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07 September 2011

Hot Mess right now, but you should be an MEB OR MOL TOX MAJOR!!!

It's only the 3rd week and I'm already in hot mess mode. Classes are starting and already everything is chaotic like it usually is. Luckily I'm over 13 units so that's half the battle. If, however, you are on the waitlist for more than half of your classes don't sweat! First for most classes usually a lot of the people that are on the waitlist eventually get in. Heck as a unit hoarder myself I started at 22 units and eventually dropped 8 units worth of classes. Also if you drop classes it will now cost you $$$$.

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05 September 2011

New semester, new challenges

Wooohhoooo!! I hope everyone is looking forward to a new school year. It is kind of bittersweet for me because it is my senior year *sad face*. I am sad that I will be leaving Cal but also very excited to be moving on with my life. You'd think a senior would be all pro about getting his semester figured out but not this senior! In fact, I don't even have all my classes figured out yet. The good thing is that I can blog about my process. Currently, my main concern is just getting enough units. I only have 2 more classes left to take to graduate so I have a lot of flexibility. You know what they say, mo flexibility mo problems. Be sure to get a minimum of 13 units unless you petitioned to take less. If you're in a similar situation maybe this can help. Here is what I am thinking about when filling up my slots for units:

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19 November 2010

A solution to STRESS!

It's about time for phase two of telebears to kick in. Midterms are slowly winding down as finals are creeping up. Your girlfriend/boyfriend is as demanding as ever because they have all the free time in the world and you don't. The lack of sleep and excessive schedule has taken a toll on your work/study job, as you begin to show up late and miss hours. If this is you, ask yourself these questions: 1. Are you so stressed that you can barely study, work, eat? 2. Do you become so anxious during exams that you blank out and can't think clearly? 3. Do you have panic attacks that come on suddenly and out of the blue? If you feel your world is coming to an end, and there's no where/one else to turn to, then click here!

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12 November 2010

Getting your foot in the door with a professor at Cal.

Okay so you're an enthusiastic student at Cal who wants to excel in every part of life. The problem is... So does everyone else. How do you separate yourself from everyone else? WORK SIDE-BY-SIDE WITH A PROFESSOR! Working with a professor can be a personal, professional, and academic highlight of your time in college. Approaching a professor about working together, however, can be as intimidating as it is rewarding. These are 5 simple steps to take before you approach a professor about working together....

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04 October 2010

Why Sleep?

Do you ever get the feeling that there is just not enough time in a day for all the things you're trying to do? Especially during midterm season, right? Instead of sleeping we might as well be studying. Well, before breaking out the caffeine shots and prepare for the all-nighters, here me out!

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01 October 2010

How to Dodge the Procrastination Bug

"There are a million ways to lose a work day, but not even a single way to get one back. " -Tom DeMarco and Timothy Lister
You may delay, but time will not. -Benjamin Franklin
Procrastination is opportunity's assassin. -Victor Kiam

It isn't easy keeping up with coursework. As Richard Gibson of the Student Learning Center (SLC) mentioned two Wednesdays ago at CNR's "How to Study for Biology" workshop, "you are never done." You can keep up with your classes and still not be done. And the procrastination bug just makes this situation even worse.

At Berkeley, being able to be up-to-date with the material can be what differentiates between a good grade and a bad grade, depending on your definitions of each. For example, I have suffered from the procrastination bug in the past two years and have gotten B's where I could've gotten A's if I had spent more time and procrastinated less. In fact, I still procrastinate every now and then, but I've learnt how to handle and better manage my time.

Here are some of the ways that I find work for me, and hopefully will work for you:

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22 September 2010

De-stress for Success!

Stress got you down? So… It’s your first year at Cal and you’ve found that it’s a little more overwhelming than expected. You've had all of less than half a week to move in and get acclimated to campus. Before you could even blink, you were sitting in your first lecture with a sea of hundreds of students just like you. The professor lectured about a subject that either put you to sleep or left you completely befuddled. As steam blows fumes out of your ears from a terrible day, you reminisce of getting lost on campus, shelling out hundreds of dollars on textbooks, and fighting with your new roommate over how much clutter you haven’t unpacked in the room. What do you do now? Mom and dad are long gone, and you’re all alone... right? NO! Relax… you have a PAL!

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22 March 2010

GO TO SLEEP! (Pleeeeeeeeeeeeease :-) )

It's about 10:32 and 30 seconds p.m. You are in the living room laying comfortably with your Snuggie. Of course on the television is the latest popular teenage flick and you are enjoying it thoroughly. As you bite the last morsel of your chocolate chip cookie and drink the last drop of your milk.... You hear footsteps approach you as a shadowy figure appears....

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09 March 2010

Shaking Bill Clinton's Hand

I knew that when I came to Berkeley that I would probably be able to experience things I had never done before and see and learn things that I hadn't before. But I didn't expect to get an opportunity to shake Bill Clinton's hand. So how did I get this opportunity? Well, you'll have to read on for the answer. First of all, I thought his talk was really great. Global citizenship means something different to everyone, but I think he made his points very clear. It really summed up the issues that we are facing as a country, as well as emphasized that us as young people need to start mobilizing to make changes happen.

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24 February 2010

Staying sane through midterms!

Once midterm season is here, we tend to forget about our health and other priorities in life. It is normal with all the expectations we have for ourselves but remember to sleep well and eat well. This will allow you to study more effectively, because in reality what matters is not the amount of time we spend studying but how effectively do we study during that time. So when it is study time try your best to find that place to study that will relax you (but not put you to sleep LOL) and make your mind be clear and focused. I wish you all the best on midterms!!! Liz

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22 February 2010

Midterm Season!!!!

Midterm Season has ARRIVED! (Insert shriek of doom here haha)! So, it's that time of year again.... MIDTERMS! Okay, so we all want to "reach for the stars" and "soar to new heights" as the old sayings go. But, at Berkeley where everyone is a natural Einstein, how do we shine above the rest? The key is to click below where it says "Continue reading "Midterm Season!!!!" »" ;-)

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04 February 2010

Summer school......already?!!!

I know it's only been 3 weeks since spring 2010 started but Cal summer classes up and running. Here's the class schedule and check it out: Here are some popular science classes my peers recommend to take: IB 141- Genetics (only offered during summer) PH162 lec and lab- Microbiology IB 116- Medical Ethnobotany Summer school is the time to be creative and relieve of yourself of a busy fall and spring term. If there are any questions on specific classes this summer the PAL brigade are more than happy to help. E-mail us at or just visit us on our office hours.

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14 October 2009

Tips for planning out your best fit spring schedule

Wow it's amazing how telebears phase 1 is here yet we are in the middle of getting through this fall semester!! For this reason it is important that we start looking into classes and start asking our friends about classes they recommend. Something that I have learned from planning out my schedule (for the past 4 years) is that we should not set our schedule in stone early on but have some options to decide on the first week of classes. Although those classes may seem very interesting to us, during the first week we may realize that two of our most challenging classes will have midterms on the same day. If you have other class options you can have the choice of taking another class (this happened to me for PH162A- Microbiology and MCB 102 and I had a horrible semester even though the classes were interesting I was not able to study as well as I would have liked to because both of the midterms were back to back from one another). This brings me to another very important point that when choosing classes it is important to understand that everybody can handle different levels of courses and that you need to realize what would be a good fit for YOU!!!! Just because your roommate was able to take a combination of classes it doesn't make it a good fit for you and vice versa. Especially for the lower division classes like chem 1a, chem 3a/b, the math 16 series, the bio's etc, it is important to understand that these classes take up a lot of time to study and people can handle certain combination of classes better than others. It does not make you inferior if you need to make a preparation course for chem 1a or need to start with precalculus (I needed to), if it will help you in the long run than you should definitely go for it. The truth of the matter is that people come to Cal with different levels of preparation based on what their high schools offered -it is not a fair playing field :-( The best we can do is acknowledge it and take classes that we can handle. Obviously we are stressed to graduate on time, but if you have the flexibility to spread out some of your core science classes (you know the classes that you need to really super dedicate yourself to), then why not. After all the classes have to be a good fit for you!!!!

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13 October 2009

TELEBEARS IS HERE! Spring 2010 advice on classes?

Telebears is here! The big question is... What classes do you take?! Don't go completely crazy yet, we can figure this out. Taking the wrong combination of classes here at UC Berkeley can make a student crawl into a hole and never want to come out. Never fret, CNR PALS are coming to your rescue! I have some quick tips on how I've come to select classes....

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12 October 2009

Ready for Spring 2010? Recommended classes offered only during spring

As telebears approach, we all have one thing in mind "what course should I take to fill up my schedule?" Below are the classes I've taken, enjoyed and recommend to students. PH162A lec/lab- Microbiology is a memorization intensive class that gives students insight on the etiology, causes, mechanism, and prevention of diseases and infections. The class itself uncovers the world of bacteria, virus, fungi, and other microbiological organisms. The class is straight forward but the only drawback is that there’s a lot of information to remember. Overall, it is a rewarding class because the amount of time you put into it correlates to the grade that will be achieved. NSTC114- Pesticide Chemistry is a broad overview of issues, mechanisms, and uses of pesticide. Overall, it is a very chill and easy going class. It solely based on the lecture and does not deviate out of it. The fun part of this class is that students will be able to present a pesticide of their choice. Again, the amount of time you put into it correlates to the grade you will achieve. This is a must if you are a Molecular Toxicology major. NST 120- Molecular Toxicology is a toxicology major core requirement that is course friendly to other biology majors. The class explores administration, distribution, metabolism, and excretion of xenobiotics. Three reasons to take this class: 1.) The professor is AWESOME 2.) There’s a field trip 3.) The midterms and final are take-home. It is only offered during spring so take it if possible. EDU 30AC- Diversity in and out of schools is a must class for anyone who wants to deviate out of the sciences. Issues such as race, diversity, and equality within schools will be covered. The structure is based on reading, writing, and analyzing articles. The only draw back is the amount of reading that is required for the class but midterms and finals are take home essays.

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04 October 2009

Places to Study

With the first round of midterms here it's important to find a good place to sit down and study. Luckily at Berkeley you can find a place to get your work done no matter what your learning style and preference is. Here are some places I recommend around campus. Also, make sure to becoming a member of the PAL Facebook Fanpage and use the discussion page to let the PALs know where you like to go to study.

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10 May 2009

My Summer Plans

In two weeks I will be leaving for Uganda, and I'm really excited! I am going to be working with the Uganda Village Project, a non-profit providing sustainable public health projects in the Iganga District of Uganda. I have never been to Africa before, so I'm excited, but at the same time I don't really know what to expect. I'm pretty much ready to go; I got my malaria pills, my passport, my plane ticket. I will be there for two and a half months, with no electricity, flushing toilets, or running water.

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