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March 27, 2007

Spring Break is here

So it's that time again! We students finally get one week to catch up on homework, studying, and projects. I have been relaxing, spending time with friends and family, and reading. I also plan to do some project work and studying, since I have a midterm the Monday school starts back up again (which sucks a lot). I have been enjoying myself a lot lately and can't believe break is almost half way over. My advice for you is to treasure the time you have with your family and your friends, because it goes by fast!

March 26, 2007

Spring Break

As a graduating senior, I really treasure my last Spring break! After graduation, I would not know if I will have any more Spring break in the future. I will be going home in San Francisco and get ready for my Dietetic Internship phone interview for Napa State Hospital.

This semester has been a really busy semester for me. In this last semester, I have been working for internship applications, citizenship application, my friend’s wedding, graduation plan, etc. It has been a very efficient semester! The Spring break will be wonderful to take some time off and spend some quality time with my family and friends in San Francisco.

I am going to be prepared for my first phone interview, having some gathering time with my church friends, going out to the beach with my family, and planning for project with my classmate. Even though it is not going to be a month long vacation, it would recharge me for the remaining weeks before I move on to my graduation. I look forward to this break and wish yours will be wonderful!

March 25, 2007

Spring Break!

Spring break is never a very exciting time for me. I usually use break to catch up on work, sleep, and catch a few movies I never got around to seeing. I always look forward to having good, home cooked meals, and enjoying a cup of coffee with old friends. This year I plan to do all of this as usual, but instead of staying in Sacramento for the whole week, I am going on a camping trip along the Northern California coast for the last four days of break. I don’t have the exact itinerary picked out, so perhaps my only real plan will be to be back in Berkeley in time for my 10 o’clock class on Monday. I’m looking forward to an enjoyable and relaxing break.

March 23, 2007

More spring break plans

As with most undergrads, my spring break will be highlighted by a visit back home and meeting up with friends from high school. I miss the LA area, especially the palm tree-laden streets of Pasadena, fancy rides that inch past me on the congested freeways, inexpensive dim sum, and the thick band of brownish smog that rests upon the county. Of course, attempts will be made at catching up on school work, especially on the loads of reading I have gently pushed aside for this English course I'm taking. A midterm, as well as a research project, will dawn on me after the break. But for now, I'm looking forward to sleeping in a little later than usual and a break from hectic college life. This spring break should be a good one.

It's Finally Spring Break!

Ah, spring break – it's both a good and a bad thing (and in light of that, I will keep this short). Good thing – I get to go home! I can't wait to see my family again, see friends who are also on spring break, and just feel comfortable because it's home. And of course, I get to eat yummy food. Bad thing – I've basically decided to postpone all of my work and studying for this break (not really, but kind of), so I'll be really busy, and can't be distracted. I don't know how much I'll be able to accomplish (memories of last year studying o-chem – wasn't "productive" enough), but I hope I can do a lot because I have more things happening right after spring break this year.

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March 22, 2007

Spring break= study time?

I think this is the first time where when Spring Break comes around, all I am feeling is the "blahs." Maybe its because I have some pretty harsh professors, where I get a midterm at 8am the Monday we get back from Spring Break. Or maybe its because I got assigned a take-home midterm that is due the week after spring break? Ya those are probably it. I feel as if I have soooo much studying to do, that my professors are like, wow, look at how much time you will have during spring break to do our work! Ugh. Instead, one of my professors put it best, that the reason for spring break IS to party (and relax). As a side note, that professor is the only one who tells us NOT to do studying over spring break.

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March 21, 2007

My Third Spring Break

This will be my third spring break. As usual, I am flying back to Irvine with my little black luggage, which is mainly occupied by my notes and books. Yes, midtermsssss right after break. Ah! But think about the bright side, I get a full week to study for my biochemistry and physiology midterms! I plan to take my metabolism reader to Newport Beach to enjoy some soCal sunshine while I figure out which steps produce CO2’s and which enzymes need the help of NAD+ or FAD in citric acid cycle. After every meal, I will remind myself that my cells are working hard to break down the newly entered glucose in my blood stream via glycolysis. When I go swimming or playing basketball, I will think about why I breathe faster and I will anticipate soreness in my muscles because of the accumulation of lactic acids, of course. Last semester at this same time, I was whining about having two midterms right after break, too, except they were bio1a and physics 8b. Life goes on. Welcome, spring break 2007!
Besides becoming an even harder-working Berkeley student, I will become an American this spring break! I am going to the Naturalization Oath Ceremony in LA tomorrow and after that, I will be Taiwanese-American. After six years of living in America, I will be finally “naturalized” from being an alien. I don’t know what that means. Jury duty? Anyway, another exciting change for this break is that on Thursday, my brother will know whether he gets into Berkeley or not! I really hope he joins me next year!
I am currently sitting right next to Gate nine in Oakland Airport. My plan was to come early and hop onto an earlier flight so I could have dinner with my family, like right now. Apparently my flight ticket wasn’t expensive enough to be qualified for a free standby. So I got myself a gourmet burrito and a cup of coffee.
What are your plans for spring break? Try a new sport or try some new dishes. Read some magazines or watch some movies. Hang out with friends and cherish family time. Remember to catch up on sleep and recharge yourself while playing hard and studying hard! Hope y’all have a wonderful and relaxing spring break. See you after break!

My Spring Break Plans

Hooray for a breather!
Next week, I plan to catch up on my Zzzzz's as well as with friends and family. My younger brother gets home from UC Davis the same week, so there will be some time for some interesting conversations...I also hope to do a lot of shopping with my friends from high school and watch lots of movies, some of which won this year's Oscar. Whenever I go home, I always enjoy running and biking at Coyote Hills. There are numerous trails to explore and lots of wildlife to see! Unfortunately, I'll have to fit in some studying time during my day, especially since I get to look forward to three midterms the following week. But thats ok, 'cause at least I'll have time to spread out my studying.
FYI, the Fall 2007 schedule comes out today! So if you're confused or have questions about your schedule, come by office hours at Mulford Hall and we'll be happy to help you out!

Spring break fun!!

SPRING BREAK!!! time to relax, catch up on sleep, and catch up on some fun!!! School has been very stressful and the work load is just unbearable! a week at home with family and friends is exactly what i need! even though i do go home often since i live in SF, having the whole week at home is just great! I certainly will try to sleep in, watch a lot of tv, hang out with friends and family, eat out, and just relax. Clear my mind of school for a while! of course i still have some course work to do, but spending a little time on each a day of my break will surely be enough time! i cant wait!!!!! i really need the break to just sit and think! hehe
hope everyone has a greaaaat spring break! be productive, have lots of fun, and be safe! =D

March 20, 2007


I think I'm in spring break mode already. I can't wait to finally take a break from school and all those midterms.
This spring break, I'm going on a road trip to Oregon with my Christian fellowship. We're going to be staying in cabins along Rogue River and doing all the nature-y things that we CNR people love to do. There'll be lots of hiking, swimming, fishing, star-gazing, eating, playing games and overall fun and bonding. Road trips are so great because you get to have great random (and deep) conversations with your car mates and stop by strange and interesting places/towns too. I'm super excited!
Hope you guys have wonderful breaks too having fun, relaxing at home, or spending time with best friends and family :)

Spring Break!

Spring Break is almost here! We have all been working our butts off for our midterms and a lot of us will get some much needed time off. Unfortunately for me, my spring break is sandwiched between midterms (I have two midterms this Friday and another one the Tuesday after) so I’ll be busy studying for a good part of the week.

Just like Jen, though, I’ll be headed to Monterey for a few days just to relax, enjoy the beach and take in some touristy things (aquarium, Cannery Row) with my boyfriend. I haven’t been there for 8 years now so I’m excited to see what’s new.

Then, off to the dentist I go! Wish me luck!!

Drop by our office hours and tell us what you’ll be doing over the break or if you have any cool tips on where to go in Monterey! Have a wonderful Spring Break!

Ready for Spring Break?

I can’t believe it is already time for Spring Break; it really snuck up on me this year. I’ve been so busy that I am shocked how fast my last semester here at Cal is going by. However, just because I know my undergraduate experience is coming to an end soon and I will miss it greatly, doesn’t mean I’m not ready to enjoy Spring Break!

I decided to keep my break fairly low key since I am in need of some down time. Luckily, I only work one day so I will have plenty of time for “me time.” I am excited to see my three best friends from back home (I live with one now, but it’s been a while since all four of us have been in the same place at the same time). One of them is graduating from beauty school, so I am thrilled to help her celebrate. I am also looking forward to hanging out at home with my family and my puppy.

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March 19, 2007

What Spring Break?

Spring Break, not for me!! Well it's a break from school, but I don't get to go anywhere. Even if I didn't have anything to do, I wouldn't have money to go anywhere. So what I get to do for a whole week is spend time with my niece and nephews (who are all super fun and adorable)! I get to sleep in, see my boyfriend, hang out with my family, and I'm going to treat myself to a massage!! Yay!!! I'm so exicted!

This Spring Break I decided not to put in hours at my job because I've had such a stressful semester I thought being able to relax at home would do me some good.

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