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May 5, 2009

After graduation...

In two weeks I'll be graduating and leaving Berkeley. I wish I could stay longer because I love it here so much. But it'll also be exciting to move onto grad school and study what I really want to do. I'll be going to UCLA in the fall to start my masters in Library Science (yes, librarians actually need to have degrees!). Librarianship was always something I thought about doing, but I never considered it as a career for a long time. But I began thinking about it more during my sophomore year in college and it seemed like more of a feasible option. I also wanted to work with kids, and so a children's librarian seemed ideal to me. So in order to get more hands-on experience with education and the library, I decided to pursue the ed minor and I also began volunteering with the Berkeley Public Library. Both experiences were probably the most valuable ones I've had at Cal. Not that I don't like my major as well, but those two activities helped me to see what it is I really was passionate about and where my strengths lay.
So hopefully it's an encouragement for those of you who aren't completely content with your major or are still unsure about what you want to do in the future. It's kind of silly to think that what you study in college will determine what you'll be doing for the rest of your life. So no worries! Take the time to try different things :)

February 18, 2009

Planning for Summer

Even though the Spring Semester has just started and first round of midterms are beginning, now is the perfect to start thinking about summer. Not only because it helps you get through the late night studying knowing that in 3.5 months you can finally sleep in and relax. :) But also because a lot of deadlines for summer programs are quickly approaching and it's important to start thinking about you want to do so in order to take advantage of all the great opportunities available. So here are some ideas of what to do during the summer.

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February 17, 2009

Career Fair/Summer Fun!

Lately I have been receiving many career mails regarding lots of events that will be taking place on Berkeley campus, such as the biology career panel next Tuesday and the career fair that will be in MLK on Wednesday 2/18/09 from 12-2pm and I believe on Thursday as well. Hopefully everyone will go out there and explore the different representatives and employees all over the bay area. Remember to bring in resumes and dress formally to the event if you are interested in working for them this summer or next fall :). If not, you can always browse around and get free stuff! hahaha
As for me, this summer I am doing summer session at Berkeley to take care some of my breath requirements: I am planning on taking mcb 102 and a foreign language(I am thinking either japanese or spanish). Its definitely a load of work taking summer classes while also working and researching but I am currently seeking a research position at Children's Hospital. I like to get myself involved and engaged in different extracurricular activities because it keeps me busy and going everyday. So I encouraged everyone to do so too!!
Look ahead now because summer is only 3 months away and many of our PALs have suggested variety of ways you can get involved. So go out there and gain hands-on experience on whatever you are interested most. Make your summer worthwhile, fun and exciting by researching, attending programs, or simply taking classes to meet new people all over the world who come to Berkeley to take the great and diverse courses that are offer.
Lastly, please start thinking about your Telebears appointment because it will be coming sooner than you think! Plan ahead to avoid the traffic mess. Since certain lab classes are limited, think about taking that in the summer if that's possible. Go see your major advisor about the classes that you are thinking of signing up but are unsure of. Or speak to us PALs, we would love to converse with you guys about the different classes that we have already taken.
I hope everyone's semester is going well and for those who have upcoming midterms, GOOD LUCK to all.

February 12, 2009

Summer session?

It is about time to think about summer plan. What I did last year was taking two courses for major requirement, which is a great way to catch up with the grade level and keep on track.

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June 19, 2008

Summer Fun in DC

In reality, summer hasn't started yet (summer solstice begins on June 20, 23:59 according to Wikipedia and its source), but as for all of us, it started right after we took our last final. I hope that everyone survived and everything didn't turn out as badly as you thought.

Over at the Fresh Faces blog (I hope you guys are keeping up with it!), students are updating with what they plan to do and what they are doing. I especially like Joel's blog - I can't believe he has time to write everything! It's really awesome reading about his experiences in Korea.

As for me, I am having a blast at Washington D.C. Actually, I'm an intern at the Smithsonian's National Museum of Natural History; how cool is that!?! It's has been an awesome, awesome experience; not only do I get to go on behind-the-scenes tours and see collections that the general public do not have access to, but I get to work on a research project with top researchers in their respective fields. Specifically, I'm part of the Research Training Program (otherwise known as RTP), Check out the website for more information. It's a really great program, and you get to learn so much and meet so many people...I can't believe the fourth week is almost over! Time really goes by fast.

Even though it's a bit late to be applying to internships (I probably should have given some tips as to where to find information about internships earlier last semester), it's never too late to find out about opportunities for future summers. The Career Center often sends e-mails - even though you might feel like they are spamming your inbox, try to skim over them and see what catches your eye. A lot of opportunities go unnoticed, mainly because most opportunities are passed by word-of-mouth. Truthfully, I wouldn't have known about RTP if I didn't know someone who participated in the program last year. If you have particular interests, try to ask professors that study whatever you are interested in exploring - they usually have a general idea of any programs or opportunities (because they get e-mails of these types of programs from other program coordinators). If you are interested in research programs, check out the REU site to see what opportunities they have. It takes a while to go through them, but you might find something you like.

Anyway, I hope all of you are having a good summer! Enjoy it while it lasts!

May 7, 2008

Nearing the End

Getting closer to the end of the spring semester can be both exciting and stressful. You can't wait to finish the school year and take on your summer plans. However, there's that one obstacle that stands in your way. Finals.

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November 28, 2007

Honor: Why you should not enroll in 19 units and work three jobs.

The opportunities made available to me at UC Berkeley are beyond my wildest dreams (although, to be honest, I never dreamt about them ^_^). This May, I got injured and had to stop competing in the martial arts until I healed. Shortly thereafter, I got in a bit of a car accident while on a new scooter (read: don’t get one). While training 24 hours a week, in order to stay on top of my competition in the ring and class, I had to say no to all of those exciting academic and extra-curricular opportunities that pop up. So, once I had healed, I realized I could say YES, YES, YES!

Somehow, this has resulted in me taking 19 units this semester, auditing two additional classes, taking on three jobs, and being involved in numerous other programs. Beyond that, I’m taking the GRE next weekend, applying to four very special graduate programs and interviewing for two full-time jobs that would start next year. Surprisingly, I’ve been able to fulfill my commitments thus far in the semester. Unfortunately, as the semester’s end nears, the cumulative requirements of my involvement seems to be peaking, ACK!

Here is where my blog title, honor, gets involved. Wikipedia has a nice long article on honor. I was taught, however, a more simple definition: the ability to recognize and fulfill my obligations – both to others and oneself. Additionally, my capability to do this is most important when times are at their toughest – it means the most to come through for people when my life is at its hardest. To everyone stressing out – remember this. If we can follow through at our best now, during the semester’s peak, we will surely be ready to handle life under lower levels of stress. This is our time to shine!

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May 7, 2007

I wish I had summer plans...

Well lucky me I get to take a class at Berkeley this summer... YEAH for GENETICS!! yeah right! Well I am going to continue working at both my jobs. I'll pick up more hours during the month between when Spring semester ends and Summer session starts. But that's what I'll be doing this summer. Also on May 20th, I will be attending my graduation commencement.. WOO HOO!! and then after summer session and then a little break I will start school at UCSF Pharmacy school... oh, I'm so excited, yet so scared I'm going to be the stupid compared to everyone else that's going to be there!! We'll see though! Well I wish everyone well... Hope you all have a great summer and good luck!

May 5, 2007


If it hasn’t become evident from my rather long blog posts, I like to think a lot (and thus ramble and write a lot). So it comes time to reflect on the events of my sophomore year, the highs and lows, and everything that I hope for the future.

This past year has been quite interesting, filled with so many joys and challenges. I am so glad I survived Chem 3B and lab because those two classes basically took up all of my time. Bio 1A and lab are also proving to be very challenging classes, but as I discovered, no matter how tough the lab is, I have to say that it is one of my favorite classes of all time. I had a great UGSI, and an amazing GSI. Plus, my lab itself was really hilarious. I’ve never laughed so hard during lab; the people and the environment they created helped me through the night lab. Oh, and I didn’t think I would enjoy dissecting a rat, crayfish, etc. and holding snakes, a chinchilla, a tarantula, and all of these cool organisms!!!

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May 2, 2007

YAY summer!!

ffffiiinnnnaaallllyyy!!! this year actually passed by pretty quickly! but yay to summer!! the warm warm weather, doing nothin, relax, eat, sleep! cant wait till summer!!
this summer, i will be taking summer school at berkeley again, but instead of those hard core science classes i need to take to graduate or for my major, ill be taking a fun fun language class-korean! i cant wait to take that class because im super duper interested in korean culture and i have actually been "trying" to learn the language on my own. unfortunately, it is going nowhere because of my inconsistency in studying the language and my busy schedule. That will take up most of my time since its M-F 9-12 (i think). besides that, im also trying or planning to get a part time job..hopefully being a waitress or something of that kind! i always wanted to try to become a waitress so hopefully berkeley restaurants will hire me!

aside from school and work, ill definitely enjoy myself and hang out with family and friends! eat out a lot and experience berkeley more since it will be my last year next year! i cant believe that i will be a snr soon! time really flies! i think im just beginning to enjoy berkeley too and meeting a lot of fun cool people! so sad!
but yes, go out, enjoy the weather and events around your area, have fun because you certainly worked hard this year!!! =D

May 1, 2007

Summer Plans

This semester has been one of the most difficult so far at Cal and I am really looking forward to a crazy, but fun summer. Once finals are over, I’m going to have about two and a half weeks to relax, do some research on grad schools, work on my senior thesis, and prepare for the rest of summer.

Once this long overdue break from school is up, I will be heading to Costa Rica to start my study abroad program through the School for Field Studies. This is an environmental study abroad program that focuses on field work and community involvement. To the best of my knowledge, this summer I will be working with other students from around the United States to develop an eco-tourism program for one of Costa Rica’s national parks. Because this is such an intense program, with at best one day off to explore on my own, I’m going to take about 10 days after the program is over to travel around with a friend and see the country a little.

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The Final Stretch

I’m glad that the end of this semester is ending. Completing finals means a chance for good quality time spent at home with family and a time to take a step back. It seems like this semester whizzed by, with little opportunities to take a breath and relax. With back to back midterms and projects, I look back at my planner and am amazed that I actually got through all of it.
With only a couple weeks left of my junior year left, the ending is bitter sweet. While I am that much closer to exploring the next chapter of my life after college, I am also that much closer to ending my career as a Berkeley undergrad
With this in mind, I want to make it my goal to enjoy this final summer and year as much as possible. I want to enjoy the Berkeley campus scenery as I walk to class everyday. I hope to appreciate the community atmosphere at CNR even more. I also want to grow deeper in my relationships with my friends I’ve met at Berkeley. This and many more hopes I have for my final semesters at UCB.
Enjoy the simple things that make you smile and I wish everyone a safe and fun summer!

The End of This Year...

This year has been extremely long for me. "Sophomore slump" has definitely taken its toll on me and I'm ready to take finals and get out of school.
Academics have been harder this year. I've started taking upper divisions so my load has been much heavier than those carefree days of being a freshman. And I definitely feel the responsibilities of having my own apartment and stepping up in my roles in activities outside of school.
But because of all the difficulties of the past year, I feel that I've grown in certain ways, even if only in being able to handle more. Despite struggles, I've seen how God has blessed me with a lot, and I've learned a little more in being content in my circumstances. This is a comforting thought for next year, as I'll be an upperclassman and taking nothing but upper divs. And for the summer as well. I'll be taking Chem 3A and 3AL here in Berkeley.

I hope you guys finish strong! Good luck on finals. When you're stressing out like crazy, remember that you've survived finals before and that summer is just around the corner :)


It's nearing finals and everyone is itching for summer to just hurry up and come. This semester has gone by like all the other ones do, and have yet to grasp the fact that I have 2 more semesters left. Like Alex, I will be a senior this Fall, and that thought scares me (people still think I'm in high school). I have learned much from this semester, academically and personally, that have strengthened my character. I do believe that both college's and high school's junior years are the toughest, because that is when the stress of what you are going to do for the rest of your life starts to kick in (for me at least). It is when you are beginning to see yourself as an adult and when you and all your friends are turning 21.

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...and that's a wrap.

I always get a bit queasy when the end of Spring semester approaches, since it signifies another year of college life that has just sped past me. Now that I've seen three years go by, a very intimidating thought has continuously bugged me.

I'll be a senior.

That may sound really cool to underclassmen who are itching to get out of the lower division classes, but being a senior means it's the last year you've got at Cal, a place we often take for granted until we have to leave. The term "senior" itself implies passed time and age (for better

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April 28, 2007

Yay! Summer is almost here

My third year at Cal is coming to an end! Finals are coming too quickly and I’m going to miss a lot of my friends who are graduating. Looking back, this semester has been really busy for me. I became a PAL (yay!), joined a new club, and took some really challenging courses. It’s sad (and happy, and sort of scary) to think that next Fall and Spring semester will be my last, but I get to look forward to going to optometry school.

This summer will be pretty busy for me too. I plan to take a few classes here at Cal, study for the OAT (Optometry Admissions Test), shadow/volunteer at my uncle’s optometry office, and if I have time, get more sleep! Unfortunately I can’t slack off this summer, but I know it will be worth all the hard work!

Good luck on your finals!
Come to our office hours and tell us how your semester went and what your plans are for the summer!