

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29 November 2006

Future Plans

In this week's installment of blogs, we'll be talking about our career aspirations and goals. It'll be cool to see what all your PALs are interested in, so check this out! In the future, I plan to pursue a career in biological research. I've spent quite a bit of time in labs these past years and have really learned to enjoy the thought processes that go into developing and carrying out research projects. I find all aspects of biology to be interesting, so any opportunity to apply what I have learned in biology courses is really exciting. My goal is to enter an MD/PhD program. Not sure exactly what PhD I will pursue, but I'm interested in both molecular biology and biochemistry. Combined programs such as this one offer more flexibility and would allow me to work in both a clinical and laboratory settting. My hope is to combine what I learn from both degrees and conduct medical research. If you have any questions regarding medical school or graduate school, feel free to send a query via e-mail ( or drop by my office hours on Wednesday and Friday mornings, 9-10AM. We'd love to get some feedback and also hear about what your career plans are!

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28 November 2006

Into the Future

In my mind, anytime is a good time to think about the future, whether it’s just to see a concert, preparing for a test, or even something long term, especially your career goals. What are you going to do after college and for the rest of your life? What if your plans don’t go the way you want them to? To be frank, I don’t know exactly what I want to do as a career. My imagination runs wild every time I think about what I want to do, and it started ever since I was a little kid: a concert flutist, a dancer, a teacher, a lawyer, a perfumer-maker/creator, a wine-maker, a landscaping architect, a marine biologist, an architect…

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22 November 2006


I love my friends. I came from a small high school and my graduating class was around 130. When I first came to Berkeley, the thought of making friends in my intro science classes of a few hundred students like my freshman Chem 1A class was daunting. However, after a few weeks, it was so easy to talk to my classmates and easily form covalent bonds (haha). My lab and smaller discussion classes as well as SLC study groups allowed me to get to know people better, and now I still keep in touch with friends I have met from my freshman year. It really helps to be able to call someone up and complain and they're able to empathize. Also, since I am from SoCal, my friends are able to cheer me up whenever I miss home. It's important to balance your social and academic life!

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14 November 2006


I love the show "FRIENDS"!! It is so funny!! I have all 10 seasons!! I think I am very lucky to have friends and family who are there for me especially to help me through those difficult times in my life. You really don't realize how much they mean to you until you really need them. If it weren't for my family and friends I probably wouldn't have gotten through some of the obstacles in my life. Having strong support from them is very important to me. Having them close by has helped make going through college a lot more bearable.

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13 November 2006

There for Me

There for Me “If one falls down, his friend can help him up. But pity the man who falls and has no one to help him up……Though one may be overpowered, two can defend themselves. A cord of three strands is not quickly broken.” a verse from the Bible, Ecclesiastes 4:10-12. I think it is very true when I read it. No matter how strong and independent I am, my friends have given a huge support and they are there for me! I am thankful for all of my friends in life. My family, my band, my church friends, and friends who I have met on campus very important to me! Every one of them counts! They are like the angels that walking with me together with support and care! We share our joy and tears! We share and celebrate each other’s differences. Whenever I am stressed about school work, worry about things, or in need of support and encouragement. They are there to listen and help me up! Life would be completely different if my friends were not there! I met a lot of my friends at lecture, and extracurricular activities, such as PAL. I am glad to have met my friends at Cal and in CNR. We understand each other and become close friends after holding meetings, brainstorming ideas, experiencing midterms, presentations, and projects together. We are like soldiers fighting battles together. My dear friends thank you for walking with me and being there for me unconditionally! I wish every one of you enjoy your friendship and we PAL welcome you to be one of us to help each other grow!

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06 November 2006

From Berkeley and Back...

I was born in Berkeley at Alta Bates Hospital. I was raised in Vallejo, CA only 30 minutes away (with no traffic). Vallejo is the home of E-40 (rapper), Mac Dre (rapper), Jeff Gordon (car racer), C.C Sabathia (baseball player), Natalie Coughlin (olympic medalist), Six Flags Marine World, the Carquinez Bridge, Marine Island Naval Base, was twice California's state capitol, and was where the first Zodiac killings happened in the '70s. Well it's a pretty nice place to live because it's far enough away from the city, but it's not too far into farm country! Vallejo is pretty much directly inbetween San Francisco and Sacramento. It does have it's bad areas, but it does have it's really expensive ones as well. There is a lot of expansion and housing development going on right now. It's CRAZY!! Vallejo has a large Filipino community, I think it ranks 2nd after Daly City!!! Although my hometown wasn't far away I never really came to Berkeley. After many years, I am back in Berkely and it is so much FUN!

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31 October 2006

Where Do I Like to Chill?

Honestly, my favorite place to be is home. I love being around my family, hanging out with my niece and nephews, spending time with my boyfriend, and just chill-axing at home. But, being at home is very distracting because I find so many other things that I would rather do than study, which I really should be doing instead. So I try to stay on campus or at my uncle's house in Oakland so I can get things done. On campus I like to study at the VLSB library, the Public Health library, or the Physics library. I usually study alone, so it's nice and quiet. If I need to check my email or print stuff out those libraries are good too. Sometimes when I'm hungry and I also need to study I'll go to Lucky Thai House on University or Le Petite Cheval on Bancroft. They both have such good food and nice environments.

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04 November 2006

Some of my Favorite Spots

Often times between classes when I have a short break, I like to walk around Sproul and update myself with what goes on in campus. During school hours from 10-2, Sproul Plaza is a major center of for political activities, club events, flyer-ing, octapella, free stuff, and hanging out with friends. If I have time, I’d hang out with friends in front of club tables. Since I have meal plan, I’d also often go to GBC, grab my favorite chicken Caesar salad, and enjoy my salad and the California sunshine. =) Other than the crowded upper Sproul, my favorite quiet place in Berkeley is the North Reading room in Doe Library! It’s my favorite because the sun can shine through the windows and it is really spacious and comfortable. I also really like those big oak study tables and how they match with the historic atmosphere of the study room. It’s been two years and I haven’t gotten tired or bored of studying in that reading room! nrr.jpg As for my favorite café-kinda place, it is the Pat Brown’s next to GPB and Morgan Hall. Unlike GBC, this café is never too crowded. As a result, you can study there while eating your lunch. You don’t need to buy food to sit in Pat Brown’s since there are microwaves. The out door sitting area is also nice if the weather is good. Pat Brown’s is also near CNR’s resource center in mulford and it opens from 7:30 – 4:00pm. 1796.jpg At last, for sight seeing and relaxing views, I like the view from Lawrence Hall of Science the most. You can take the Hill line bus up there or drive up. The bus runs every 30 minutes in front of Evans. If you want to walk up there, the hike is a little intensive but it’s doable. I’ve done it once last summer, took me about 30 minutes from Haas. Up there, I can see the whole San Francisco Bay Area and feel how I’m just a tiny part of the world. However, it’s often cold and foggy at night up in Lawrence. 1660315726.jpg 1660315725.jpg

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17 October 2006

Dealing with Midterms

When midterms come around I'm super stressed out, but after they pass it's such a relief! Once I take it, I try not to think about it anymore because there's nothing I can do about it. I just try to look forward and see what I can do to improve my score on the next one. I know my study habits won't change that much, but I really try to do a little more. If I did really bad on it, I would probably go see my GSI or my instructor to get some tips on how I can be more prepared. I would also try and look into finding some people to study with (if you can study well with others). I try not to stress too much off the first midterm of the semester because there is still room for improvement! Just keep looking towards the next one, and do good on that!!

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10 October 2006

Stress... How I deal....

Well, everybody has stress. It's unavoidable you just have to deal with it. Am I stressed? Oh YEAH! Currently, I have a lot on my plate. But the best way for me to deal with it, is to vent to my friends and boyfriend about what's going on. I just need to get it out there and hear myself say it out loud. Once that calms me down, I just try to take one thing at a time. If it has to do with school work or getting things done, I try to utilize time management strategies. But when it's just emotional stress, venting about the problem is the best way for me to deal. I not only release all the emotion I'm feeling, but I also am able to get someone else's point of view on the situation. Their POV helps me put the situation into perspective and makes me understand the other side of it. Most importantly... SUPPORT from others is a great way to deal with stress. This way there are others who either know what you are going through or can at least be there for you during this stressful time. HEY... and if you need someone to talk to about your stress... the PALs are here for you!! Come to our office hours or shoot us an email at!!

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26 September 2006

Managing what little time I have...(kind of)

With work, classes, studying, and extracurricular activities, who has time to relax? Not me!! But really, with everything going on in our busy lives one has to find time to just relax. I think the key to getting through all crazy, hectic busy lives we are living today is to relax and try not to stress out too much (easier said than done right?). What helps me find the time to de-stress and relax is to schedule my week out and have a calendar in my room that shows all the upcoming important deadlines for the month. It helps me to see what I need to accomplish and when they need to be done by. Don’t get me wrong, this system is not perfect. I run behind my schedule often, but it helps keep me motivated to make sure I get my work done on time. I make a goal for myself to get things done early, so sometimes it gets done early, but usually it is done right on time. I think setting a goal before the deadline is very helpful that way if you do get behind you have some cushion to complete it before the actual deadline. The fall back is that since I know when things need to be done I can see what days I can goof off before I really need to start working on stuff (DO NOT DO THIS). This also helps to know when you should ask for time off or to switch shifts (if you work) so that you have time to study before a big test, instead of all that time being taken up by work.

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13 September 2006

PAL Dedication

When I joined the PAL program one year ago, my intentions were to provide a service to my college and in return gain valuable leadership skills in the process. Not only do I believe that I have achieved both my goals, but my perspective on campus policies and student life has really be altered for the better. When I first started the program, I was one of three students who were given the job of being a liaison to the college, answering phone calls, and advising students on a peer to peer basis. CNR isn't the largest college on campus, but there are a fair share of individuals in the college who had questions and needed advising; so myself and the two other peer advisors had our fair share of work. I admit that despite feeling under pressure and not one hundred percent certain what was going to be the fate of the program, this program was the best experience I have had at school. The ability to communicate with faculty, advisors and students on a personal basis isn't an opportunity that not many get to achieve. With that feeling after my first semester, I knew I would continue with the program to make sure it would grow and live up to its potential This semester, the program is blessed with new dedicated and wonderful peer advisor representing almost every major in CNR. What makes me look forward to our Wednesday meeting and my Wednesday office hours is not only the interaction but the pleasure of helping someone. There are numerous clubs on campus that offer services to society, but in my opinion, none more special than the PAL program. Until I graduate, I will continue to have a dedication to this program and have a fabulous time in the process.

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04 September 2006

It is Whitney, your peer advisor!

Hello everyone! Welcome back to Cal! This is my last year at CNR studying Dietetics! I enjoy being one of the Peer Advisors since last semester. I love to meet every one of you and share with you more about my experience in the college! I was a transfer student from CCSF and now I am finishing up my undergraduate degree. I will apply for dietetic internship which prepares me to be a Registered Dietitan, RD! Feel free to come and talk to me about yourself, your major, dietetics, food, or whatever interest you! I am excited to meet every one of you! Have a nice start of your Fall semester!! Whitney

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05 December 2005

My Experience with PAL

I can honestly say that the P.A.L. Program is one of the most enjoyable and rewarding experiences I've had at Cal. My leadership skills have improved, I've been better educated about college policies, and I've made several new friends. I can't give this program enough praise and I highly encourage juniors and seniors to apply. The more applicants the better, and if you have any questions, please see the P.A.L. web page or contact us at

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