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March 16, 2008

Activities, Student Groups...So Many to Choose From!

When I first came to Berkeley, there seemed to be soooo many options. Welcome Week was overwhelming, especially with Calapalooza and all the student groups that seemed like they would be so much fun to join. I was over-ambitious, and I soon realized that I would never be going to a different meeting each night of the week. But after a while, I found what suited me best and kept with that. Recently, I've been trying to attempt new things and join new student groups, and I hope that they will continue in with my normal weekly schedule.

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Events, Seminars, Performances Galore

With your busy schedule, who has time to go attend events, performances, or lectures? Well, first of all, these events are usually a once in a lifetime event. I mean, when are you ever going to be able to see Richard Dawkins? Or be able to watch a ballet for 50% of the ticket price? Take advantage of these events that come to Berkeley! Take a break, have fun, and be amazed (or disappointed). Either way, these events will enrich your life.

One of the best resources for events coming up is the events page on the Berkeley website. They have a pretty good listing of everything happening at Cal from lectures to exhibits and performances. Sometimes, you have to find out by ear or e-mail. Just last week, I listened to Michael Pollan talk about his most recent book, In Defense of Food, which was a very good and interesting talk just about food in general. Later that week, listened to Richard Dawkins talk about his new book The God Delusion, which was quite enlightening given that I never heard of him before, given that I research the evolutionary relationships of plants.

As for seminars, I encourage any student who is really interested in a particular topic and has time in his/her class schedule to attend seminars. Some of these are actual class seminars that you can sign up for units, but there are other ones that usually happen once every week at a certain time. Here are some websites that might interest you. I actually try to attend Botany Lunches every week, and if given the chance, the IB ones. Most of them are quite interesting, even if you don't understand what they are talking about.

Listing of Biology Seminars
Microbial Biology Seminars
PMB Seminars
Listing of Environmental Seminars
ESPM Colloquium Seminars
Wildlife & Conservation Biology Seminars

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March 15, 2008

What to do in Berkeley?

There are so many events and things to do around Berkeley, that I could be writing pages and pages before I am finished writing about everything there is to do. Instead, I will just point you in the right direction by giving you websites or other information so that you can find what is suitable to your own interests. The events around Berkeley range from art shows, to concerts, to comedy shows, to movie screenings, and much more.

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October 8, 2007

Bored? Not anymore!

Want to break free from campus before the next round of midterms arrives? Well, there are hundreds of amazing things to do around the Bay Area to give your mind some rest.

First, the obvious: Go shopping! Like Alex said, there are so many great shops to go to in San Francisco. Many companies have their flagship stores in SF, with a much wider selection than you would find at a department store or mall. If you take BART, the Powell St. Station drops you off in the SF Shopping Center, literally.

Hate shopping? That’s impossible! Fine, head on over to the Yerba Buena Ice Rink/Bowling Alley with a bunch of your friends. After you have fallen on your butt one time too many, you can relax and rent a lane at the bowling alley.

Not intellectually challenging enough? Fine, fine, fine. Head on over to the Metreon and visit the new Da Vinci exhibition. It’ll be running through the end of the year. I’ve heard that it is pretty interactive. How about Body World 2 in San Jose? It’s an exhibition showing real (dead) bodies dissected and arranged in different poses. Maybe it’ll help you with your anatomy midterm that’s coming up.

More of the outdoorsy type? Take a hike! in Tilden Park that is. There are many cool trails to explore and while you are there, go visit the Little Petting Zoo. No, it’s not full of miniature animals, as some may hope; it’s just a small (in size) petting zoo. My apologies for those who are disappointed.

Want more ideas? Come visit us during our office hours! We would love to give you more ideas of what to do around the Bay, and would love to hear your ideas as well!

Around Berkeley...

So you have some free time, you've got friends you are crashing at your dorm this weekend, and they want to go somewhere cool. Where to take them?

Despite how cool the RSF may seem to you, that doesn't qualify as a hip hangout. Here are a few more iconic "places to go" around Berkeley and the nearby Bay Area...

Cal Performances events @ the Greek Theatre and Zellerbach: work that student ID! You get 50% most concerts and shows on campus. If you're stripped of cash, consider a trip to one of Superb's flicks, which come at $3 a pop.

Berkeley Art Museum: FREE for Cal students. Let me repeat that. FREE for Cal students. There's an Asian American art exhibit going on in that concrete building as we speak...or write, whatever, you get the idea. It's FREE for Cal students. Do it.

Colisseum: Go watch an A's game, or if you're brave enough, a Raider's game. Easily accessible by BART; yes, it's that stadium you see on the way to Oakland Airport.

Union Square, SF: consumerist hippies rejoice! SF is home to one of the greatest shopping meccas in the world. There's also plenty goin' on around the area. BART to MOMA. They've got Diego Riveras and Ansel Adams there (their art work, silly).

Gourmet Ghetto, northside: Do I hear Alice Waters? Chez Panisse isn't the only fine establishment north of Shattuck! The first Peet's was founded there and still exists. Food lovers should really check this joint out.

Golden Gate Park: yada yada yada, it's where all SF tourists end up. But it's certainly worth visiting. If you get bored of the roses, check out the de Young museum.

Really, it shouldn't be hard to find something to do when you're at Berkeley. Check out some of the items from the above sandbox. Your friends will be satisfied.