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21 April 2011

Top Ten Reasons to Visit CNR Peer Advisors (PAL) for Drop-in Office Hours

  1. We are a group of awesome CNR students you have to meet and get to know before you graduate from UC Berkeley.
  2. We shower you with advice and personal experience
  3. We guide you when you are feeling lost
  4. We provide information about CNR policies and University requirements
  5. We assist you with scheduling classes for Tele-BEARS
  6. We provide insights on different majors in CNR
  7. We answer your school related questions
  8. We are available for drop-in office hours at 260 Mulford
  9. We are here for YOU!!!
  10. ***
***Come to drop-in to find out

See you soon!

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18 December 2010

You should be a PAL!

One sad thing about fall semester being over is some of our PALs will be graduating (tear). The good thing about this is now you (yes you!) can apply to be a PAL (smile!). The requirements are pretty simple. Just be in a declared CNR major, sophomore standing (30+ units), have at least a 3.0 GPA and dedicate at least 2 semesters. There are so many perks, however, that no wonder many PALs stay in the program until the graduate. You are not only a representative for CNR but you get to talk to many other undergrads and get to go to events and do outreach to recruit more people into CNR. Another perk is the food at the events and meetings. Without PAL I would have never discovered delicious white chocolate truffle cheesecake with berries YUM. Also another big reason to apply is so you can better get to know the current PALs!

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18 December 2010

Semester is Oooover!

So I finished finals on Wednesday and have spent the past couple of days just eating, sleeping and again eating. Now that classes are over I guess I can take about the amaaaaazing classes I took in the fall.

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29 March 2010

CNR Movie Night weds 3.31 at 5pm

Want to take a break from studying and enjoy a heart-warming movie? Well, check out the CNR Movie Night this Weds March 31st at 5pm in 260 Mulford. The PAL's will be hosting the movie "Up" and we will be having pizza. In addition, it is a great opportunity to learn more about what the PAL's do and get involved in the program next semester. See you there =)

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06 October 2009

Why I chose to become a CNR Peer Advisor

My primary reason for becoming a PAL was to meet people from a variety of majors throughout the College or Natural Resources. Normally my shyness prevents me from talking to many new people and I felt that having the position of the peer advisor would give me opportunity to have something about which to converse with other students. Also the PAL program has allowed me to find friends within the PAL program. As a result of talking to many students in a variety of majors I have been able to learn about the majors that CNR has to offer and many of the classes offered here at CAL that I normally would not have found out about. I have been able to learn some details of administration through answering questions. Through this new knowledge and my life experience as a returning college student I hope to help other students navigate through paperwork and strategies. The outreach portion of the program appeals to my interest as a peer advisor. PALs provide outreach seminars within the University to undeclared students and throughout the community in high schools, junior colleges, etc. I know that when many prospective students are looking at CAL as an option the larger colleges may seem overwhelming in size or the majors may seem broad for what they are looking for and this gives us the opportunity to share about the smaller size of CNR and the smaller community feeling compared to the other colleges here. Also, a career in the sciences may seem intangible to may students in preparation for graduation or transfer but hopefully with meeting students who have been in a similar situation applying to our science majors will feel realistic.

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21 September 2009

Why I Decided to Become a PAL

Berkeley can seem like a big place when you first come here. Coming from a small high school from New Jersey, Berkeley was not only huge but had a completely different culture than what I was used to. Being in CNR was one of the things that made the transition a lot easier for me. CNR provided a small college environment within the huge campus of Berkeley. The staff and advisors were all very friendly, as well as the professors and other CNR students. I wanted to become a PAL to be there to provide advice for other students like me, who might need a little help transitioning to college, or need help choosing a major.

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15 September 2006

Why PAL?

Since I have the time and energy, why not become a PAL? As I mentioned in my bio, I joined PAL because I my proud of being part of CNR, and I want more people to know what CNR offers. A lot of my friends ask me what exactly is CNR? What can environmental science majors do when they graduate? Being a PAL, I can understand more about my own major and CNR and in turn provide a better answer when people ask me questions. Besides that, I want to mention again how CNR’s friendly environment attracts me. Where can you get a first-name-hello on campus? CNR advising office! I wanted to become part of the welcoming staff and so I became a PAL. As a PAL, I hope to know more about the policy and events of the college, to meet more students, and to improve my communication and public speaking skills! Hope to see you guys during my office hours!

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12 September 2006

Why I became a PAL!

When I transferred to Cal last Fall I didn't know much about requirements and the policies of CNR and the university. I would look online to see what I needed to take for the requirements of my major. Every so often I would go see Tammy and she'd help me figure out what I needed to do because being a transfer and in a new major kind of complicated things for me. I really wanted to be able to know what requirements I needed to graduate. I heard about the PAL program last fall and thought it was interesting, but didn't think I could manage it in the spring. I thought it was a great program that would help me throughout my college career. In addition, it would be a great outlet to share what I am learning with others who are in the same situation of not really knowing much. I think this program will be a great way to develop interpersonal relationships, network with my peers, and improve my communication skills.

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13 September 2006

Why I am a PAL again=)

Dear students, I am so glad to be back at Cal for my last year. And even more excited about being a peer advisor! Being a peer advisor last semester has given me the opportunity to develop my leadership and communication skills in countless ways. I got to participate in events such as CAL day and spoke on panels that were held last spring. And that is only a few of the many reasons why I am back again this semester. What i enjoy most within the PAL program is the advising hours during which i get to talk to you guys! Through advising, I have learned so much more about CNR as well as the wide range of opportunities that are available. Finally, I am certainly eager to help those incoming freshmen who are just a little bit scared and confused about their majors and career paths. Because not too long ago, I was in your same shoes. So, please come visit any of us, we will try our best to help you:)

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13 September 2006

PAL Dedication

When I joined the PAL program one year ago, my intentions were to provide a service to my college and in return gain valuable leadership skills in the process. Not only do I believe that I have achieved both my goals, but my perspective on campus policies and student life has really be altered for the better. When I first started the program, I was one of three students who were given the job of being a liaison to the college, answering phone calls, and advising students on a peer to peer basis. CNR isn't the largest college on campus, but there are a fair share of individuals in the college who had questions and needed advising; so myself and the two other peer advisors had our fair share of work. I admit that despite feeling under pressure and not one hundred percent certain what was going to be the fate of the program, this program was the best experience I have had at school. The ability to communicate with faculty, advisors and students on a personal basis isn't an opportunity that not many get to achieve. With that feeling after my first semester, I knew I would continue with the program to make sure it would grow and live up to its potential This semester, the program is blessed with new dedicated and wonderful peer advisor representing almost every major in CNR. What makes me look forward to our Wednesday meeting and my Wednesday office hours is not only the interaction but the pleasure of helping someone. There are numerous clubs on campus that offer services to society, but in my opinion, none more special than the PAL program. Until I graduate, I will continue to have a dedication to this program and have a fabulous time in the process.

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13 September 2006

Happy to be a PAL again!

It is so happy to be in CNR, it is like a second home to me! When there is a question, I am sure my advisors are always here for me. They are very supportive and warm. As I have more and more experience in the college, I feel like it is easier to give help to my peers on classes, resources, etc. PAL is such a great opportunity for me to do it and give back to my “home”! Being as a PAL last semester, I enjoyed talking with students during office hours on their classes, majors, college policies, concerns and expectations from an area of expertise, etc. It was really rewarding when I saw they got the information they needed. PALs worked as a team on planning events and tabling. We experienced team work at the same time while serving together. It was also pleasurable to represent the college and to speak with parents and incoming students about our college and majors on Cal Day or special events. It enriched my experience at Cal at a different level! My college life would be very different if I have never joined PAL. All of these gave me a lot of training to be a better leader and to help others in my career as a dietitian. I would like to keep promoting our college through out reaching others students and different activities to make CNR a more diverse and beautiful community! This semester, I would like to continue to give and learn as a PAL!

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13 September 2006

Proud to be PAL Bubble-ized

For those who are familiar with my habits, they know I’m the type of person who spends hours scrunched in front of the computer researching new things—programs, opportunities, activities—because I find myself constantly wondering what kinds of great things are out there. Some say we students live in our own “Berkeley bubble” because we are so sheltered from the outside world, but I believe these students do not know the true meaning of involvement, nor do they appreciate the unique opportunities that Cal has to offer. So, after reading the PAL website and talking to a PAL about his past experiences, I decided that the PAL program would be really fun to be a part of. I realized that 1) it would be a great chance to gain leadership experience, 2) I could now tell all my friends that I have office hours and a business card, 3) I could finally get credit for giving people advice (which I love to do), and 4) I might meet the Chancellor! (Or many other cool people who are a part of running Berkeley’s campus.)

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13 September 2006

Why PAL?

From the start, I felt comfortable and at home in CNR because I knew whenever I had a question, there was always a smiling face ready to answer it for me. I am so excited to have the opportunity to return the favor by being a CNR Peer Advising Leader. As a fourth year, I feel that I can provide valuable personal experience about a variety of aspects like professors, classes, and clubs. I think that it can be extremely helpful knowing what to expect when going into a new class, so I am really eager to start giving advice to other students to help them get more out of their educational experience. Not only do I want to be a helpful resource for current CNR students, but I would also like to help enrich and expand the college's diversity by promoting awareness about how unique and special CNR's opportunities are. To do this, I would like to recruit new students to CNR and also inform current students about their amazing resources. I really enjoy being around others and am a naturally helpful and friendly person, which is why I feel that the PAL program is perfect for me.

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