PAL Photo Gallery
Spring 2007 Peer Advisor Summit
Level 3
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Irene Liao
Genetics and Plant Biology major
Samantha Bell
Microbial Biology major
Jena Riggert
Forestry and Natural Resources major
Dale Dualan
Conservation Resource Studies major
Stephen Kwan
Molecular Environmental Biology major
Kay Jiaqi Yang
Nutritional Sciences - Dietetics major
Tiet Nguyen
Microbial Biology major
Selina Chou
Nutritional Science - Dietetics major
Jenn Jehnsen
Environmental Sciences major
Wendy Chen
Environmental Sciences major
Jessica LeBeau
Environmental Sciences major

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CNR PALs Representing at the Peer Advisor Summit Old and new PALs mingling before the events begin Some more old and new PALs mingling before the events begin
Danielle, from the Career Center, and Maria, from SLAS, welcoming everyone Mighty Mystery Meat Team during the Taboo IceBreaker! Magnificent Mole (moe-leh) Team during the Taboo IceBreaker!
Incredible Hot Wing Team during the Taboo IceBreaker! This team won the game! Some CED advisors informing other advisors of what they offer CNR PALs, Jelyn and Jenn Q., giving one of the advisors from the SLC a quick run down of what CNR PALs offer
CNR PALs, Irene, Julie, and Crystal, getting informed about the Econ Advisors Everyone enjoying some grub!! CNR PAL, Wendy, and a CED advisor
The Career Center Table and their Wheel of Destiny New PAL, Julie, getting some info from the SLAS advisors Julie making her rounds to the Study Strategies & Resources SLC advisors
CNR PALs, Amy, Alex, Linda, Liz, and Tim exchanging info with one the Career Center Advisors CNR PALs, Julie, Crystal, and Adrienne, networking with the CED advisors CNR PAL, Amy, taking a shot at the Study Strategies Peer Mentor game! She won a star highlighter!!
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