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22 October 2011

The difference between major advisors, college adviors, and faculty advisors

A major advisor specializes in a particular major. My major is Nutritional Science. If I have questions about the nutritional science coursework, graduation requirements, or department policies I would see Melissa Pon (the major advisor for Nutritional Science).

Similar to how a declared student would go to a major advisor for advising, an undeclared student in CNR would talk to a CNR college advisor for advising.

I know that some majors do not have a faculty advisor, but for Nutritional Science our major does have a faculty advisor and I visit my faculty advisor if I have questions about research in general. I also see my faculty advisor for Tele-Bears before I see my major advisor.


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19 September 2011

What I Wish I Knew as a Freshman

Today is one of those days. Those days where I look back at my past three years and think about the opportunities and resources that I wish I had known earlier. As a senior, graduation is looming close and I'm thinking to myself, "wow, in over 8 months, I am going to strike out in the real world." And boy, do I not feel ready at all!

Besides the fact that I don't want to leave college so quickly, there's still so many things that I wish I knew earlier and thus take advantage of opportunities earlier. Here are the things I wish I did as a freshman:

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21 April 2011

So you wanna join a research lab?

An accessory on level with the latest iphone and miniature dog, lab research is a must have for biology majors. Just the idea of getting published and wearing the coveted lab coat as an undergrad is making swarms of bio majors fight for such positions through URAP or SPUR. The constant reminder of today's slow economy has only escalated the rush to get these spots. Especially with the reverence of Berkeley biology professors it seems impressive to slap onto your resume “research assistant” next to the name of a professors who is considered an academic god and has published more papers than one can read. We are often bombarded with people telling us how research is a necessity for professional/grad school, summer internships and boy does it show. Tips on how to get positions in labs and what to expect have often been a focus of many people who come to office hours (yeah so just FYI those that come to OH get lots of insider info on classes, lab and stuff so if you are ever unsure or need advice on stuff come talk to us! =D). Now for the tips!

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21 April 2011

Top Ten Reasons to Visit CNR Peer Advisors (PAL) for Drop-in Office Hours

  1. We are a group of awesome CNR students you have to meet and get to know before you graduate from UC Berkeley.
  2. We shower you with advice and personal experience
  3. We guide you when you are feeling lost
  4. We provide information about CNR policies and University requirements
  5. We assist you with scheduling classes for Tele-BEARS
  6. We provide insights on different majors in CNR
  7. We answer your school related questions
  8. We are available for drop-in office hours at 260 Mulford
  9. We are here for YOU!!!
  10. ***
***Come to drop-in to find out

See you soon!

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04 March 2011

Free Printing for CNR students

Pretend that you are working on your 2500 word long assignment. After you have finally finished your essay, you hit print on your computer but to your surprise your printer is out of ink. What do you do?

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29 March 2010

CNR Movie Night weds 3.31 at 5pm

Want to take a break from studying and enjoy a heart-warming movie? Well, check out the CNR Movie Night this Weds March 31st at 5pm in 260 Mulford. The PAL's will be hosting the movie "Up" and we will be having pizza. In addition, it is a great opportunity to learn more about what the PAL's do and get involved in the program next semester. See you there =)

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09 February 2010

CNR Resource Center

One benefit to declaring a major in CNR is that we are lucky to have a small college community within the University. A way to maintain the small college feeling is to make use of the Resource center at 260 Mulford. By using the facility anyone is bound to run into classmates and people with the same major and is a sure way to stay connected to past classmates. The computer lab offers 10 pages of free printing for all CNR students everyday and another benefit to the CNR computer lab is that it is reserved for CNR students only. The wait is often less than the shared computer labs. I enjoy using the lounge area in the Resource center because it can be a relaxing place to read or take a nap. I think the comfortable couches give a feeling of someone’s living room. There are many events posted on the wipe board and other bulletin boards, so by spending time in the CNR headquarters then we are more likely to find out about different events and workshops being held directly within CNR. Also, the CNR Peer Advisors hold our office hours just outside 260 Mulford so this gives everyone the opportunity to stop by, ask questions, or say “Hi” and chat with us.

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03 February 2010

Yay Spring Semester 10 is here!!!

Spring Semester is here and flying past us, so lets not forget of important deadlines. Such as the last day to drop or add a class being Friday February 19th. It is sometimes difficult to get our schedules set but the faster it is done the less we will stress about it and I will be able to focus on our classes. When it comes to getting our schedules set, if we have our doubts if the classes we are taking will be a good fit please feel free to come by 260 Mulford to ask an advisor at drop in or you can ask us, the peer advisors during our office hours. We sit right outside of 260 Mulford. Although we have different backgrounds in the classes we have taken, we can ask another peer advisor to contact you. We don't have all the answers to your questions but we are there of you, to help you get the information you need. We would love to see you all stop by. The peer advisors are there Mon-Thurs as of now. Just a quick reminder that if you are planning to take summer school at Berkeley, make sure that you sign up for classes soon as they will fill up fast and after Feb 15th it will be open for students from any university to sign up for these classes. Well enjoy the semester and know that the peer advisors have got your back!!!

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04 October 2009

Places to Study

With the first round of midterms here it's important to find a good place to sit down and study. Luckily at Berkeley you can find a place to get your work done no matter what your learning style and preference is. Here are some places I recommend around campus. Also, make sure to becoming a member of the PAL Facebook Fanpage and use the discussion page to let the PALs know where you like to go to study.

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20 November 2007

What I am thankful for in CNR...

Since its almost thanksgiving, I thought I would make this blog about what I am thankful for in CNR. After three years in CNR, I have found that it definitely is a "home away from home." However, when applying, I initially did not know I was applying to CNR, so this has been an awesome "mistake" (to say the least). On the application, I checked the box for the first biology major I saw not realizing that genetics and plant biology was in the college of natural resources. I have to say that yes, at first I was a little upset about getting into CNR (everyone told me it was the "hippie college"). My mindset changed when I sat in my first CNR class at Berkeley and had my first appointment with my major counselors. I realized how much CNR has to offer, both small college atmosphere within a large university of resources. It began to grow on me of how much I loved be a part of one of the smallest colleges at UC Berkeley. When I needed help, I would just walk into the advisors office and ask for some help (without even having to make an appointment). The personal attention here at CNR is definitely what has helped me plan my program with plenty of time for my extracurricular activities.

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05 November 2007

Little Treasures in CNR

CNR has so much to offer, all of which I have found to enrich my college experience at Cal. As a small college, the faculty and staff pride itself on its ability to offer students the attention and resources that students need. First of all, check out Liz’s blog about the CNR community, which describes everything that you need to know about being part of CNR. We get so many benefits! And I absolutely love the couches in the Student Resource Center; they are so comfortable! The resource center is what it says it is – you can start your search to everything you need to know about current events, programs, internship, research, and job opportunities all in one place. Plus, the PALs are located here!

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04 November 2007

The CNR Community

One of the things that I love most about the College of Natural Resources is its dynamic community of faculty, staff, and students. As a transfer from the College of Letters and Science, this is something that I was never able to find in such a large college. Now almost two years later, I find myself as part of the community as a peer advisor and as a student. However, this didn’t happen over night. I didn’t even know about CNR until late my freshman year and it took a little time after I transferred spring semester of my sophomore year to really feel like I was part of the community. You might be wondering: how can I be more involved in this community? I’ll give you a few pointers that really helped me become more involved in the CNR community.

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