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22 October 2011

The difference between major advisors, college adviors, and faculty advisors

A major advisor specializes in a particular major. My major is Nutritional Science. If I have questions about the nutritional science coursework, graduation requirements, or department policies I would see Melissa Pon (the major advisor for Nutritional Science).

Similar to how a declared student would go to a major advisor for advising, an undeclared student in CNR would talk to a CNR college advisor for advising.

I know that some majors do not have a faculty advisor, but for Nutritional Science our major does have a faculty advisor and I visit my faculty advisor if I have questions about research in general. I also see my faculty advisor for Tele-Bears before I see my major advisor.


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21 April 2011

So you wanna join a research lab?

An accessory on level with the latest iphone and miniature dog, lab research is a must have for biology majors. Just the idea of getting published and wearing the coveted lab coat as an undergrad is making swarms of bio majors fight for such positions through URAP or SPUR. The constant reminder of today's slow economy has only escalated the rush to get these spots. Especially with the reverence of Berkeley biology professors it seems impressive to slap onto your resume “research assistant” next to the name of a professors who is considered an academic god and has published more papers than one can read. We are often bombarded with people telling us how research is a necessity for professional/grad school, summer internships and boy does it show. Tips on how to get positions in labs and what to expect have often been a focus of many people who come to office hours (yeah so just FYI those that come to OH get lots of insider info on classes, lab and stuff so if you are ever unsure or need advice on stuff come talk to us! =D). Now for the tips!

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03 February 2010

Yay Spring Semester 10 is here!!!

Spring Semester is here and flying past us, so lets not forget of important deadlines. Such as the last day to drop or add a class being Friday February 19th. It is sometimes difficult to get our schedules set but the faster it is done the less we will stress about it and I will be able to focus on our classes. When it comes to getting our schedules set, if we have our doubts if the classes we are taking will be a good fit please feel free to come by 260 Mulford to ask an advisor at drop in or you can ask us, the peer advisors during our office hours. We sit right outside of 260 Mulford. Although we have different backgrounds in the classes we have taken, we can ask another peer advisor to contact you. We don't have all the answers to your questions but we are there of you, to help you get the information you need. We would love to see you all stop by. The peer advisors are there Mon-Thurs as of now. Just a quick reminder that if you are planning to take summer school at Berkeley, make sure that you sign up for classes soon as they will fill up fast and after Feb 15th it will be open for students from any university to sign up for these classes. Well enjoy the semester and know that the peer advisors have got your back!!!

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04 November 2009

Why I love CNR!

As I went into my last telebears appointment with my advisor, Susan, I couldn't believe how fast the four years on college has gone by. It seems like just yesterday when I didn't even know how to use telebears. I started thinking about the things that have really shaped my college career, and being in CNR was definitely one of the things that defined my life at Berkeley. The free printing and the very comfortable couches are not the only great things about CNR.

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04 November 2007

The CNR Community

One of the things that I love most about the College of Natural Resources is its dynamic community of faculty, staff, and students. As a transfer from the College of Letters and Science, this is something that I was never able to find in such a large college. Now almost two years later, I find myself as part of the community as a peer advisor and as a student. However, this didn’t happen over night. I didn’t even know about CNR until late my freshman year and it took a little time after I transferred spring semester of my sophomore year to really feel like I was part of the community. You might be wondering: how can I be more involved in this community? I’ll give you a few pointers that really helped me become more involved in the CNR community.

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19 April 2007

why CNR?

So, this may sound like a pathetic story of "why CNR" but here it goes. So when applying for Berkeley and filling out the application, I checked on Genetics and Plant Biology, not knowing that it was either in CNR, or that it was different from the MCB major with an emphasis on genetics. So after attending CalSO on June 6-7, I realized that genetics and plant biology was mainly about plants (I know.. it seems pretty obvious from the title of the major..but I was a stupid senior maybe?) and that it was in the college of natural resources. I wasn't really sure what to think about being accepted to the college of natural resources. I actually wasn't even aware that there was more than one college in all of UC Berkeley. So when I got into a different college than L&S, I wasn't sure how to feel. So what did I do?

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17 April 2007

the MEB major

I chose to come to the College of Natural Resources(CNR), UC Berkeley, three years ago and I have never regretted. Being a student in CNR is like attending a private college while still having the resources and supports from a big university. I came into Berkeley as a Natural Resources undeclared student. However, after the major presentations at the CALSO orientation, I declared my major, Molecular Environmental Biology(MEB), on that day. There are six concentrations in MEB: Animal Health and Behavior, Biodiversity, Ecology, Environment and Human Health, Organisms & Environment, and Microbiology. Being an MEB major prepares you to become a scientist in your specific area of interest. Whether you want to pursuit a career in veterinarian, a medical doctor, a environmental scientist, a public health advocate, a journalist, a dentist, a nurse, a social worker, a counselor, or you haven’t decided yet, being an MEB major leads you towards your career goal. Although the MEB major requirements include a broad array of lower division science classes, its flexible upper division requirement allows you to pick your specific area of interest. The MEB curriculum is flexible yet comprehensive to satisfy most of the pre-health requirements. As a pre-medical student, I find it easy to complete both a B.S. degree and all the medical school requirements. Besides satisfaction in my major, I greatly enjoy CNR’s personal and caring professors, advisors, and environment. The peer advising leadership program and undergraduate research opportunity I received from CNR are the most rewarding experiences I’ve had at Cal. In addition, I found friends who share the same passion and same career goal as me within CNR. Being a student of CNR definitely made my college life more enjoyable and more fulfilling. Come to CAL DAY, which is this Saturday to check out the programs from College of Natural Resources! Hope to see you there!! Amy

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09 April 2007

Why CNR?

When I knew I wanted to be an Environmental Science major, transferring into the College of Natural Resources was a clear choice. I could have remained in L&S as an ES major, but I felt I could get more attention as a student in CNR. I was tired of having to see a different advisor with a different philosophy every time I needed a question answered. I didn’t like not knowing a single person when I went into Campbell Hall and sometimes having to wait over a week for an appointment with an advisor. A small, friendly college looked very appealing when declaring my major, and I couldn’t have made a better choice.

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08 April 2007

Coming to CNR

When I applied for college, I did not quite understand the whole “college within a university” idea. I had only thought that one school did that, but apparently I did not do my homework (nor did UCSD’s college system help). But I applied into the College of Natural Resources (CNR) because 1) it had my major (GPB) and 2) it had other majors I was also considering of applying into. Little did I know about the small college size and opportunities a small college can offer. Frankly, I thought my chances of getting into Cal were very slim, so why bother finding more about it?

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06 April 2007

Why CNR?

I applied to CNR (unknowingly) under the Molecular Environmental Biology (MEB) major because I knew that I wanted to do something in science and health, but I didn’t know exactly what. As I was selecting the majors that I wanted to apply under for the UC application, MEB immediately stuck out—Cal was the only school that offered this major and it seemed interesting. I had an interest in science, but I was also interested in renewable resources and environmental awareness. Environmental Science major seemed good, but I liked the fact that MEB included a lot of pre-health courses, which kept my options open. So after doing a little more research online, I knew MEB was exactly what I wanted to major in.

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06 April 2007


Being in CNR for the past 3 years was an amazing experience! classes are fun, teachers are awesome, people are great! how did i get into CNR? Honestly, when applying to college, i didnt even know which box i marked for application. After receiving my acceptance did i find out that i was accepted to CNR as undeclared. I sort of knew then that i was interested in nutrition and food so i just stuck with it and now im loving it! im glad i marked CNR unknowingly when filling out my apps =D must be fate that put me in CNR and allowing me to enjoy my time here!! I really like how CNR is a small knitted college that encourages faculty/student interaction and gives help to their students at an amazing rate and speed! CNR IS JUST AWESOME!!!!! any questions? ask me =D

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05 April 2007

I love my college

I applied to Cal knowing what I wanted to study, Environmental Sciences, but I was surprised and excited to find out that my major was part of an entire college dedicated to the study of natural resources. Berkeley is a competitive school, but being in CNR fosters a warm home-y feeling. It definitely is a small community environment in a big school. The people in CNR genuinely care about you; advisors are available almost all the time, they know you by a first name basis, and provide all the help and support you need. Everyone just seems friendlier and more laid back. Classes tend to be smaller, and you have more opportunities to get to know your professors and fellow students. Everyone is very passionate about what they're studying. When I get tired and stressed out from school and when I feel like dropping out, it's comforting to know that I have a supportive college behind me. Like I've said before, as corny as it may seem, CNR really is the best kept secret on campus that everyone should learn more about.

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04 April 2007

Why CNR? Why Dietetics?

Thinking back of why I chose to transfer to the Dietetics program in College of Natural Resources (CNR), it has been the right decision in my life. This semester, I can feel much stronger that I am moving on to another stage of my life to pursue my career goal as a dietitian. After these years of upper division courses in the Dietetics program, it has really prepared me to be a well-rounded person. Not only to be a student studying nutrition, but the program has also exposed me to the real world learning how a company is structured, the official statements being used, working with people at different age groups, diverse backgrounds, research experience with wonderful professors, etc. Joining the Peer Advisor Leadership program (PAL) has been another important highlight in my college years! The wonderful personal attention that I can from my advisors and the Student Resource Center have helped me a lot during all these semesters at Cal. Especially as a transfer student, I have fewer semesters compared to other students entering as a freshman. The resources that I could get from CNR has been a huge contribution to my success at college and a wonderful stepping stone to prepare me entering the real world outside. Being a Lead PAL is a way that I can give back to the college with all the experience that I earned throughout the years. The growing of the PAL program has enriched students’ experience in CNR and finishing their degrees here. It is always good to have a peer to talk to and share what they have gone through. There are also computer labs and study space available at the Student Resource Center. With all the wonderful faculties, peers, and resources available in CNR, our staffs are still seeking to improve the quality of our services. With all these wonderful qualities in the college, what can I ask for more? Are you also interested in CNR or to learn more about our programs? Please visit our college website or come to 260 Mulford for more information.

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05 April 2007

Why I chose CNR

I came to Berkeley knowing that I wanted to major in Nutritional Science. Because I grew up with a food allergy since I was a child, I wanted to learn more about foods and how they affected our body. I didn’t know anything about CNR, but was pleasantly surprised learning about the college at Cal Day. I remember there was a panel of students who positively talked about their experiences getting to know their professors and having so many opportunities to expand their education through research and studying abroad. Through the years, I’ve learned that their accounts were true of most students here at CNR. I’ve experienced a close community that genuinely cares for its students. I find that faculty doors are always open when I have even the smallest question and the CNR sponsored programs help to push my goals outside out of the classroom. I’m so thankful for where I ended up and hope that you will experience some of the benefits that so many of us have discovered!

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05 April 2007

Oh CNR...

I actually decided to transfer to CNR after my freshman year because of the nutritional sciences major. The department is small and intimate, while the subject matter is focused and directly relevant to our everyday lives. I really wanted a major that I could apply to health, not only in the context of medicine and research, but also to the meals we take and daily activities we engage in, and nutritional sciences does just that. It links biological sciences to daily, mundane activities. In the last two years of being in CNR, I've become exposed to many of the benefits that the college itself has to offer. Small classes and student-professor interactions are definitely some of the strongest points of CNR. Office hours are extremely easy to attend (very rarely are they crowded, since class sizes are small) and professors are really interested in helping students learn and engaging them in the course material. Advising within the college is also superb. The faculty advising program is awesome, since you receive help from profs who are involved in your own field of study. The department advisors are also extremely helpful, especially when it comes down to enrollment. CNR does feel very much like a small, 'private' college in the midst of a large public university, and I'm really glad to be a part of it.

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04 April 2007


CNR truly gives you the private school treatment for the public school price. Throughout my years here, I have had many friends who have decided to do Molecular and Cell Biology or Integrative Biology in the college of Letters and Sciences and have really regretted their decision after seeing how much I enjoy CNR!

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04 April 2007

Why I Came

I applied to Cal because it was easy. There was a box on the (paper) application, and I checked it. After looking at all the options each school I applied to had to offer, Berkeley became my top choice for a number of reasons. I heard that Berkeley was really prestigious--sounded good to me. I knew nothing about academia, except that I was going to jump into it and come out prepared to save the world. Cal has a whole college that prepares people to save the world through the environment. That really impressed me. I had visited Cal through a UC outreach program for high school students. I was impressed by the Campanile, the view of the Bay, the pedistrians and bicyclists everywhere instead of driving around in cars like drones, the green open space on campus, and most of all: the school spirit. GO BEARS! To all you new Cal students, welcome. Now I'm interested in hearing your stories. Send me an e-mail at

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